Guilds Looking For Mergers - December 2018 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • OpiEnu
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    Hey Folks,

    We are a CET time based guild, having mainly German speakers, but the language is not the most important for us.

    If you are a small, active group of 8-10 members, that first of all simply enjoys to play the game, but each of you is also interested to make progress in the game then we are probably the right one you want to join with?!?

    Our current GP is about 85M.
    We have a could mix of player power in the group.
    We play the HRancor, HAAT and Sith 6 with the intention to play asap the HSith.

    If you are interested then do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

    Alley code: 223-867-353
    Discord: OpiEnu#3794
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  • AlteredCarbon
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    **** 501st GARRISON: 124m GP hSTR UK guild looking for 10-15 new members****

    We are a friendly 124m GP UK timezone guild that has all three heroic raids on farm even with our depleted numbers. We are not an elite guild but are not casual either. We have participation rules but don't micromanage TBs and TWs. We use Discord extensively and use it to help guild members improve.

    We are looking for 10-15 players to join us via a merger or group transfer (also happy to take individual applications for now too). NB We are looking to stay as our current guild and not looking to transfer to any other guild so please no more reverse merger requests.

    Any interest, let me know here or on Discord AlteredCarbonite#0556
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  • Brotherhood of the Void is an active family friendly guild based in the us EST, we are looking to progress , and looking for people who want to participate in raids and territory wars. We currently have 18 spots available.
    Only looking to bring in a new guild not break up what we have , would have to be willing to come in as members . promotion to officer is based on guild contributions such as raid tickets and event/raid participation

    We currently have Heroic Rancor and HAAT on farm with a 24 hour join period, and on tier 5 of the sith raid usually starting out raids 8 or 9 PM EST

    You can reach us on discord
    or message me directly ally code 687-139-877

    we do not have any requirements for contributions, but we do ask that you participate in events if able, and will remove people after 30 days of no activity without letting us know in advance
  • Dany90
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    Hallo zusammen,

    wir, der SonneMondOrden, suchen noch 10 Spieler die unser Team verstärken.

    Aktuell 41 Mio GM

    Wir spielen HC Ranc und HC Tank auf Farmstatus und Sith aktuell auf 5 Sternen, ab April auf 6.

    Falls ihr Interesse habt, meldet euch bei mir.

    Wir sind nicht an einer Splittung unserer Gilde interessiert, da viele unserer Member diese Gilde aufgebaut haben.


    Nerfherders Strike Back have reached a critical moment in its history. We are now looking to go full steam ahead into our preferred game mode of TW. We are looking for a like minded group of 5 to 8 players who want to succeed and push boundaries in the TW arena. We dknt want to merge with another guild who are 50 of 50 and want to make with 25 from each. We want to maintain our identity and look and wait for the right 5 to 8 players.

    -We are 182million gp with 48 players

    -We are independent

    -We get 44 stars lstb

    -We get 46 Stars (47 next time, as weve been 5m short) dstb

    -We won 41 tws so far.

    -Sith raid is 9pm GMT

    What makes us that efficient compared to other guilds?

    We are all Players that want to win, that want the guild to suceed in all areas of the Game. We all Care for the guild and help each other. The leadership have been together 2 years and plan to continue with the same enthusiasm.

    Due to that mindset, we have relative few Rules. Our members are smart, and dont need to be parentized about what to Farm and who to Gear. We respect each other and Help with Guides, checking each Others modding or through our very own SWOGHOPEDIA. This guy is immense.

    We have no dictatorship ruling- punishments are relative soft & easily avoideable (but deserved where spoken out), and we try to make polls about all Major decisions.

    -doing ur daily 600 must be a non-brainer (we have an unavaiability Channel for planned absences such as Holidays)

    -ur focused on Arena/ Ship Arena, or at least are willing to strive for topranks

    -u have discord. We dont expect daily chatting If U dont want. But u need to read announcements, participate in polls, and follow the tw instructions written in discord

    -Your personality must fit to us. Just Sending ur Profile and asking when U can Join wont Work. We dont need ur whole life Story, but we are Not looking for a guildhoppers, we are looking for like minded individuals who intend to stay and build a Dynasty.

