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    I've submitted a ticket because I am disappointed in the response here.

    Fixing a bug is fine. Bugs happen, if it was not intended, oh well. But changing the mechanics of the kit is not cool. It is pure bait and switch. They added an ability, people spent resources on that ability (those resources may have cost real money). Then they change it because thet realized they designed it poorly. So they need to refund it if people want to buy it again, they can.

    Changing the kit like this always triggered a refund of the materials (in fact they refunded much more subtitle changes than this).
  • When you change a character's kit AFTER people spend MONEY, Time, and non-farmable resources, you should refund that to the player CG. Can you PLEASE do right and return materials? I don't mind character nerfs of buffs, but you should compensate people after you change them.
  • Seconded. Refund the Omni. You shouldn't make massive wholesale changes without at least giving us the option to get a refund.
  • Refund the Omni. If you want to nerf it, fine. But give us our non-farm able materials back.
  • Seconded. Refund on this one please
  • Refund is definetly due. I reliced 7 my QGJ to give him more offense. I don't want these relic levels anymore and I also don't want that Omicron anymore. The alternative is to go via google support and request a refund due to false advertisement. The offense fix is not false advertisement, but before I put the omicron on I checked the mechanics to make sure QGJ's damage push works in GL comps.
    The sole reason I put the omicron and relics on is to make a 3rd strong GL defense team that is quite technical to beat (QGJ lead JML). And that was clearly visible in the mechanics before.
    I know you can't refund potential crystal spendings around that.

    But own your own mistakes and refund QGJ back to r3 w/o omicron and Zeta.

    Alternative is pretty clear - his kit not working to your intention is a product of your incompetence and I am not going to pay for that.
  • Thrid. Refund on this one please
  • Refund omi !!
  • Themy wrote: »
    They shouldn't refund, all of the people the benefited from a bugged Omni should eat the omni. They only want to be refunded so they can spend elsewhere now that other omnis are out.

    With the wording of the omni it shouldn't have worked with JML on the team anyway.

    You are completely wrong. The wording clearly stated that a portion of the omicron wouldn't work with a GL present. The ability appeared carefully worded to show that only a specific portion of the kit wouldn't work with a GL present.

    And I never used my QGJ with JML. I used straight non-GL GR Jedi, with maybe Ezra as a 5th. I was happy with his performance until this change. A refund is in order. They changed a critical part of his kit that invalidated his value. I might reapply it after thinking about it, but I absolutely want the chance to revisit the decision.

  • They won't give a refund cause they don't care about us regular peasant players , they only care about players who spend tons of money on the game and kiss their a** all the time smh these developers are trash , ahnaldt101 is right that they are the main problem with the game
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    oh well, if my opponent wants to waste their GL against my QGJ team then so be it.

    Yup. If a character I worked on a long time ago because I wanted the Jedi Knight title (and who was my first zeta!) is forcing them to use a Galactic Legend today well… that’s a win.

    I feel like anyone who put the Omicron on him before they said “we may make changes” should get a refund. People who put it on after that did it knowing the ability wasn’t working as intended and would be changed. It sounds to me like they wanted to take advantage of an overpowered ability to specifically ask for a refund when it got changed so they could put it on something else once it’s balanced again.

    Anyway. Refund if they want, I don’t care, I’m going to put the Omicron back on him. It’s still very good.
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    So if I put JML with qui gon lead will JML still get some sort of offense boost? Either I’m to simple minded or there way of wording things is very confusing.
    Yes. "Jedi allies have +30 Speed, gain Offense equal to 3 times their Speed, and gain Foresight for 2 turns at the start of each encounter and whenever any unit is defeated."

  • Ok i have several questions on how the offense boost is applied now to the team, and if KAM's unique offense boost is applied to the 400% that Qui Gon passes to his jedis allies. So i will try to put an example to make it easier to understand

    Let's assume your team and their stats (after mods) are the next ones:

    Qui Gon: speed 250, offense 5000, max health 50000
    GMY: speed 300, offense 7000, max health 70000
    JKA: speed 270, offense 8500, max health 70000
    Windu: speed 200, offense 4000, max health 60000
    KAM: speed 270, offense 9000, max health 70000

