Active Guilds Looking For Players - December 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Graveyard Rebellion come join the fight.
    We are an active guild committed to growing stronger , need more active members for TW. We are based in the US. Guild reset time 6:30 pm Mountain time.

    20 million + GP our Guild has
    We do HPit raids, AAT Tank raids, and Tier 4-5 Sith raids.
    We earn 13-15 stars in TB
    Need more active members for TW

    Guild Rules and Requirments:
    Communication is key
    Discord is recommended
    Have a linked profile
    Produce daily tickets 400-600
    Be respectful of others
    Participate in raids
    Have at least one 7* toon
    To gain rewards from heroic raid.

    Come join the fight today !!!
    Or friend me @NorinRadd89#4417

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    Hi there, Seeking New members ASIA based and elsewhere
    MidiChloriansTH is a GMT +7 Guild with majority of members from ASIA but we also have a number of players from around the world. We are a 180 m Guild who place at 44/45LSTB ,47/48DSTB and we win about 90% of the time on our TW. We have a fair set of rules which favor both new and existing members.
    We’re looking for players who are as committed with;
    • LINE chat application as a means for our communications
    • 600/600 guild coins daily
    • Minimum of 3m (GP)
    We have a 24-hours “registration period” for all of our Raids.
    Rancor playing time : GMT +7 (9pm Local time)
    HSR playing time : GMT +7 (8pm Local time)
    HAAT playing time : GMT +7 (7pm Local time)
    Guild activities reset at 6:30pm Local time (GMT +7)
    Check us out at
    We’re excited to build this awesome Guild together. Contact us at
    • Line = Detective831
    • Discord = strayz#1046
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    Looking for a new guild? Active and productive but still want a casual feel?

    THE SENATE is a family of guilds that supports players at all levels of play. We are a community of resourceful, experienced players who strive to grow and develop ourselves and our peers to achieve great things! Whether you are a new player looking to get guidance on how to develop a solid roster of Heroes, or an experienced player hoping to reach a higher tier of play with like minded individuals, we support guilds at all stages of the game. As a community oriented alliance, The Senate strives to be a welcome environment where players can feel free to dive into deep roster strategy, or just kick back and joke around with fellow Senate members. The Senate is a place where you can feel like part of a thriving group, and a place to call home.

    We are currently looking for players anywhere from brand new to the game to 4M+ GP, for different guilds with different goals! Our top guild is completing HSTR, with tight entry restrictions. All guilds have HAAT/HPIT on farm.

    The following requirements apply to all guilds:
    * Have a Discord account and be active
    * Have a profile
    * Participate in guild activities - TB, TW and Raids
    * Earn your guild tickets daily, 600 required for some guilds, others have no strict ticket requirements at all
    * A fun and friendly attitude!

    If you want to be part of an ever-progressing, friendly guild that competes hard and whose members help each other improve as best they can, THE SENATE is the place for you. You will also receive updates and information on all the new content and best strategies in the community. If you want to come and join us to reap the rewards of being in a strong and vibrant, successful guild, come join THE SENATE!

    Come say hello in our Discord server and see what we can offer!

    See you on the Senate floor!
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    25 members currently. Looking to fill up to improve at guild events.
    Name - Return of the Darkness
    Recruiter - GradientBiscuit
    Chat app - Add Shagnasty or GradientBiscuit on LINE mobile app and we will add you to the group.
    Raids - Sith Raid Tier V, Heroic AAT & Heroic Pit as often as we can.
    Guild GP - 31m+
    Minimum Requirements - No Minimum level requirements. Happy for new people to join and build themselves up with our help! Be active daily, participate in all guild events and raids to the best of your ability. Any members inactive for 2 weeks or more without notifying us will be removed.
    If you have any questions, message me on here or message Shagnasty or GradientBiscuit on the LINE mobile app.
    Thanks for reading :)
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    Booze Blasters and Bounty is seeking 8 active players to join our roster.
    Currently at 91 million GP.
    Hpit and Haat at least twice a week and working tier 6 sith.
    400 raid tickets daily
    29 stars on light side territory war but do not remember how many on last dark side.
    If you have any questions or interest, contact me in game at 267-713-465.
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    Crimson Guard is recruiting Crimson Knights! CG is a full heroic casually competitive guild.

    We are currently looking for 1 new member.

    Send a private message if you are interested!!!
    Discord: MacoDen#9849
    Ally Code: 613-821-593

    or join our guild discord at

    SWGOH Profile:
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    We just finished our first HSTR and we are launching again tonight. Looking to add 1 member with some HSTR teams. We are a Casual group but focused.