    If ur interested , I will happily answer ur questions on discord GreenArrow#8699
  • Darthdane
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    104mil GP = 39/50
    Winning TW record (28-7)
    LINE for raid command/comms.
    Reset at 6:30pm EST.
    hSith launches at 2pm EST.
    Fully heroic with help from alliance members. Looking to phase them out and solo the raid again. We were doing it ourselves but had to remove some inactive players and lost a few due to guild jumping.

    We are interested in absorbing a core group of about a dozen individuals. These members should be hSith focused and can put up a significant amount of damage in the raid. Must get at least 500 tickets daily but we encourage 600. If interested in joining a great group of players that is very competitive, you can contact me on LINE, Discord, DM me here or in game.

    LINE ID:


    Game name: ally code:
    Darthdane 692-331-561

    Hope to hear from you soon and may the Force be with you.....
  • KalEl2893
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    looking to absorb a smaller active guild. we may be able to take as many as 20. kicks may be made in our guild due to inactivity and uncooperation. discord a must. pm me for details
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  • Jbp1515
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    sorry, put this in the incorrect place.
  • Come Join the GSF Alliance!

    Looking for 10-20 competitive players to join!

    The GSF Alliance is a small 5 guild alliance that is looking for more players!
    GSF Alpha: 204m GP GSF Omega: 180m GPo GSF Gamma: 161m GP GSF Delta: 130m GP
    GSF Phi: 80m GP All guilds run HRancor 3x a week and HAAT 2x a week, with a 24 hour registration period.

    Also, most guilds share the daily reset time at 8:30pm eastern, with Delta at 10:30pm eastern. Raid times vary between guilds, please let us know what times you would prefer!

    The Alliance shares a discord server and movement between guilds is free flowing based on performance and daily contribution, so as your roster progresses you'll have the opportunity to move up, and if you need to take a break we have a place for you as well! We merc within alliance to give everyone the opportunity for Traya shards!

    To join, check out our discord server (
  • Ewokolypse is looking to absorb a group of up to 20 to fill spots in our 8 guilds (7 doing HSTH). Individual applicants may also apply. All lv.85 rosters welcome

    In game chat 828-156-268

    On Discord: Maxxximus#8209

    (Tag me @Maxxximus or @Ewok Officer upon landing)

  • bb.jpg

    Hey there! We are the Blackhole Bandits, an independent guild looking for 8-10 active players looking to tackle the HSTR. The core group of the Bandits have been around since the start of the game, and we're always on hand to offer help and advice to anyone that needs it :)
    We're attempting the HSTR again at the end of the month, so players with HSTR teams (especially JTR or Chex) would be great!


    Guild stats:

    116M GP (May change when deadwood is removed)
    Heroic PIT/HAAT
    Tier 6 Sith (Last HSTR attempt: P3 with 28 actives)
    30+ Stars in both TB
    52-7 record in TW (lots of zetas)
    GMT Timezone (mostly European with a sprinkling of Americans)


    1.5M+ GP
    Daily Activity (not too strict, we know everyone has other stuff to do sometimes)
    Line App
    Witty Banter


    If you're interested please shoot me a message. Cheers!
    Line: Darkshade3.0 | Ally code: 182-972-271
  • W00kiemonster
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    Merger found thanks for the inquiries!
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  • Squibles
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    Are you looking for a casual alliance with a competitive edge? Do you have a life? Are you not wanting to be hounded over a game? We understand! We are looking for 10-20 members to merge with our group of fun, knowledgeable, and friendly individuals, still trying to get all that we can out of the game we love! Most of us have been together for 2+ years! We are currently completing all raids at Heroic level!

