Players Looking For Guilds - February 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • Fuzzball77777
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    Found a guild
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  • BaoDur
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    Guild found. Disregard

    Looking For Guild that runs Hoth TB's regularly.

    I have more characters than power at the moment so I am not able to grow and contribute as much as I would like in the AMAZING guild I am currently in so I want to join one that is in need of some moderate power so I can farm wampa and rolo shards and shore up my bloated characters and be helpful and useful. I'm friendly, active, and I donate.

    Ally Code: 889-253-239


    GP: 3.98 Mill

    Galactic Power (Characters)2,265,642
    Galactic Power (Ships)1,704,771
    Level: 85
    Number of:

    7* Characters:140
    6* Characters : 15
    5* Characters : 8

    Average Arena Rank: 274

    Type of Player: 90% F2P/ 10% Baby Dolphin

    Time Zone: CST, Fairly active, RL permitting I play once or twice a day

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  • Brommers
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    Guild found, thank you all.
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  • Galatea_Griffiths4
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    Guild found thanks.
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    Not sure if this is where to post... coming back after taking about a year off.

    Ally-Code: 121-938-151
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 5.18m
    Character/Ship GP: 2m
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 165
    Average Arena Rank: 100
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: CST
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    Guild found thanks everyone.
  • Rybos
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    Returning f2p casual player looking for a guild
    3.75M GP

    found my place, thanks everyone
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  • Stultum21
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    Hey everyone, I'm an F2P player looking for a guild, have played daily for the past 3 months or so and my current guild has a lot of inactive players. Still a bit new but would love to contribute to an active guild!

    My Ally Code is 561-933-741, and my swgoh account is found here:

    May the Force be with you

    Guild Found, Thank you all!
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  • HulkHands
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    Found a guild, thanks for the invites!

    Hi guys,
    Returning f2p player on a new account (went from iOS to android). Not gonna lie, I'm just looking to leech off a few heroic raids as I nearly have some 7 stars.
    I'm very active and will easily earn max tickets every day.

    Name: HulkHands
    Ally code: 452-235-622
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  • GKarma
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    Found a new home now, thanks for the messages everyone

    With a heavy heart I’ve gotta find a new guild now to progress.

    What I will bring:
    3.6m GP
    25 Relics (19@R5 & 6@R7)
    28 G12’s
    20 x 20+ speed secondary mods
    Squad Arena ave 200
    Fleet arena ave 50
    Guaranteed 600 tix daily
    Full O&D participation in all TW’s
    Full participation in all TB’s
    Can do Wat mission most of time
    Follows guild commands no probs
    Ok to use discord
    No drama

    I run SE in squad arena, nearly ready for GAS, then on the SLKR grind.

    What I’m looking for:
    Active, friendly & inclusive guild.
    No big ego’s, bad vibes, hate etc
    UK work friendly times, like raids 6-9pm
    Min 20k tix daily
    HPit & HAat on sim
    Building to CTRancor
    Decent TW win record with working strategy
    LS Geo TB - 15+
    DS Hoth 35+ / DS Geo whatever

    Would make the move after the Geo TB

    TBH I love my current guild but we just don’t have the participation, too casual for my play style. If u tick the boxes above and I fit what ur looking for, hit me up in game or on here or whatever!

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    Hey guys, looking for a guild. At 6.2m with Rey and JML.

    Experienced player looking for a guild doing 31+ DS and 20+ LS with KAM success. Very active and looking for a chill place to hang my hat.

    Please post guild link. Thanks.

    Omega IV (Jigga)#7169
  • ShadowDragon543
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    Not looking anymore - thank you for answers!
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  • IWH
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    (FOUND) Hey,
    Daily (not a bundler and not a f2p) player looking for guild, currently stuck in a 22-players guild and not feeling happy about it
    Usually do 1st layer of energy refreshes and trying to remain in top 50 arena
    Looking for 40+ players guild with people with a big will to advise, EU\CIS time reset preferably
    See ya and have fun!
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  • Roflplz
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    Hey! I'm a new player (3 weeks in with hyperbundle) I'd like to join an active guild I'm ready to learn and play on a daily basis.