    GP: 81 Mil very active core.
    We use discord to coordinate on raids/TWs
    Guild activities reset at 630EST time
    Raids: Rancor/Tank on farm, HSTR just completed
    TW/TB: Seem to win most TWs due to our low overall GP for matching but high/focused top end. TB around 28*, should be at 30* very soon
    Activity: Ideally 500+ per day, and actively join TBs/TWs and raids. require profile/discord
    Min Requirements: 1.3mil GP preferred, but mainly need JTR or Revan or some other HSTR teams ready.

    My ally code is
    Discord jediL8#7764
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    Would you be interesting in joining us?
    Chairborne Rangers (currently ~68m GP with 37 people) want you to join us.
    We are active guild looking for active players.
    I am the leader of this guild and I am in EST but we have people from East to West Coast and we rotate the raids' times between EST and PST.
    We are doing tier 7 for HPIT & HAAT 2 or 3 times a week.
    We are doing tier 6 for Sith.
    We get about mid 20s in TBs
    We won 90% of TWs
    Requirements are to generate a minimum of 300 tickets, stay active, I track players with Daily Guild Activities and TWs/TBs
    Player's level should be in the 80s (can accept lower).
    Contact me if you have any questions.
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    The Transatlantic Rebellion wants you!!! We are a group of active players from both sides of the Atlantic. We are building an active, committed but not overbearing Guild.

    Our current Goal is to get to 35+ stars in LSTB and DSTB. Our experienced players are happy to help with farming advice and guidelines to meet this Goal. FTP and PTP are welcomed.

    Doing HPIT, HAAT, STR lvl 6

    Galactic Power min. 1.5M
    Level 85
    TB/TW participation
    600 raid tickets but if you cant we are flexible and discord not required...for now

    Guild is currently transitioning to these requirements. Get in now!! Contact me directly to join
    Discord: Lanza#6272 (or here)
    Ally code: 555-586-867
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    Hot Damnerons

    112M+ GP


    The Hot Damnerons are social, team-players who help each other improve. Our strong organization means we punch above our weight in TB and TW. We also have a busy Discord server with channels for help and tips, strategy, theorycrafting, and (of course) memes and general nonsense.

    We have HSTR on farm. Ideally, we want players with strong p3 and/or p4 teams (e.g. Nightsisters)

    If you're keen to progress (and for Traya) but aren't ready for an ultra-demanding guild, drop me a DM.

    We have:

    - All Heroics on farm (24 hr join)

    - A strong bot-assisted planning system for TBs and TW. (Plus ROLO/IPD shards.)

    - Very knowledgeable players always willing to help (or debate!)

    - Our independence! We are not part of an alliance, and instead work together as a cohesive unit.

    We are looking for players who:

    - Are active and get 600 tix wherever possible

    - Have at least 1.8M GP but allowances can be made for HSTR ready squad(s)

    - Have at least 1 HSTR ready team

    - Contribute fully to guild activities in game (or let us know when you can't)

    - Are on/willing to join (for our bots)

    - Communicative on Discord for coordination

    Feel free to pm me or contact me on discord xiaosufei#0513 for more info
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    Die Holocron Secrets (<-- super Mannschaft!) suchen noch einen aktiven und kommunikativen Waffenbruder/-schwester für weitere Abenteuer!

    Zur Zeit liegen wir bei etwas über 120 Mio GM und hatten in den letzten TBs DS 40 und LS 38 Sterne. Full Heroic sind wir natürlich auch (HSR/HAAT/HRancor).

    Bei den TK liegen wir mit ca. 90% gewonnen Schlachten auch ganz gut und können in der Regel 2 bzw 3 Zetas mitnehmen.

    Was wir von dir erwarten sind ein gepflegtes Roster und 600 Tickets täglich, abgesehen von angekündigter Abwesenheit natürlich, ein echtes Leben ist durchaus erlaubt.

    Wichtig ist uns, dass du ein Teamplayer bist, auf den man sich verlassen kann, so wie du dich auf uns verlassen kannst.

