Players Looking For Guilds - September 2022 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    Razor828 wrote: »
    How often do you play as I need players to be daily, plus need to get to level 85 as quick as you can to open up better rewards.

    Direct message people, you're breaking posting rules for this thread.
  • Nova44
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    Found a new guild already Thanks for the responses
    Looking for an elite guild that uses discord and focuses mainly on PVE but not opposed to a TW focused guild.
    8.3 GP
    5 GL
    3 Inquisitors at r5
    EST Timezone
    Ally Code:536-118-563
    Discord name: Nova44#7182
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    Hi all, old player back to the game after few years. Played for a three years 2016.-2020. and the game became boring so I just stopped.

    Looking for an active and friendly guild, wanna progress and help others to do so.

    Anyway, about my acc:
    Character level 85
    2.6m GP
    91x 7* characters, with few decent squads (Jedi, nightsisters, geonosians, rebels)
    Level XII characters:19

    Since I haven't played for a long time, I guess my squad is far behind...

    Need more info? Discord: Hemoolee #9878

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    Why is this ea thread hitting my personal email address ??
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    Why is this ea thread hitting my personal email address ??

    I think it happened to me a few times to.
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    Hey! Returning player. I'm active in the game and get 600 tickets daily, but i'm also full-time worker.
    Galactic Power: 140k
    Player Level: 60
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: UTC+2
    I'd like to find good guild to help me level/build my squad.
    If currently too low level / not enough gp to meet your demands/needs, check in later as i keep grinding!
  • DimesandPennies
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    *Guild found
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    New account level 42 looking for a home.
  • DarthMeta
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    Hey there my name is Jay and in game TehJay

    I thought i would try and look for a guild here since i was having no luck using to in game system to find a guild that is actually active and running stuff, or even talking for that matter. Right now, I've been playing for about a month, active every day. i know my GP sucks but have to start somewhere, currently want a guild to start running pit with my ally code is: 754-571-581 feel free to send an invite if the guild isn't dead xD
    Galactic Power:76,83
    Player Level:51
    Number of 5*: i have 3 so far in phoenix other 3 are almost to 5 now.
    Average Arena Rank: I'm at 1000 rank roughly daily.
    Type of Play: (F2P, P2P, Dolphin, Whale) i am p2p spend on average 20-30 a week.
    Time-zone: i am in Washington state PST.

    Also, if u want to add me on discord my tag is Tehjay#4877

  • RaaW_SkittleZ
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    Hey names SkittleZ same as my ign

    I’m a new player and I’m looking for a a nice friendly and fun casual guild to join right now I’m level 49
    And my GP is 58k I’m currently farming phoenix and I’m also F2P my ally code is 311-689-493 add me or
    Just message me in game.

    Guild Found
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  • DeadeyeDuncab
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    Guild found
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    I’m a new and very active player. Consistently get 600 raid points per day. Saving up to quickly build gear 12+ geos once I reach level 85.

    Wondering if any guild with decent GET2 income would take me. Happy to join discord if desired.

    Ally code: 489-417-957
    Level: 81
    Power: 634k
    Average arena ranks: 781 / 42
  • Golden124
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    Guild found.
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    I am looking for a temporary guild to finish my Wat farm.
    40+ Wat shards (might settle for 30+)
    Any GP or time zone is fine. I am hoping that the farm will take only two more months. I am very active and play in all guild activities.
  • Cletus831
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    I'm looking for a guild that's doing Geo LSTB to finish KAM.

    Discord: Cletus #1122

    Edit: ...bummer...
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    Good morning,

    I am looking for an active and competitive guild. UK based with occasional travel to and from Middle East.

    On the road to 3rd GL with 5.1M GP.
    F2P with occasional P2P.

    Ideally a guild focused on KAM and can complete CPit.

    Ally code: 548-234-763

    Discord: DreadPirateRoberts#4634


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    I am new player looking for guild. I am active and I want to follow one of a guide on YT (I will get Geos for Wat Mission).

    My ally code: 288-481-998

    Discord: DarthPierrot #4437

    See you in game.
  • Zal_Juxalot
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    GUILD Found, thanks all.
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  • JoNo_TSR
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    Guild found
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    Returning Day 1 player on a fresh account. Mostly F2P (may eventually buy a few things here and there). Looking for a long term home to help me grow fast and be loyal with.