    Galactic Power: 771,5k
    Character/Ship GP:110k
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 4
    Number of 6*: 5
    Number of 5*: the rest
    Average Arena Rank: 700
    Type of Play: (Dolphin)
    Time-zone: Central Europe
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    Have 4/4 Galatic Legends and am looking for a new guild.

    Ally Code: 275-988-675

    Pretty much every ship and character, other than KAM, are seven star other than the very new ones. Working them as they become farmable and unlockable.

    Galactic Power: 6,922,154

    Former pay player, don't want to spend more money on this game.

    Looking for an active group that understands people have lives outside this game. I got booted from my last guide today without an explanation, but based on recent communications I'd guess I didn't do as much as they liked (though I did make a strong effort even when I had important things planned). I've been an essential worker, salary, and have a lot of work on my plate.

    I'm not a selfish player. If I don't have time to do a bunch of guild activities you won't see me topping TSR or anything like that. I generally try to put the most group time into territory battles, particularly dark side Geonosis. If you want someone who will play but understand won't be glued to his phone I'm probably a good fit.

    Preference is a guild with nice, laid back people.

    Very Important: I am in the Eastern Time Zone and would prefer to join a guild that has raids begin around 8:00 PM, but of course rotating times aren't an issue. Our overall matching times does matter so we can actually communicate and have participation occur smoothly.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.
  • SapphireColt
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    Update: found guild! Thank you!

    Hey looking for a new home. 2.5m GP with Malak team usually top 100 in my arena shard. Actively working on clones, geos and GAS to support guild needs (CPIT, KAM, Wot).

    Would prefer 220M+ GP, 10 LS Geo stars with WOT and even a few KAM if possible. Planned TW events using guild matchups. Don't care about raid times as long as joining period.

    Ally code: 743621934
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  • Nehrog
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    Found a Guild

    Returning player looking for an active guild! Would prefer a team that uses discord actively as it would appear I have missed a lot during my time away

    Ally code: 522-723-852
    GP: 2.96M
    Discord: Nehrog#3974
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  • Tocinoelcerdo
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    Found a guild, thanks all!
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    Veider 13t 4r
    Drevan pak 11/12t.
    Arena 71
    Flot 51
    Need guild 7*pit,aat,sith.
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    MrsBlack27 wrote: »
    Veider 13t 4r
    Drevan pak 11/12t.
    Arena 71
    Flot 51
    Need guild 7*pit,aat,sith.

    Guild found. Thanks.
  • Link_17
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    Found a guild, thanks to all who asked for me, and may the force be with you!
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  • Auron
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    Hey all.

    I am looking for a European based guild or one where the raids are during the evening/night for GMT+2.

    Here is my profile

    Kylo, SEE, Luke all with ulties and 2-3 weeks away from Rey.

    All meta teams are up and have the materials to gear towards something specific if needed.

    Looking for a very organized guild, a strong LS TB presence and end game mentality.

    Please reach out to me on discord at Auron#0764

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  • Shuster123
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  • dcon3
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    Hi all - new F2P player looking for an active guild to help grow and develop my roster. Will be farming geos / FO to start.

    Current Level: 42
    Ally-Code: 691-911-454
    Link to

    Have discord as well.

  • Twaist
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    Started playing again 3 months ago. I get 600 tickets daily. I'm looking for an active guild where the leader doesn't use all tickets to solo raids as soon as they're launched.

    Discord: Vail1#5284
    Ally-Code: 127-734-161
    Galactic Power: 315K
    Player Level: 77
    My timezone is GMT+4 but I play 3 times a day to collect free energy

    Looking forward to finding a nice active guild!
  • sitruuna
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    2.64m gp returning player looking for active guild to grow faster. Finnish/English.

    Ally code: 372-213-757

    Found guild, thanks all for messages.
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    2 new Hyperdrive players active daily.

    Ally-Code: 213-357-551

    Link to

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    Hi all new player looking for an active guild. Level 40 currently. Looking for a guild that can help with lower raids as well.
    Ally code: 279-725-822.
    No 7 stars currently, but am working on Phoenix squadron.
  • DarthMufasa
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    Found a guild !

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