Players Looking For Guilds - February 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • MagdaMay
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    In discussion with guilds right now, don't need more recruitment unless highly qualified.

    Have been playing for less than a year, but have 1 GL and decent roster trying to earn my second - looking around at guilds that have an active and higher than 200+ GP to earn mats and wat shards faster. I play daily, I usually always earn the full 600 tickets, I use discord on the regular, participate in all raids, tb and tw.

    • Ally-Code: 596-297-759
    • Link to
    • Galactic Power: 3,321,845
    • Player Level: 85
    • Average Arena Rank: 1
    • Time-zone: CST
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  • JabbaDaBen
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    Found a guild
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  • gigachad
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    Found a guild

    Hey Everyone,
    I'm looking to change up guilds since I'm starting to out grow my current one a little bit. I'd really like a guild that is currently able to get MkII Guild Event Tokens from Territory Battles and is ideally also able to complete Sith Heroic Raid to get Traya shards.

    • Ally Code: 364-425-717
    • GP: 1,339,708
    • C GP: 817,478
    • S GP: 522,230
    • Level 85
    • Very active, get all 600 tickets everyday
    • 36 7 star
    • P2P
    • EST
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    I'm a new player. I started and deleted about 7 accounts while researching online sources like DarthLoquitur and Ahnold. My highest level was 65. I'm dedicated, playing every day of the week and contributing my share of energy. I'm looking for a guild that runs all appropriate level content, loves to help each other and have fun, while advancing accounts reasonably quickly. Here is my info:

    Ally Code: 613-466-931
    GP: 54k
    Character/Ship GP: 36k/17k
    Player Level: 45
    # 7*: 0
    # 6*: 0
    # 5*: 2
    Avg Arena Rank: 2700
    Good of play: FTP
    Time zone: Eastern

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to joining!
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    I am looking for a guild that....

    -gets 25+ Wat
    -gets 5+ KAM
    -gets 15+ stars in DS Geo TB
    -gets 7+ stars in LS Geo TB
    -gets 40+ ROLO
    -gets 30+ Probe Droid
    -gets 40+ stars in LS Hoth TB
    -gets 40+ stars in DS Hoth TB
    -TW win rate is over 60%
    -guild GP is 150M+

    My is and please DM me if you have these requirments.
  • JabbaDaBen
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    Found a guild !
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    Level 85
    1.64 mil power
    9 zestas
    Active player logging 3-7 Times per czy. Looking for very active guild.
  • Anakins_Master
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    Looking for any guild that needs members!
  • Rydia131
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    Guild found. Thank you for all of the interest!!
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  • trianglesubmissi
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    Thanks for all the inquiries! Guild found.
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  • Will_Dearborn1
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    Found guild. Thanks all

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  • MorePlatesMoreDates
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    Found a new guild.

    Hey everyone,
    Trying to find a new active guild. Here is my information,

    - Ally Code: 616-641-123

    - Link to

    - Active player and will remain active

    - 480 k GP.

    - 175 k fleet GP.

    - Type of Play: Pay to play (mostly buy crystals and some packs)

    - Player level: 85

    - Squad arena rank: 668

    - Fleet arena rank: 822

    - Time zone: EST

    - Discord: MorePlatesMoreDates#7197
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  • eagle0100
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    Guild Found!

    New player, recently learned its best to leave the start guilds early, looking for a place.

    -Ally Code: 568-192-741

    -Link to

    -GP: 47k

    -Player Level: 45

    -Time zone: PT

    -F2P for now

    -Decently active

    -Have a discord and willing to join
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    Hi I am looking to merc for dstb Hoth. I never got the achievement and would like to get it this round. If there is a guild getting 48 stars or really close, I can help!

    6 m gp
    2 gls - slkr/Jml. sort of close to 3rd for SEE

    That’s about it! Hopefully someone out there can use my on hoth for 48*!!!

