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    This is the worst idea you guys have come up with in a while. Nobody wants to lose their characters and make their farm useless. If you wanted to shake things up with characters then perhaps instead you should have given us all some extra characters that nobody has (like Rancor, Endor Leia, Pirate Saboteur etc who are all already in the game) not remove ones from us.

    Anyway I seriously hope you reconsider this idea as it seems like 95% of the player base is pretty much disgusted by this idea. @CG_SBCrumb
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    Broxxor wrote: »
    The point about encouraging us to build rosters and invest real money in them - and then create a facet of a game mode to take away those characters is also ill conceived. And somewhat fraudulent imo.

    I Totally 2nd this! Absolutely true that CG encourages us to spend good hard cash on toons then takes em away like this is fraudulent. So the makers of the game decided to punish the ones who support them by this crap. Absolutely ridiculous if ya ask me. They should have sent a survey monkey out with ideas they have been thinking of and got our feedback.
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    So I'm not going to get ranty but just want to say I don't like this idea. Bonuses are fun, this isnt
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    What a stupid idea. Why you just stop changing TW and TB???
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    One of the suggestions I've seen has been to let guilds vote (within the game) on what toons they specifically want banned, and then do matchmaking to match them up another guild with the same choices (10 choose 6 = 210, not an impossible number of combinations to account for, but perhaps not ideal for matchmaking algorithms that are already not really ideal). Or they could do a combined vote during the preview phase where each pair of guilds votes as a whole group, ties perhaps going to the guild w/ lower GP. Either way, it becomes a much more localized decision, bringing it closer to the players. However, that requires additional interface programming... so.... not likely to happen.
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    This is a terrible idea and punishing people.

    I get it you want to make TW more arcade because you have GA but this is not the way to do it.

    TW was and is a huge part of our guild,stats and strats is what gave us 9 wins in a row. We farmed intensively to be competitive in TW and you want to take away those teams just to make TW more 'spicier'?

    Yeah no,go back and rethink this CG. I'm all in for buffs like we had in November,but this is not the way.
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    This is the worst idea in a long line of terrible ideas. Just keep TW the same. It will change by means of strategy and new characters. It DOES NOT require extra work from your side to be acceptable.

    You would be better served by putting all this extra time in the next raid, in the hopes of making it less awful than the Sith Raid.

    EDIT: I had not even thought about this but how do you even monetize this ? It's like the worst commercial for your game you can imagine. Buy characters now ! No guarantee you can use them though as we may randomly ban them from certain game modes. It's like you dislike your playerbase and want to just lose 10% of it just for the sake of it.
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    Such a bad idea that I'm actually taking the time to post my displeasure on the official forums.

    I have zero desire to strip mods from 28 characters just because CG wants to try something new, and I can't imagine all that many other people do, either. This feels like whomever was responsible for the terrible implementation of platoons in Territory Battles was given control over a full feature, and now we're all about to suffer the consequences for it.

    CG, you realize that you have quests that rely on TWs, correct? It's kind of hard to pull 10 wins out of TWs in the best of circumstances, it's much worse when you're cancelling most of them for two months and then when you bring them back, they've ceased to be an enjoyable activity for anyone in the guild.

    Also, if CG has to run this through Survey Monkey, then maybe the proper infrastructure isn't there to support it.
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    Having a different group of toons getting bonuses for the TW is fun, even if they are crazy OP bonuses for just that TW. This community voting to exclude some toons is absurd.

    Make a new TW Map.
    Do some new faction bonuses that rotate between TWs.
    There are many ways to make the game mode better, this voting to exclude characters is not one of them.
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    so, my guildies with one viable team to help in TW, loose a key character of that team. they feel more useless and stop participating.

    this is the kind of change that will drive away members of my guild; please reconsider. otherwise, TW will become a game type that we ignore, accept the free 2nd place rewards or just stop signing up for.
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    One thing I think that is being overlooked with this is mods. For many people this will mean stripping mods off 28 characters and then redoing mods on a ton of others. Most of the 28 characters listed are key characters that have my best mods, while a lot of what I will need to use to replace those 28 characters currently have leftover mods.

    I am in a 175m, highly competitive tw guild. I am an officer. I’ve already informed my fellow officers if this new tw is not changed, I’ll likely be sitting out. I expect a lot of people to do the same. The time, effort, and frustration of not just the mods, but figuring out new teams, new placements, what to put on defense, what to save for offense, etc. and, as an officer, doing the same for my guild, is ludicrous and not something I’m willing to do.
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    I don't know if the dev's will read this but I want to list the reasons I think this is a bad idea.

    1. TW brings guilds together. Skilled players that can help others develop. Raids do the same thing but only for a short time. Removing the competitive edge from TW will end this.
    2. TW drives focused farming. With the new change the people outside your GP bracket will determine what characters we are allowed to use in TW.
    3. We will only have 4 days to plan a strategy for TW with this new change. The old way dedicated players spent months farming and preparing for TW. Now all that effort is negated.
    4. The old way of TW required major coordination and long term dedication that forged strong guild communities. This will weaken the communities.
    5. TW produced the best theory crafting utilized in unison. Grand Arena is for the individual so sharing strategies to succeed is not encouraged guild wide. Why care if your guildmates succeed.
    6. The worst part of TB is platooning rare toons that you heavily invest in. The new TW essentially allows the community to "platoon" groups of characters against your will.
    7. TW is the only guild vs guild mode. While only a minority of the players may love TW, it is what drives the most dedicated players together to achieve a group success.
    8. Rewards. Why would CG do the best rewards for a light hearted game mode?