    All we ask for is communication and participation as often as possible! Life happens, and we understand it is priority. Please earn 600 raid tickets a day, register for all raids, and score as many points as possible during the HSR. If you register for a TW, do not score a zero. At the very least deploy and finish the special missions during TBs. Above all, enjoy the game and make some new friends!
  • Looking for a guild to merge into us. Between 20-25 members working towards Heroic Sith.
    Traumatize Shed is the sister guild of Force Kin, of which I am a member and officer of.
    We are not apart of an Alliance but created Traumatize Shed as a Farm/Feeder guild. It's a casual guild looking for daily participation in all aspects but don't require 600 tickets a day. Must be working towards building HSTR teams.
    Both guild are U.S. Central time zones and we run raids at 7 pm. The shed is currently 27 members at 48 mil GP.
    We use Line chat and you can reach me at azzies1217 or in game, my ally code is 225-429-429
  • Legends of Old we are a fun, social guild looking to get in to TW. We do not want to break apart our guild because we have been together for over 2 and half years. So we are looking for a small guild that wants to join up with us so they get better rewards in HRancor, Sith and even do a HAAT.

    We don't do discord, or daily ticket quotas but we do expect daily participation. We have several players over 2 million GP and a total of over 14 million GP. We hit 12* only in TB but that's due to small size at the moment.

    If any one is interested please drop a line.

    May the force be with you.
  • maraexibil
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    Legends of Light
    115M GP at 45/50, EST time zone

    Close to HSTR completion. Need few more RJT/Jedi/NS teams for final HSTR push. Last one ended in P4.

    Active, but no hard tix requirement, great group to gear up with. Booting only for extended inactivity. To merge with small group up to 5++ persons. 2M GP preferred, but daily player welcome.

    TW 50+ wins, double zetas. TB 30++ stars.

    Message us on our Discord recruitment server. MTFBWY!

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  • Jritaiii
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    Looking for a group of 5 to 6 dedicated players.

    Guild: Corellian Smugglers

    Contact: johnritaiii#5782 on discord

    Requirements: 2.5 million gp or higher, 600s every day without reminders, completion of TB missions, and active TW participation

    Description: Currently looking for some new members. We are a loyal group, and many of us have been together since day 1 (we like it hereblush). Communication via a courteous, drama free, and family friendly, discord server.

    GP: 190M+ (a top 200 guild)

    Guild Reset: 10:30pm UTC

    Raids: Obviously Heroic. We have leaders dedicated to coordinating quick success in new challenges. We were all among the first to unlock Traya on our shards.

    Raid Schedule: Specific alternating schedule spread throughout the day (between 10am and midnight eastern)

    TWs: We are successful in TW, with 40 wins to date.

    TBs: 45 LS and 47 DS
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  • AlteredCarbon
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    **** 501st GARRISON: 1117m GP hSTR UK guild looking for 10-15 new members****

    We are a friendly 117m GP UK timezone guild that has all three heroic raids on farm even with our depleted numbers. We are not an elite guild but are not casual either. We have participation rules but don't micromanage TBs and TWs. We use Discord extensively and use it to help guild members improve.

    We are looking for 10-15 players to join us via a merger or group transfer (also happy to take individual applications for now too). NB We are looking to stay as our current guild and not looking to transfer to any other guild so please no more reverse merger requests.

    Any interest, let me know here or on Discord AlteredCarbonite#0556
  • I will have to discuss with officers as I currently have 24 very active players w/ 62.2 mil GP. But am interest. We are on Central time US.
  • Kitch
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    144m Guild, 49 players - mix of casual and competitive. Open to having a second guild so one is mostly casual, the other competitive. Anyone interested get in touch.
  • MadDad_NewWarframe
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    We are looking for 5-15 active players for our guild.

    Our guild is mostly UK players and is currently around 90Million gp. We do haat, hpit and tier 6 sith.