  • Trades_Isuanti
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    (Guild Found)
    Hi, the names Trades, I'm looking for a new home.
    • Current GP: 2.5M+
    • 7 G lvl 12 characters
    • No Relics as yet
    • Active, casual P2P
    • Ally Code: 343-351-765
    • Discord: Trades Isuanti#4225

    Looking for:
    • WAT Shards
    • Simmed Heroic Raids or just Heroic Raids
    • People I can chat with and grow with in the game.
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  • Shutthewindu
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    Update: new guild found, thank you for all those that reached out to me

    Hi I’m F2P player looking for a new guild.

    I’m looking for a Uk based guild hopefully similar or better to the 213million Gp guild I am currently in.
    I have a 4.9m Gp roster with relics but no GL’s currently. I am a daily player and always achieve my 600 daily (I am currently top of my guild in lifetime raid tickets). I also take part in all guild events. I am also happy to use discord but due to my work pattern I sometimes don’t communicate for a few days.

    Ally code: 237-241-868
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  • SunilaBlue
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    Guild found, thank you.
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  • Aragart
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    With huge regret I have to start looking for a new guild, even though my current guild is great (53-5 WinRatio on TW) some people left and we have problem with getting new people that could help us on GEO TB.

    I always do 600 tickets, I'm familiar with discord and TW commands.

    I'm looking for an active guild, preferable english speaking, EU time zone based, 130M+ GP and more, which utilizes good tactis on TW and does GEO TB DS.

    My info:
    - GP 2.5M
    - Relic: 12
    - G12: 9
    - Can do WAT mission
    - Arena - TOP 100
    - Fleet - TOP 5

    Going now for SEE, after that will go for GG + droids.
    My profile:

    PS: I can join new guild after current TB.


    Found one! Thank you all for contact!
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    4.3 mil looking for active guild
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    Guild found
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    Hello There! GL Kenobi refugee looking for a CPIT guild. I am FTP and under 4 million GP, so its the only way I can get R8 mats for GK. I've been hoarding since last November for a prequel GL, and can get him pretty quick once he comes out, as long as I get some R8 mats and KAM isn't required.

  • FracturedBW
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    Guild Found thanks offers guys

    I’m Fractured and based in Australia. Looking at getting back into the the grind and looking for a guild to help with my growth.
    Current GP: 4.2M
    Active, F2P
    Ally Code: 793-331-356
    Discord: Fractured91#6610

    Looking for:
    Negotiator Shards
    And help to start grind for GLs

    Cheers for looking
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  • WhestuFijo
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    Recruited - thanks!
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  • SylteMeme
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    Found a guild, cheers


    I am looking for an active guild to help me grow, but will of course contribute in every way i can.
    Casual F2P player, waited way too long with leaving the starter guild.
    I started a more focused approach about a year ago, so i got some light GP bloat.
    Active every day.

    Ally-Code: 331-324-129

    Link to

    Galactic Power: 650K

    Character/Ship GP: 400K/250K

    Player Level: 85

    Number of 7*: 30

    Number of 6*: 6

    Number of 5*: 10

    Average Arena Rank: 1800 Squads/170 Fleet

    Type of Play: Casual F2P

    Time-zone: UTC+01

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  • DePlexx
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    Hey, I'm a UK player currently looking to switch guilds to one that I can hopefully get Kenobi and Negotiator shards with. Have a strong clones squad as well as Geos, Sith and a Padme team (slowly going to work for JKR after my current squads are a-okay).

    Level: 85
    Galactic Power: 1.3 mil
    Arena Rank: 318
    Ally-Code: 174-536-348

    Happy to use discord if required.

    Found a guild. Thanks to everyone who gave me offers though
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  • The_Manladorian
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    Hello but I’m good now thanks
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  • Soin
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    I have General Anakin Skywalker, both Revans, Grievious, Padme, CLS, I get my tickets and i just want to r8 my kenobi
    3.4m gp
    Ally code 387-398-458
  • Kingfish
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    Very new looking for a guild to run raids and help me grow. GP is 30k and building to a Phoenix team. Ally code: 468-358-842
  • carlill0s
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    Resuming game after a year off.
    Casual player but I do my 600s
    No GLs yet
    Raid times: no preferences
  • SDS21
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    Looking for a guild to just help out, not interested in LSTB.

    Guild found.
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