    I hope you reconsider as TW really didn't need to be fixed.
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    I just saw the youtube vid from mobile gamer to that topic. He just says the same.
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    This is a truly awful idea. You (the devs) introduce TW which a lot of the end game players love and have tailored their entire roster towards, which was your intention - to force people to gear their entire roster. Now when a lot of end players have these teams you're going to allow the community, of which the end game players only make up a small percentage, to exclude all those geared end game toons. You can guarantee 70% of the player base who don't have Revan will vote to exclude him so you're basically punishing the players who spent money on end game toons. What a massive kitten-u to your paying player base!
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    As if TW wasn't already a mindblowing chore... I hate this idea very, very much already, and I don't see how the "extra fun" can even begin to battle the added frustration of having to build new team for every single TW from now on...

    Looking through the groupings I'm super surprised that neither Veers or R2 are part of them.
    Those are the only two key toons missing for you to cover ALL toons of 9 of the most popular teams - JTR, NS, BH, Sith Triumverate, Revan or Bastila jedi, FO, Troopers and CLS rebels.

    And where's Ewok? Why do they go free from the ****?
    Did you already forget how many people farmed and geared and zetaed them for the C-3PO-event?
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    Krjstoff wrote: »
    As if TW wasn't already a mindblowing chore... I hate this idea very, very much already, and I don't see how the "extra fun" can even begin to battle the added frustration of having to build new team for every single TW from now on...

    This is the first time that I really just hope that you'll abandon TW all together, and let us just play keep GA instead - despite the extremely less attractive rewards.

    Not only the time spent building new teams, but don’t forget about mod! You’re going to have 28 characters banned, many of which currently have your best mods. You’ll need to strip mods off them and remod your remaining characters if you want to be competitive. I’m not spending 8 hours redoing mods for this.
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    This is so bad.

    It will require tons of work each time to rebuild guild strats depending on bans.

    I may not last long in 2019...
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    I am not amused, I am leveling chars for my defense and at the end I cannot use them.
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    the direction in which the game changes. is not the right direction. my feedback is never changes a runing system. so devs but first to choose whether the community wants this nonsense
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    I like the idea of trying something new, but being unable to use 28 toons is a little bit extreme. On the other hand, this gives opportunities to people farming unusual teams (clones, ewoks)
    So maybe giving bonuses to these less popular teams would be better than banning so much other toons (or keep the amount of banned toons under 10 or something)
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    How about try these changes in grand arena first and leave tw alone
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    So you saw we liked the bonuses (excellent idea by the way) and then decided to ignore that and do something different that removes random characters we have put a lot of resources into. This is quite frankly an awful idea and one of the worst you’ve had. Well done
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    TW is a sacred thing. Do not fix what isn't broken. I think that in grand arena there is enough "gimmicky type play" 3vs3, constant changing of play field...keep that there!
    Keep our Guild vs. Guild the same!
    The plan to take away 28 characters from our list of playable characters is unreasonable

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    Some of you might spent the holiday with watching Sophie's Choice.
    Some better option: 4v4, because this is technically force us to play so.
    Want us to use a different team structure? Offers us a switch: such as you cannot use this character, but here is an unfarmable marquee instead with the same gear level/rarity etc...
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    Adding content is great. Limiting and removing content that players have cultivated is stupid.
    That's customer service 101, man.
  • Corwin117
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    @CG_Carrie @CG_SBCrumb This is a terrible idea if the characters who aren't picked can't be used. It punishes those who favor characters that aren't picked, which hurts their roster. If this was just giving bonuses to those characters, that'd be great. The whole point of TW was to use YOUR WHOLE ROSTER.
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    just came by to say its a horrible idea.
    i have 45 zetas, what will probably happen is that you will ban 20-26 of my zetas. its pure advantage to people who farmed bad characters and lose hard in GA.
    annoying your competitive players or whale by banning the GOOD toons and force us to use weaker toons is not a good idea at all.
    btw, i laughed at the "we listen to the community" and because of that you are doing this. this is just lol.
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    I’m very confused about the changes in TW. CG said that, based on the positive feedback received from the community about the bonuses for Mace/Grevious/Dooku/CUP in previous TW, CG is going to ban some random packs of toons in the next TW.
    Sorry but I can not see the relation.
    I loved the idea of funny bonuses to some caracteres that have any kind of interaction in the Star Wars universe, like Mace-Jango, but I don’t see how ban random characters from TW can make a better experience for players.
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    How about giving guilds an option to opt in/out of the changed TW.
    Each TW, let the guild leader decide whether to use standard TW, or whatever
    the latest flavor you have cooked up. Then, if you come up with a TW tweak which people really enjoy, guilds might sign up for it the next time it comes around. But those who find the current TWs sufficiently interesting can keep working on them as is.

    The current TW tweak is a really bad idea.

    Removing large parts of roster - can expect to be unpopular. People are much more willing to be given some bonus, even if temporary, than to have something they had taken away.

    Tweaks should run for a few TW. No way to learn what teams work when can only fight it once, then it is gone. No time to adapt, and no incentive to figure it out - just ignore it and wait for next time.

    GA is still really broken. How about first fixing it.
    The rewards on GA are pathetic compared to the work involved. The work for one round of GA is more than the work of a whole TW. (7 to 10 battles to strategize, fight, etc. vs 5 for TW).

    Running GA at same time as another major game mode (TB) - bad move (increases time demand of the game). (Premiering it at the busiest time of year for most people made this even worse.)

    Constantly changing the GA parameters - so have to rethink everthing every time - invitation to burnout.

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    My word I’ve never seen anything so universally hated. How did this idea even pass muster for the update post? This should have died on a piece of paper that was wadded up and thrown at the trash can after being used as a makeshift napkin for smeared ketchup.
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