    Wenn das was für dich ist schreib mir ne PN oder besuche uns zu Hause im Outer Rim, wo wir eigenständig mit gleichgesinnten Gilden in freundschaftlicher Nachbarschaft leben:

    Folge dem Holocron!
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    Shifting Veers

    We are looking for 4-5 players who are HSTR ready. We are very close to completing but need a few more raid ready players to put us over the top. We do Hpit and HAAT a couple times a week each, TW and TB.600 raid tickets a day, discord and are a requirement. Please message me and link your account if you are intrested.
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    Great group of extremely active players here! Missed hsith completion by only 20 percent, need a few to solidify the raid!
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    Separatists Reunited, independent 144m GP guild looking for two players. UK based guild with resets at 6:30pm UTC, but our players range from California through to Germany.

    HSTR guild, working hard towards reducing completion times. It took under 20 hours this time, and will only get faster as we grow stronger.

    Other areas: 40 stars in LSTB, 41 in DS. TW we have lost only once since the introduction of the faction bonuses. Older raids are on farm. No restrictions on participation once the 24-hour join period has ended. Launch times rotate to allow our non-UK players a chance to score: launches are between 7pm and 11pm, and times are always posted in the chat banner.

    I'm looking for a player with at least 2.5m GP, who uses Discord (or is happy to sign up), does their 600 every day, participates in TB and TW, and has at least one solid HSTR team. The GP limit is negotiable if you have focussed on the more useful characters.

    Message me in-game (545-458-779) or find me on Discord (RabbieBurns#4045).

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    Guild-Name: Brotherhood of the Darkness
    Guild-GP: 125m
    LSTB: 40+
    DSTB: 40+
    HPIT: 8pm GMT (on farm)
    HSTR: 9pm GMT (on farm)
    HAAT: 10pm GMT (on farm)
    Ally Code: 493-799-258
    Discord: Binxy#9448

    Brotherhood of the Darkness is a fully heroic guild and is recruiting HSTR, HAAT, HPIT, TB and TW focused players with a minimum GP of 2m, who are ready to compete with a very active and friendly, fun guild.

    UK evening raid schedule. Top players and collaborative environment - feel free to send me a message on discord if interested
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    Hallo Zusammen!
    The Guardians of EgoFreezers suchen neue Mitglieder!
    Alles weitere hier:
    Auf bald!
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    Womprat Lives Matter

    Guild GP: 136m

    TB numbers: 39-41

    Raid times: 8pm EDT all heroics on farm, 24hr join on pit and haat, solo holds on both to allow for more people to get damage in

    We are laid back and very much raid focused. We need someone to hit their 600 tix, we auto raid tank and pit as soon as we have enough tickets to do so. We currently sit around 27k-28k in daily tickets and want to add to that. The core of this guild has been together for years, and we seldom have spots that open up. But as with any game, people eventually retire and we want to fill those ranks. Currently have 2 available spots. We really aren't to strict about much either than our raid rules and get your tickets. We do well on tw, but it isn't a priority. We use the goupme app to organize and run announcements, and its a good spot to ask for help or advice, and we will happily give it. We have a solid group of officers and are pretty knowledgeable about the game.

    I'd prefer someone over 2 million gp. Higher is a bonus but again we aren't too concerned- if you're super active and under that no issue. Most of the guild is American with some of us Canadians worked in. We have an Italian as well, he makes it work even with the big time difference (and he's an officer lol). Most of us are older with young kids and jobs we hate.. so we get it that rl can be busy! Pm me if you're interested.

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    Kraken’s Revenge
    188 Million GP

    Undefeated in TW since August 2018

    We are a highly focused and competitive group. TW is one of the events we pride ourselves on as a guild. We are looking for people who are as active and dedicated to the game as we are. Come check us out if you want to join a winning guild.

    We are looking for:
    - 3.3M GP or higher (we do make exceptions)
    - Top rankings in both Arenas
    - Active on discord and in all guild events
    - 600 tickets a day is mandatory

    Contact me in discord directly (MikeB#1326) or come check out our server
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    About Us:
    - Imperial Marksmanship Academy
    - 158 Mil GP
    - 45 ⭐ DSTB with 54 IPD Shards
    - 42 ⭐ LSTB With 64 ROLO Shards
    - 29-11 In TW
    - Guild Reset 6:30 pm EST
    - HSTR @8pm EST
    - HAAT and HPIT @ 9pm EST
    - Run an ALT Guild for extra Raids in between TBs and TWs.

    What We Are Looking For:

    - 3.1 Mil GP(can be case by case)
    - Active With 600 Daily(RL happening is understood)
    - Following TB and TW orders
    - Developed/Developing TB and TW squads.
    - Developed/Developing HSTR squads.

