Players Looking For Guilds - September 2022 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • The_horse
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    Looking for a guild that can get WAT shards

    Ally code: 564-649-344

    3.9m GP

    Just got back into the game after a couple years break.

    Now in a guild thanks.
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  • CelestialSix
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    Looking for a competitive guild. Have never missed my 600 tickets since day 1.

    Geos are at or near Gear 12 - been focused lately on ships since I'm consistently #3 fleet in my shard and try ing to stay there.

    Ally code: 758-926-468

    3.5m GP

    Time zone: PST

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  • TardisMaximus
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    ***Update Found Guild***

    Hello! I'm looking for a casual, patient, and friendly guild. I haven't played in a few years, so I have catching up to do. I started playing again, after having surgery last week and quickly realizing a lot has changed! Char roster is a mess. Thanks for reading and considering.

    Ally Code: 988-754-728
    SWGoH Link:
    GP: 4.1mm
    Playstyle: Casual, but reliable
    Time-zone: CST
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    Hello, experienced player returning to game via a second starter account. Looking for an active and fun starter guild focused on raids, TB, TW etc. - always generate 600 tickets/day. Doused on Guild, ships and Working the EP, GAT, CLS road to start the account.

    Ally code: 661-964-463
    Level 85
    GP 721k
    Fleet arena rank: 2
    Player type: active daily 600 raid points easy - light spender (bought initial hyperdrive)
    Time zone: US CST
    6 star chars: 3
    2 four star cap ships
    Like to have fun but play hard.
  • JabbaDaBen16
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    Guild found
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  • Pamino
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    Hi, I came back to the game after a few years and I feel I'm very behind. That's why I would like to join an active guild. Currently, I have only a 1.05m GP roster and unfortunately I lost the opportunity to get the lightspeed bundles -_- . I will be active tho. Ally code:149-647-893

  • Djk
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    A am a kinda new player
    My ally code: 385 475 443
    I am only 500k gp
    Will get my 600 raid tickets
    Very active
  • Rabc77
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    Looking for a guild, was with one until recently but looking again. A chilled out guild might suit me at this stage with work and clann. 3 GL's and farming a 4th Ally code: 337-918-592
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    89k gp
    Lvl 57
    Ally code 178-133-138
    I always get my 600 tickets
    This is my alt account I started a couple weeks ago
    Your guild needs to have a discord and it needs to be active
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    Hello there!

    Returning player looking to get back into the game.

    Ally Code: 563-395-588

    I have 6 mil GP with Rey and SEE unlocked.

    Feel free to message me in game or on discord: golden124

  • Dr_Salamander123
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    I’m looking for a guild that is willing to do the Han Solo raid
    I’m level 85
    1,117,317 GP
    652,883 character power
    464,434 ship power
    Fleet arena rank 137
    Squad arena rank 905
    Grand arena skill rating 1,734
    17 7 stars
    One R7 Greef Karga
    I’m pretty active, I log on several times a day normally
    I’m kind of F2P
    Thanks in advance :)
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    Returning player looking for a guild that can get WAT shards

    Krataa Level 85
    GP: 2.13M
    Been a couple years so don't ask what my arena rank is just yet
    F2P/Casual but active and will participate
    67 7*s
    Ally code: 212-164-275 Profile:
    Can chat on discord if needed
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    New guild please. Usually active but need flex to allow for work & family commitments that means I can sometimes miss several days at a time.

    In Scotland.

    Ally-Code: 894-462-861
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 4,885,215
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 158
    Time-zone: UK GMT

  • x_Ruicuaeya_x
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    Looking for Guild

    Returning player with new account
    Very active & will achieve 600 tickets daily

    Ally Code 936-917-176
    Looking to grow with a great guild with good people
    Looking for Guild that raids as much as possible

    Guild Found
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  • SwiftaGokun
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    ***Update: Guild found*** That was quick, thanks all!

    Just getting back into the game after a multi-year hiatus. I am still learning the new meta, and have loads of catching up to do. I am primarily F2P but occasionally spend a few dollars. I am looking for a mid or higher level guild; not too casual but not endgame.

    5.1 Million GP (Ally Code: 731-989-934)


    I have no GLs and no Omicrons.

    For Guild reward characters, I have Han Solo, Darth Treya, and General Kenobi 7-Star, 6-Star Wat Tambor. Also have 7-Star Wampa and Hermit Yoda.

    Solo journeys I have Emperor Palp, Grand Master Yoda, Thrawn, R2, BB, Padme, CLS, Rey(JT), Darth Revan, JK Revan, Chewbacca, C3P0, Darth Malak.
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    Ally-Code: 745-268-364
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 1,034,690
    Character/Ship GP: 637.550 (character). 397.140 (ship)
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 21
    Number of 6*: 5
    Number of 5*: 54
    Average Arena Rank: 1700
    Type of Play: F2P (i rarely spend money
    Time-zone: UTC+01:00

    Hey guys , I am in a guild right now but they don't take raids seriously. so i am searching a guild that does mostly speeder raids and that they do the events like hoth and geonosis (dark and light side). im currently working towards slkr and after that rey.

    Thanks in advance!
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    10.4 mil gp…all gls. Looking for. Guild to help out.
  • PrettyFly4QuiGuy
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    @Type0_Civ_Civilian You can direct message people through the messaging option (left most option) that appears within the pop up that appears at the bottom as you scroll through the threads.
  • YuzhanBonGGG
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    Guild found.

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  • PrettyFly4QuiGuy
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  • Captain_Caveman1
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    Sorry, guild Found!
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    Hey all. Looking for a very active guild/alliance.
    I'm a hyper drive baby. Looking to push 600 tickets daily and accelerate this account fast.
    I know I'm asking for a tall order but I know what I want and that's a very active guild who's serious about progress.
    Looking for a forever home.

    My .GG is

    My ally is 462-274-787

    I'm on discord @bestnamever7452

    Thank you in advance. Looking forward to talking with you soon.
  • JakDrasik
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    Guild found! Thanks, all.

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  • De4thWatch125
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    Guild found. Thanks!
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  • PhoenixJ
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    Guild found.

    Hi, looking for an active guild, I've only been playing a week and lv46 and 90k GP. I have Vader and building my collection up. Also gearing to V and VI on my main ones.

    I'm active everyday and willing to learn more about guild activities. I'm happy to join any lower to mid guild and help it improve as I grow and understand more about this game along with my guild mates.

    I'm really enjoying the game and hope I can make some friends in a fun guild.

    Here's my ally code: 212-635-248

    I'm also on discord


    Please feel free to get in touch in game or on discord if you have any questions.

    Thanks for reading, look forward to chatting soon.
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  • Ayleth
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    Thanks, guild found.

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  • Shizcobob
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    Home Found

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  • DarthRambo
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    Guild found. Thank you.
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  • Bearded_Kenobi53
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    *** Guild Found***

    Ally-Code: 787-664-679
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 6.87M
    Character/Ship GP: 3.83 / 3.04
    Average Arena Rank: Auro 3
    Type of Play: Daily active participate in everything
    Time-zone: US East

    Looking for 350M plus guild that does ROTE / LS GEO
    Have 3 GL and working on Executor

    Discord Bearded_Patriot#0828
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