    We are looking to fill our current slots of around 5 and remove players not contributing (5-10). We want players who want to hit up all ls/ds battles and not just mass deploy squads. Players who follow orders and actually want to try win on t.wars. Players who enjoy talking, sharing ideas and helping each other. Improving and updating your rosters regulary is something we encourage, building teams for twars and heroic sith (revan, c3po, jtr etc)

    If you are interested please private message me on here. We are not interested in joing another guild or becoming part of a multi guid. Just looking for like minded players who may be disillusioned or disbanded or rebuilding.

    Many thanks and good luck
  • Seeking 10-20 active players to fill various soon to be empty spots across our alliance.

    Numerous HSTH spots avail.


    In game chat 828-156-268

    On Discord: Maxxximus#8209

    (Tag me @Maxxximus or @Ewok Officer upon landing)
  • LegionWeAre looking for a group of 15-20 to merge into our guild!
    - HPIT / HAAT / T6 STR
    - 62m GP
    - UK based
    - 30+* LS/DS TB
    - good TW records
    - line app

    pm me if you are interested!
  • Looking for 5 focused TW players to merge with our guild. We are part of an alliance and may be able to work out something for your casual players. 181M for 45 TW players with ticket mercs to round out the rest. PM me here or on discord at Garth#6035
  • Join shazbot patrol!!!
    Our guild is 57 million galactic power and growing!!!
    We are looking for active daily players
    with 1 million galactic power +
    We run Heroic AAT and Pit raids.
    We have completed Tier 6 Sith raid and are gearing up for heroic.
    Our raids follow this schedule:
    HAAT & HPIT both start @8pm est.
    24 hr join period, FFA starts @8pm est following day.
    Sith raid is currently tier 5 while gearing up.
    For pit raid, if you have a 7☆ raid han claim no more than a “0".
    For Haat, if you have a 7☆ general kenobi don't place in top 3.
    Once everyone in guild owns these @7☆ we can do true Ffa.
    Our goal is 22,000+ raid tickets daily.
    600 tickets per member daily isn't required but a constant goal.
    We want active players, we have a maximum member inactivity limit of 6 days.
    We can extend inactivity rule for real life, just let an officer know.
    Join Our discord it's linked here
    say hello and an officer will be with you shortly.

  • Dmc
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    Clones of Destiny looking for new members

    18m gp guild of a group of 2 -3m go users split off from another guild and looking to increase membership.

    Weekly raids including heroic rancor. Looking for low and high gp users to increase numbers for wars and participate in raids.

    Search for for guild or look for me with ally code 933-564-211
  • looking to absorb about 15 or so players. 100M GP guild trying to add some players to get hsith on farm. pm me if interested
  • Guild: Han Lives - 100MilGP -

    We are looking for 5-7 active and motivated players. Currently at 100Mil GP - Hoping to be around 110-115 with your help. 1Mil is minimum GP to apply but the higher the better.

    We are a committed guild but also laid back. We don't have 600 per day requirements because we realize it's a game and life gets in the way sometimes. That being said, we are looking to step it up by adding solid players and finally get on the HSTR train.

    - We are wildly successful in TW- about to win #43 and we get about 25-28 Stars in TB but looking to improve there as well.
    - No line app required, but we do have an optional Kik channel
    - Guild reset is 9:30pmEST but we have tons of players across the states
    - Pit and Tank are on farm with no restrictions besides a 24 hour join period
    - We have about 20-25 players that have been in the guild 2+ years. Awesome group of Star Wars fans that are friendly, encouraging, and super helpful with recommendations etc...

    Search for our guild- Han Lives - or send me an ally request Bantha Poodoo - 576-833-512
  • dSkorup
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    A Menacing Hope (Lowest guild in a 3 guild Alliance) is looking to merge/absorb 20 ACTIVE members. Any GP is welcome as long as members participate in guild events and produce your daily amount of raid tokens. We have a great group of people, an Alliance discord channel with over 100 of our alliance members to discuss any and all game topics, and any members with a higher GP will have the opportunity to move up in the Alliance when spots become available in our higher guilds.

    For more info send me a dm here on the forums, on discord @ DiscGolfer622#5787, or contact me ingame at ally code: 795-228-567
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