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  • AwesomeDude091
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    Hello I am looking for an active medium level guild. Preferably with All Heroics (No Challenge Rancor) and NOT running Geo TB.

    Average Arena Rank: 225

    GP: 1.74M

    Type of Play: F2P

    Ally-Code: 237-388-555

    Am looking for a guild which has the possibility to become officer or is offering officer of the bat. (I am more than happy to help a more beginner guild, can solo PIT and close to full solo on AAT)

    P.S. Yes I am looking for an active guild, but one that doesn't kick me if I decide to go on an announced holiday.

    Found a Guild, thanks for the replies people!
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  • Danielwg
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    Edit: Thank you to all who reached out. Really cool seeing the response. I’ve joined a guild and can’t wait to play with all of y’all!

    Hey y’all. I have returned after a several year breaks from the game. I play daily around my work schedule. I am looking for an active guild to continue to grow.

    I am level 85. GP is a meager 932k. My focus has so far been a Jedi team but I am in the process of building more groups. I have discord and do my best to pull my weight and contribute to alliances.


    Code: 992-228-328
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  • jsaras12
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    Just came back after four years away from the game. I am looking for a guild that will bring me up to speed with everything that I missed and help me get back to being a competitive player. I play daily. I already have Han, but need both General Kenobi and Traya.
    Ally-Code: 665-987-615
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 1.49M
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 58
    Number of 7* ships: 0
    Number of Zetas: 0
    Average Arena Rank: 626
    Type of Play: Dolphin
    Time-zone: Central US

    Found a guild. Thank you!
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  • Yuuki
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    Hi everyone,

    I just started playing SWGOH, I am an experienced player in this type of games, mostly played Summoners War for 4 years (G2 in EU). I quit SW and a friend recommended this game and since I love Star Wars, it was an easy decision. If you want to help a friend from Sweden, plz lemme know.

    I am active, playing everyday and following already a guide for my grind.

    My code is 492-722-172
  • DijjitHedde
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    I think I have decided which guild to join. Thanks everyone!


    Hi, I'm Dijjit Hedde (pronounced digit head). I've been playing SWGoH since December 2019, and have really enjoyed it. I've been leading a fun yet small guild (about 10 players) called Bacta the Basics for most of that time, but recently due to the small size of the guild limiting our opportunity for doing guild events, together with some players leaving the game, I'm currently the last one standing in the guild, and have decided to disband the guild and move on.

    What I can contribute to your guild:
    • My Inventory
    • Regular activity (very seldom missing a day)
    • Loyalty to the Guild (I'm in it for the long haul, and I won't randomly leave without notice)
    • Enthusiasm for Star Wars and nerdy conversation

    What I'm looking for in a guild:
    • Camaraderie, friendship, and respect
    • Opportunity to learn from fellow guild members and grow as a player
    • Laid-back culture (understanding that we all have real lives outside of the game)
    • Regular chances to participate in raids, territory wars, battles, etc.
    • Having fun playing the game

    What I'm NOT looking for in a guild:
    • Overly competitive
    • Overly crass in daily communications
    • Expectation of spending money on the game
    • Being a part of guild leadership
    • Requiring regular Discord activity
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  • Hey everyone,
    I just started a new account and bought the hyperdrive bundle. Plan on spending here and there but wanted a fresh start. Had a old account that was too old to be competitive on and enjoy. Plan on being focused with roster building and doing whatever I can to help out the guild. Would prefer a carry though Heroic Sith/Tank raids. Invite me if interested in chatting. Ally code: 173-918-157
  • 3.1m gp looking for a active competive guild, am active in game and discord daily, 16 g13’s 6 of those r7 the rest r5. 38 zetas. Current goal is to go for the new GL kenobi. Place average 150 in squad arena daily and 20 fleet arena. Ally code is 944-778-454 and link to my swgoh profile
    Discord - emporer jimbo#6832
  • Old_Ben12345
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    Hi everyone.

    Current guild is 160mil; I'd love to be in a higher level guild that is a fun environment to play the game!

    I am working on GAS right now, but if you need me to, I can take a few weeks and get my GBA and Poggle to gear 12 so I can get us some WAT shards. Plus, after I get Gen. Skywalker, I will be relic-ing my 501st, which means in the future (not that soon lol) I may be able to snag some KAM shards as well.

    One thing: I don't play EVERY day. Mostly 5 days a week. Hopefully that isn't a big deal.

  • isp184dude
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    Looking for a guild.

    My GP is over 6 million
    Ally code 426-522-297

    Still looking for a guild. I'm active every day and should have my first GL in a couple months. Looking for my GP to be somewhere in the middle of the guild. Thanks.
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  • Lance24
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    Ally-Code: 931-756-372
    Link to
    Galactic Power:5,300,000
    Time-zone: PST
    Mostly looking for a guild that completes Cpit or is close on doing that. Thanks in advance!
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  • Mugiwara
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    Hello! Looking for a new guild. I am an active player. I've got GAS and currently one Wampa away from JKLuke. Thanks!!

