Players Looking For Guilds - September 2022 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • jcwassum
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    Guild Found.
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  • Hello !
    I'm french payeur with 4m pg and see.
    I search a guilde capable to kill hard rancor
    #419617 ya mindra in swgoh
    I play every day !
    Allie code : 121-675-459

    Average Arena Rank: silver/gold
    Type of Play: F2P
  • SuperCkn44
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    Guild found. Thank you!
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  • Blackflag
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    756 746 636 ..... I'm looking for a guild that's a try hard guild...not casual.....daily 600 tickets..... Tank takedown simmed and pit simmed ....Geo..... I'm a try hard Play everyday my GP is hurting me 1 .3 gp i'm a noob ..but working on main teams ......if your a upper guild that would let me put in work I really would appreciate it.... I'm looking for leader ship in officers and the gl...I know real life happens.... I hope I can find a good home cause as long as there's leadership ....I'm loyal and active..ty for your time oh tw and TB I'll always be active on any event u didn't forget anything
  • Sirdoof
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    Found guild, thanks.
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  • Kdog8536
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    Guild has been found. Thank you for reaching out.
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  • f82bd
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    Found my new guild at BurgerKebabGalaxy

    Thanks to everyone at Chewbooty!
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  • Good Afternoon! My name is Jayson, i am 34. I played SWGOH when it was beta and upon release for probably a year. I just downloaded again a couple of days ago and i have been advised to start fresh. i made this account under 24 hours ago. I will be getting 600 tickets a day and looking to learn and improve daily on my journey. I am looking for a guild that can help my grow and guide me as there has been so many changes and do my best to participate in everything i can and donations as soon as possible.

    Ally-Code: 217-281-394
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 8071 as of typing this
    Character/Ship GP:
    Player Level:31
    Number of 7*:0
    Number of 6*:0
    Number of 5*:0
    Average Arena Rank: 15000
    Type of Play: F2P
  • Egreening14

    Current Officer in GP 185M Guild. Usually hit 150mill on Sith Truimvate Raid, lead most succesful attacks in Territoy Wars. Looking to find new Guild that matches ambition. Only member able to complete KAM mission in Geonosis Republic Offensive. Currently in Aurodium 4, Highest reached is Aurodium 2.

    Jedi Master Luke Skywalker 7*
    GAS, Commander Ahsoka Tano, JKL, Maul.
    Close to unlocking Lord Vader, have 10 requirements completed.

    Looking to be able to compete proficiently at Territory Wars, completre Face the Rancor and reach highest levels possible at Territory Battles.
    Extremely active player, 600 tickets daily, probably take the game too serious.

    Ally-Code: 184-977-785
    Link to

    Galactic Power: 5,000,438
    Character/Ship GP: 3,134,966 Character, 1,865,472 Ships
    Number of 7*: 137
    Relic: 53
    Average Arena Rank: 60 - Fleet Arena Rank : 12
    Type of Play: P2P
    Time-zone: United Kingdom
  • Staren
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    Found a guild. Thanks brothas
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  • dorukozgur
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    Edith piaf: got an effective guild

    need an effective guild
    have jml+executor(4*), working on profundity..
    lsgeo: 2 jedi team, rolo and mm
    cpit: padme, cls and jml, rest is mostly kitchen sunk

    600 dailies guarantee
    can keep up with daily activities like dark side energy, squad arena battles, challenges..etc
    tw i will join, but mostly deploy my best to have some holds, good mods and datacrons lately

    have discord

    Ally-Code: 935-858-325
    Galactic Power: 5,337,765
    Character/Ship GP: 3,020,357/2,317,408
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  • NuMu384
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    Guild found, thanks all!
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  • Holtom2000
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    blah went back
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  • Duncan_Purgil
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    Update- found a guild, thanks for all the messages!
    Level 82 looking for new guild

    Hi I am level 82 and 99.99% of all the guilds out there seem to want level 85 and millions of GP (I have 585K).
    I actually found a guild but there are only about 5 people that participate. I do all the tasks every day, contrib to all TB...never been in a TW, and all raids that I qualify for. I play every day, free to play. I am looking for a guild that I can contribute to daily but that does not get too stressed if you don't max everythying out every day. I have only been playing for a month or two so could use some guidance as well.


    GP = 585K

    Ally-Code 239-387-926

    Arena Rank 1268

    Fleet Rank 105

    Player type - Free to play.
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  • Kyl0_k0w
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    Guild found
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  • Lonedrow
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    New player looking for active guild
    Ally code: 464-861-771
    F2P, LV50. Very active.
    Time 5:30GMT.

    Found a guild.
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  • Darthbeags
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    Have found a guild
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  • Looking for an active guild. I’ve been in a solo guild for awhile and would like to have more activity.
    My profile:

    Ally code: 113942237

    New to this site so bare with me if I am slow to reply. I am very active on the game.
  • Ayubi
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    Edit: Guild found
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  • Guild found.
  • JoeS007
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    EDIT: guild found, ty!
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  • alexjonwelton
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  • Jakuu85
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    Guild found
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  • Blah_Blah
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    Hello! Returning player looking for a casual guild. I don't use discord. Will get 600 tix. Reach out to me in-game. Thanks!

    Allycode: 812339676
  • T3r0
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    *Guild found*

    Ally code- 587-157-863
    Galactic power- 36159
    Ship power- 4715
    Player level- 41
    7-5* characters - 0
    Average arena rank- 2711
    Type of play- Free to play
    Timezone- GMT+

    Needing a starter guild which is active, I am an active daily player who can contribute raid tickets.
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  • Slaughterrt
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  • Excellence
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    Guild Found
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  • Baddbrad
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    Found guild. Thank you.
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  • Squiffy_Leech
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    Guild found, thanks!
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  • Ally-Code: 389-689-423
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 7,885,003
    6 GLs, Executor, KAM ready

    Looking for high-end but casual. Chill TW. Laid back but gets stuff done for the most part.
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