Newer Player Guilds Looking For Players - November 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***



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    Brand new UK based guild but anyone is welcome to join.

    Guild Name: Navarro Syndicate

    I have started a new guild to help new players to the game develop quickly . We don’t have a mandatory minimum GP and the minimum entry is level 40. The main requirement is that you are committed to playing daily and supporting the guild to progress by joining events you are eligible for. Find us in game by using the guild search tool....Navarro Syndicate or send me an ally request.

    My Ally Code: 967-848-315

    Current GP: 7m

    Discord preferred:

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  • 501st Guild Looking for Active Players, Level 65 and above.
    Current GP 63m Members 36
    UK/US English Speaking
    TW Win record: W-L-D : 7-1-0, (87.5%)
    Avg GP 1,771,141
    Discord Preferred as in game chat is limited
    HPIT on farm (Completed easily with priority to those still needing 7* Han)
    HAAT on farm (Completed easily with priority to those still needing 7* GK)
    HSTR on hold until we gain a few more players but previously completed within 24hours
    LSHTH TB 25/45
    DSHTH TB 27/48
    Guild Pay-out 19:30 UTC +1
    Inactive players are removed unless they have communicated ahead of time
    BabyYoda 725-626-815 (Discord BabyYoda#4966)
    J Mando Jnr 446-184-137

    Part of a Friendly Community of 3 Guilds
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