    Ally-Code: 851-262-376
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 3,252,855
    Character/Ship GP: 1,943,914/1,308,941
    Player Level: 85
    Average Arena Rank: 100-199
    Type of Play: (F2P, P2P, Dolphin, Whale) Mostly F2P, I spent some money way back when but don't anymore
    Time-zone: EST

    I have found a guild - thanks all for reaching out!
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  • TheRealNickEZ
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  • Phisig96
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    I've decided to find a new home after a merger. I'm f2p and an active player yet causal if that makes sense. Here is my gg profile. I have discord but not the most chatty.

    Found a home, thanks for all the offers
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  • The_Doo
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    6.2m gp Daily Player, active in TB and TW.... Looking for a guild that can complete Rancor challenge raid. Ally code 683321283
  • IllusiveM0nkey
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    Found guild
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  • mbstrucker
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  • Bryceeee
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    Found one.

    Thanks all :)
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  • Trenobob
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  • Prospero
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    Found a guild, thanks.

    Galactic Power: 5,891,768
    Active player - 600 tickets/day and Guild Events - looking for a guild over 200M+ preferably - looking for WAT shards. Well balanced roster - JKL, GAS, Revans, etc.... currently targeting GL's at the moment and getting WAT to relic.

    Prefer an active guild, not casual, but not elite either.

  • Husband/Wife Team combined GP 7,400,000.
    My spouse doesn't use Discord so if that's required please let me know. The last guild we were in rushed us in to fill their spots and then decided to change rules about raids, gear donations, etc. We play every single day and I would say we are hardcore. We both have JKR, Padme, all the biggies and are both working on Dark Revan. We both regularly get 4/4 on TB, light and dark. We want a guild with no drama, but we love the game and will contribute as much as possible to help grow ourselves and your guild. You can message either of us in game in case I don't get a notification here. We are a package deal but we are worth it.
    My ally code : 127-692-758
    My wife: 732-796-754
  • Darth_Jakoob427
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    Early game with a very focused roster. Getting top #10 in fleet already. I will be able to unlock Padme and CLS the day I hit lvl 85, and I intend to build up Geos for Wat mission. I'm looking for a good guild that can help me for a little bit until I can return the favor with several great teams for guild events. I'm also very active in-game and on discord.

    Ally code: 988-282-598
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  • AtschBetsch
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    Hey, I am looking for one of the best guilds in SWGOH.

    was previously in a 340M GP guild looking for something around that , did 24 stars on geo ls tb

    so I 'd like to join a high guild

    If you're truly interested in me don't hesitate to chat with me ! ;)

    -> I play every single day , 600 energy / day ! :)

    -> Ally-Code: 513-242-118

    -> Available for Discord or Link or whatever...

    -> Link to

    -> Galactic Power: 6,221,907

    -> Player Level: 85

    -> Number of 7*: 180 (49 G13 ), 1 GL (Rey) who can 4/4 ez in LS geo

    (waiting for Jedi Master Luke GL very close to get him)

    -working on him I ll get him this year then I ll work on GL Obi Wan

    -> Average Arena Rank: 50

    -> Type of Play: F2P

    -> Time-zone: GTM +1

    discord : The Sommelier#4843
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  • RC1138
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    Found a guild, thanks
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  • DarthR8er
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  • EastPoint2Shaolin
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    DarthR8er wrote: »
    Have room if you're interested


    This is the "Players Looking for Guilds" thread, not the "Guilds Looking for Players" thread. Please remove your post. You've got 29 posts, you should probably know how this works by now.

  • Hey, I'm looking for a larger guild that is more focused on frequent raids and GeoTB

    I recently returned from a year hiatus and am trying to get caught up with newer content. I'm currently 3 ships away from SLKR and am relicing Padme while sharding for DR.

    I play daily and want to be part of a fun team, but would rather not be hassled by pushy officers. My LS Geo teams are admittedly weak. I plan on finishing C3PO and Chewie after I get the SLKR ships sharded. I'm also gearing Clones for ships and eventually Geo.

    Ally code: 564-363-448
    GP 3.9m (but I could slap a couple mods on and be 4.0m if need be)
    Discord: Pigwidgeon#0757
  • DarthR8er
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  • DarthR8er wrote: »
    We have openings.

    Council of Dark Elders


    This is the "Players Looking for Guilds" thread, not the "Guilds Looking for Players" thread. Please remove your post. You've got 31 posts, you should probably know how this works by now.

  • Talyien
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    Found a Guild Thanks Everyone!

    Active player daily in all modes. Been in current guild since guilds were introduced, but we are losing all the top members due to Wat requirements for JMK and our guild only gets 9-10 Wat shards a TB and we haven't cleared the first phase of Crancor. Hate to leave my friends but the guild is only going to get weaker.

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