    Ok so now, as leader abbilitys are aplied first, that means all jedi allies gains +30 and all jedis except for Qui Gon gains offense equal to 30 times their speed right? Because now it's says "all other jedi allies". So the stats are the following:

    Qui Gon: speed 280, offense 5000, max health 50000
    GMY: speed 330, offense 7000 + 9900 = 16900, max health 70000
    JKA: speed 300, offense 8500 + 9000 = 17500, max health 70000
    Windu: speed 230, offense 4000 + 6900 = 10900, max health 60000
    KAM: speed 300, offense 9000 + 9000 = 18000, max health 70000

    Next, KAM's unique is applied, granting +30 speed, +40% max health, +20% offense and +10% offense based on their max health if their role is support

    Qui Gon: speed 310, offense 5000 x 1,2 + 50000 x 0.1 = 11000, max health 50000 x 1,4 = 70000
    GMY: speed 360, offense 16900 x 1,2 + 70000 x 0,1 = 27280, max health 70000 x 1,4 = 98000
    JKA: speed 330, offense 17500 x 1,2 = 21000, max health 70000 x 1,4 = 98000
    Windu: speed 260, offense 10900 x 1,2 = 13080, max health 60000 x 1,4 = 84000
    KAM: speed 330, offense 9000 + 9000 = 18000, max health 70000 x 1,4 = 98000

    Lets keep foresight out of this by now (because it will be more dificult than already is), and jump to the moment when the oposing team kills Qui Gon, So (finally) the question is:

    How much offense is granted to all other jedi when this happens?

    4 x 5000 ? (base offense + mods)
    4 x 11000 ? (base offense + mods + offense boost from KAM's unique)
    other magic combination of numbers?

  • Give me my zeta and omicrons back right, STAT now!
  • I put a good amount of time in researching which omicron I would go for considering it is a material that will take me a long time to farm. Refund the materials or this is the end of SWGOH for me.
  • Themy wrote: »
    They shouldn't refund, all of the people the benefited from a bugged Omni should eat the omni. They only want to be refunded so they can spend elsewhere now that other omnis are out.

    With the wording of the omni it shouldn't have worked with JML on the team anyway.

    It was bugged? No they didn’t like how they coded the interaction to grant more offense than they intended. Getting the offensive boost against GL’s was not unintended. They cut the offense boost by over half and made the omicron completely useless with GL’s on the field. So no, it wasn’t bugged. CG just arbitrarily changed it and people deserve their resources back. End of story
  • Refunds should be issued
  • Yup, consider this my formal request to have this Omi refunded. Would have never used it on QGJ with this change. Not even a thought.
  • Do not buy their omicron packs. This is a horrible precedent CG Is setting. Spend money and time for omicrons and they are nerfing them right away. So you do not get what you pay for.

    I’m putting in a refund request for the iTunes Store as I bought a previous omicron pack to put it on QGJ and the description for his omicron changed less than a month after I did so.
  • Just echoing what everyone else is saying: Working against GLs was the whole reason I applied that Omi. I would like it refunded. Complete waste of resources now.
  • Refund the omicron!
    Also refund the Zeta for those that activated the Zeta skill since the introduction of the omicron!

    And apologise!
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    Through the leak, QGJ teams were known to be causing a lot of damage, so why wasn't that fixed before and is only being fixed now after many players have given him the Omicron. It was deliberately concealed that QGJ is should not be that strong. For me even the bug fix is not a bug fix but a nerf. That is why I request that the materials must be returned. Zetas and Omicrons.
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  • Refund zeta omicron and relic that we applied and everything will be fine
  • Ultra wrote: »
    Food for thought regarding refunds: it’s not just the omi and zeta. I’m betting many peeps reliced him due to this ability too (i did, thankfully only from g12 to r3).
    I mean they are targeting GL pre-reqs so relic-ing them isn't a bad thing

    This is exactly my situation, as I'm going for GMK next either way. But I'm not everyone, and it's guaranteed a lot of peeps will have done this with no intent of working on GMK anytime soon. And if you're not going for GMK, his entire worth as a character lies in his omi (I've had him at g12 for over a year and he rarely even takes the placeholder jedi spot when I'm running low on Jedi).
  • Would only be fair if the omicron gets refunded.
  • Retas wrote: »
    Would only be fair if the omicron gets refunded.

    Plus the zeta, if you put it on him since the omicron introduction.
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