    Feel Free To Chat With Our Officers:
    Line - mjd2192
    Discord mjd2192#0855
    Ally Code 911-593-924
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    Beyond Omega
    GP: 85 Million

    Beyond Omega is a European guild, we are in the CET.
    We are looking for 3-6 players with pretty advanced rosters.
    We recently killed Heroic Sith, but only by use of Zeta Finn. We hope that this will not be needed on future runs, but the raid is definitely not on farm yet.

    - Looking mostly for people who are preparing for Heroic Sith or have a few raid ready teams (JTR, Jedi, Nightsisters etc)
    - Active participation in TB, and at least passive participation in TW.
    - Prefer if you use and discord, although we also have a facebook group if you want that.
    - Follow instructions
    - Best if you are from Europe (or Africa) due to time zones, but everyone is welcome.
    In exchange we offer:
    - Friendly environment
    - We aim high, but we don't exhaust our players. I only request maximum effort when it makes a difference.
    - Personalized assistance with farming and mods if you wish.
    - We have farming lists to prepare for Heroic Sith Raid
    - Very stable guild.
    If you are interested, contact me through PM or Discord,
    My discord ID is Vohbo#3122
    Ally code 384 318 252
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    The Corellian Refugees, an independent guild, has room for 1 new member before TB starts tomorrow! We're a relaxed yet dedicated group, free of drama. You'll find that we're more about community than we are compliance - rules are simple, and we succeed as a team.

    GP is 145M (at 49/50). 41 stars in both DS+LS TBs, with increases each time. Players who join tend to stick around - average lifetime raid tix = 250K+.

    600 raid tix per day is appreciated, and most hit that mark, but try for at least the 540 free ones - the more tix we earn the more often we raid. We all have days when we miss it. Hit it the next!

    Guild activities reset at 6:30 PM US central time, and we launch raids at that time. All heroic raids are on farm and have a 24 hour join period so all can get in on the loot.

    Discord is our official communication channel (keithereal#8467). PM me for more details, or visit us at
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    177mil gp UK guild looking to fill our ranks. We are 1 star short of maxing our TBs. TW focused. We have a twitch channel where guildies can show their GA encounters. Very adult, very entertaining. we use line to communicate but have discord for the bots.
    PM me her or on line- Tennente
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    Fragments 0f The Empire
    184M gp

    We are part of The Empire Alliance. We are pushing in both TB and TW. No forced farms, but willing to help meet our goals.

    GMT based with All raids on farm
    Rancor 18:00 GMT (2pm EST)
    HSTR/HAAT 19:00 GMT (3pm EST)
    44 star light side
    47 star dark side
    Very competitive tw

    3.2M GP required

    Need to be able to complete all morning most TB CMS and have 6+ high end TW teams

    DM me if interested
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    We want you in the Acient Order!
    Guild name: Acient Order
    At 48/50, looking to fill last two spots.
    PM me: "Zax_01" (forums); Ally Code: 272-259-942 (in-game); or reply to this post!
    Please include GP and experience with raids/TB/TW in messages and questions you may have
    Guild Raids: HRancor, HAAT, and Sith Tier 6 all on farm
    Current GP: 113.3Mil
    Activities: active in TB (23 stars) and TW (we have gud stratz!)
    We need you active in the stuff mentioned above.
    Strength in Territory Battles is highly preferred.
    Join the Acient Order!
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    Guild name: Pokébuddies

    Casual guild looking for new members of any level to up our numbers.
    Preferably active players but no strict requirements, just play whenever.

    Looking to get more members so we can do more frequent raids and get that gear.

    Add me in game: 441-768-586
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    Salary Pit
    Looking for up to 10 individuals or a small guild to merge into ours.
    Recently removed a few people due to non-activity. Namely not joining the war or helping with the Sith Raid. Those are pretty much our only 2 biggies.
    We do have caps on pit and tank so our lower gp members can move up the ranks.
    We are a laid back group. No Discord necessary, but a few daily expectations Territory Battles/Territory Wars Required. Participate/login Daily Hit the freaking Sith Raid
    Other than that we are committed to helping everyone grow. Current Guild GP is 75 Mil and growing. We are up for helping new people grow, but also aiming to hit HSTR so lvl 85 preferred, but willing to go lower for active player.
    All current members are lvl 85 Heroic Rancor and Heroic AAT auto start as tickets are available. 24 hr join on raids Sith Raid Tier 6. farming for 7 but not forced Come Join Us!
    Ally Code: 641-992-563 or here
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    Currently 80.7 mil GP
    We have filled up. We redo numbers every Sunday night and may have more spots next Monday.
    Hyme - 273-481-216
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