    Ally-Code: 779-965-222
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 90k:
    Player Level: 56
    Number of 7*: 0
    Number of 6*: 3
    Number of 5*: 0
    Average Arena Rank: 1200
    Type of Play: (F2P, P2P, Dolphin, Whale) F2P
    Time-zone: PST

    Grum the Fourth
    Grum the third
    || Grum the Mighty || OldBaldGuyGaming Youtube
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    New player, switching over from a similar style game, been playing for about a month now. Still have a lot to learn, but I can put in my 600 tickets daily. As for my account direction, I'm planning on building my Geos starting soon, before I transition into an SLKR farm sometime in the next month or two.
    My GP: 235,484
    Ally Code: 134-577-271 link:
    My time-zone: CST
    Discord: KTG1515#2222
    Guild requirements:
    Not in a position to be picky, just need an active guild
    Using discord for communication would be nice
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    Looking for a guild that is Aus based or a large part there of (for time zone reasons). Preferably 400m GP or above and is competitive in TW, the second part more important than the first.

    Me: 9.3m GP. All GL (Jabba just finishing Ult 9/12 atm), Profundity and Exec all the toys a 9m account should have. Working on Inquisitors and will be GI ready within a month.

    Will share account details with qualified DM's.
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    Active player w/ 5.8m gp 2 GL’s: SEE JMK. Currently farming inquisitiors for GI only need 5th brother. Looking for an active guild that is currently progressing towards reva and is focused on TB and TW.

    Ally code: 139-624-665
  • x21stRemix
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    Found Guild
  • DarthMeta
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    Lvl 85 (1,7M GP) new player (started 3 weeks ago) in one of the last 2 new servers, with the Hyperdrive Bundle and a hoard account, already I have Darth Traya, Generak Kenobi and Han Solo at 7 stars. I'm rank 1 in arenas. Will not delay a lot to be a 2M GP account. My is:

    I play since December 2015, almost the launch of this game, this is a secondary account. I know how to play correctly the game, already played a 6 GL account with datacrons, being always rank 1 in arenas, winning most of GAC on Kyber 1.

    I do the 600 tickets always, usually I'm rank 1 in the guild activities. I'm a tryhard player, while I played, I never missed the tickets since 2015 lol and I try always be the best in all parts of the game.

    For now, I have a Bastila team, with R7 Yoda, R5 General Kenobi and R5 Ahsoka, with 5★ Hermit Yoda, soon will unlock Jedi Knight Revan.

    I have R7 Vader and R5 Boba.

    I'm close to get Millenium's Falcon, already I have R3 Han ready for it, soon Chewie with relics, I have Hound's Tooth at 4 stars, soon 5 stars and then the HMF will be unlocked.

    My first GL will be SLKR.

    Also I already have CLS, Chewbacca, R2D2, Thrawn, Palpatine, BB8, soon Padmé and C3PO.

    I can solo the HPIT and HAAT raids.

    I have Discord, but send me a PM and I will add you.

    I search a guild with 100M+ GP which plays the Geonosian TB and, the most important thing, which gets at least 25.000 tickets per day, playing heroic raids: HTPR, HAAT & HSTR. If you not get at least 25.000 tickets per day don't send me PM, as I will leave the guild if I see is not getting that amount. I need a guild which has a system to controlate the tickets, kicking and replacing inactive players who not do the tickets.

    Found guild
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  • Pen
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    Found guild

    I’m active and participate in all events.
    4.3 gp
    Doing missions for JMK now
    Have executor
    Thinking 3 months till SEE
    Open to adjusting my farms if the price Is right.
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    Hello, Old player coming back, and looking for a guild to improve and fully appreciate the game
    Less than 1Mil Gp
    French speaking fluent English
    Available everyday on Discord
    I really want to progress on this game
    My gg :
    Ally code : 599-619-114
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    Hi all, Returning to the game after a long break. Looking for a guild to help me improve and do fun stuff with.

    Ally-Code: 715-475-986

    Link to

    Galactic Power: 894.4k

    Character/Ship GP: 554,300/340,128

    Player Level: 85

    Number of 7*: 9

    Number of 6*: 5

    Number of 5*: 50+

    Average Arena Rank: currently 1163

    Type of Play: P2P (once a month most likely)

    Time-zone: BST

    Available on discord at : Iron#8814
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    New account but not new to the game.
    Since im lvl ~40 no yet.
    Ally code:
    I used to play few years ago. Had competitive account. Got discord so guild communication wont be an issue. English or Polish speaking.
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