Newer Player Guilds Looking For Players - November 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***



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    ALL are WELCOME!
    If you're NEW or EXPERIENCED and looking for a GUILD, Join us:


    "We're from the Government and we're here to help!"

    Just search EmperialStorm
    in the game guild search, click on us, come on in, be part of our TEAM and a rapidly growing ALLIANCE.

    Have fun and help earn rewards!
    We are a Guild looking for recruits.
    When other guilds expect too much OR are FULL, we are just looking for ACTIVE players AND we have room to grow!

    We have experienced players who can assist new players on building squads, strategy, game play and guild events.

    Contact us for more info or questions.
    👉 Leader_DarthBakura -code: 468-286-358

    Visit our Discord server to message Bakura or to just hang out. We have lots of resources for players. Everything from ally codes, helpful videos, info on FREE daily rewards, plus Star Wars chats, memes, even a Coffee Shop!
    We are PROUD members of the GALACTIC EMPIRE ALLIANCE!
    and we share the Discord server as a family of guilds!!!

    Our ONLY requirements are for members to stay active DAILY by burning Red & Gold energy to help earn Raid tickets in order to Launch a RAID and help out in EVENTS!

    Fun, fairness, being active, and earning rewards is what we are about.

    "For the Empire!"
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    The Beskar Legacy

    Decided to make a startup guild to help new players or veterans looking for a place to hangout.
    No requirements! Just enjoy the game and have fun <3

    GP 2.62M
    Ally code 882-239-284

    This is the way...
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    Still, if you wish,
    Add me with my code; 754-217-861
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