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    Since the change, I've been playing GW and finding it almost feels easier than previous since, as @CG_JohnSalera stated, it's battle-based and retreat is a full rewind/restart of the battle. If someone dies, retreat and rework the lineup or just choose different actions during the round to see if you can emerge victorious.

    That said, I've found it almost one-dimensional with regard to my squad just being a triple-healer configuration (Barriss lead, Lumi, JC) with Dooku and Sid as DPS. With the HP bump and passive sustain from Barriss' lead, it's just a bit more manageable. The GW slog, for me, has just been making sure every round I can end the battle with topped off health for the next one with all key offensive cooldowns reset (Dooku stun, Lumi force wave). Rinse and repeat. I pretty much never have to change my line-up to end successfully with all toons alive.

    Once in a while, I might get a nail-biter round, but even then, if it somehow goes south, restart and try again.

    Maybe the game hasn't matured to the point of huge variety in the squads on this particular server yet... I always seem to run into pretty much the same lineup combo of Chewie, Lumi, Sid, Dooku, Phasma, JC, Talia, etc. over and over again. I can see it being a little more interesting when you see a squad lineup and have to stop and reform your team for the correct solution to counter what you see... but thus far, this hasn't been the case in my personal experience.

    Perhaps a key question that is often asked, but never answered... how exactly are the GW opponents selected? I've noticed an interesting trend that if I am making my GW run either shortly before or shortly after reset, I face weird hodge-podge teams that appear more like B-team bench rejects from failed GW runs than full-on A-team configurations. I had one team the other night with a L37 filler character in it, I kid you not. Is the given opponent based upon the last active squad that player ran in GW or something?


    PS I'm L63 currently, minimal spent (about $15 total) so not at full end-game, but I'm not in the middling leveling brackets either. I've got 22/50 on my GW achievement so far (slacked off a few days here and there when I didn't have time to complete daily). I'd expect most people at this point in the game should have decent line-ups...
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    Something is wrong today in GW

    Like every day

    and one more


    Lol strong Teams are out of Stock


    Rofl -> auto play :)

    Finished every GW since update .
    Today it was very very close, but.....
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    Today was a bit hard for me on battle 10, I had to reset a few times, and no matter what always someone died, sometimes worst than the previous, lol. I ended up hitting a good combination of team, places, and moves in the end and managed to continue, still with all my characters intact. And the first switch from my main 5.

    By battle 12 I had another relatively hard team, and I was feeling like playing around some more, rather than playing resets. Since that was the last battle I started sending in all my roster against them. I managed to take down 2 and a half of the enemy team. By the end they were just marching in to die, being one-shotted without remorse or any chance to make any move.

    When my entire bench was out, I sent in the A-Team again and auto-played the remaining 2.5 of the enemy. :)

    It was a fun experiment at least. And a different way to play the game / kill the time.
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  • I keep on resetting GW. Can't finish one any more.
    But I got 1 Dooku shard today at dark side battle, which is nice.
  • been two days that GW for 400pts, the first day of the change i fully complete it.

    much harder, lv 62 account(lv60 for character)

    just fyi i do repeat trick back then but only for 800pts.
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  • I used to get excited in playing GW before like "I'm going to use my other low level characters at the middle of the fight because they'll get sad if I don't use them and even if they die, I want them to know that their deaths will not be in vain". Weird. I know.

    Now every time I encounter full purple team with 5-7 levels higher than me, I'm like...
    "Woah, is that a reset button?" while laughing my **** off and then goes to sleep with tears on my pillow.
  • Riggs wrote: »
    If the dev didnt care what their clients think then they might as well add jar jar binks as one of the toons
    Duuuude, I would LOVE to have Jar Jar, then put him as lead in Squad Arena to **** off the rest of my leaderboard. >:)
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  • I play this game everyday. I like it enough to have spent some real world dollars on it while playing. But I am not sure if they have done something to power levels but I have been trying for three days to beat 5-C Hard on the dark side (the boss is lvl.56 Chewie with a bunch of ugnaughts). I can get to the final battle every time with ease and I can even get Chewie alone, but he continually heals himself and my entire team cannot take him down? He takes 2-3 turns even if stunned. My team is: All lvl.60 and all 5 stars: Daka, Talia, Asajj, Savage and Nightsister Initiate. This seems wrong to me as well as totally unbalanced. 1 lvl.56 chewie wipes out my whole team solo eveyrtime! Not to mention I have 3 solid teams now and still have never finished the GW! I know it's "supposed" to be hard and all but at some point I would like to be rewarded with more than getting destroyed by A.I. teams that are lower lvl, lower gear lvl, and less stars? I mean are not those the things that make your team stronger so you can beat weaker teams? I hate whining about stuff like this because it is a game after all but I enjoy it and really want to continue trying to progress but at this point it seems I am not "allowed".

    P.S. I have tried switching around my team as well with what I have available but the result is always the same. Get to the final encounter, get Chewie alone, and watch him take 25min. and dismantle my whole team!

    Get Sid from an Ally.

  • I just tried with Sid as an ally (lvl 62, lvl 6 gear) I also unlocked Vader and I put him on my team after I got him up to lvl 59 with lvl 5 gear. Still got wiped out by a solo lvl 56 chewie? So LVL 61 - Asajj, talia, daka, Savage and vader with sid and same result 25 min. my team is dead and a solo chewie is standing there with near full health? ****! Super **** about this
  • To be honest, I don't know why I play the game anymore. GW angers me to such an amazing degree that I'm surprised I haven't assaulted anyone. EA or whoever reads these boards, not everyone is or wants to be a top tier competitor, I used to like playing this game for the relaxation and fun, but being forced to reset over and over and over and over and over and over and over again is absolutely enraging. The match-ups higher on the GW ladder are FAR too strong. I just hit level 60 on one of my accounts and I have a few epic toons, but I have the same amount of blue toons that I switch out when needed, and when you're 2 turns away from a heal and facing a completely fresh, epic'd out Ren, Dooku, Sid, Lumi, and Phasma, you're not walking away from that, and if you do, half your team is wiped out and they're all on cooldown for the next nasty team. It's completely unfair, and I shart on whoever the decision was to make it so.
  • I will reiterate, match making needs to be tweaked for sure. My a team is lvl 55. Phasma, lando, rey, jc, and lumi all at 6 gear lvl or above, and lando is the only 4* on the team.

    I got matched against a team of 60s, poe, chewie, lumi, jc, and phasma, 4 and 5* with chewie at 6*. I got annihilated, it was constant dodging, I couldn't hit ****, and I even tried softening them up and still got wrecked.
  • The silence from the devs is telling. Changed my rating to 1 star and won't pay another cent till GW is fixed and less of a pointless drudge. So sad I loved the game initially and tolerated the other big problems ok but 3 strikes you're out.
  • The GW was the only thing that was any fun after completing the PVE levels. Now, every single day, I get 2-3 bouts with five 7 star teams (made up of paid for characters with 7 stars to boot, yay!), most of which are 1-2 levels higher than I am, which makes it impossible to complete. The ONE thing you can play that doesn't require me to feed your greedy game, you have ruined. Bravo.

    The game is simply is not fun anymore. At. All. You guys got too greedy too fast. You say the reason was to get the players to use different teams (total PR lies), and yet the only way--THE ONLY WAY--is pay inordinate amounts of money to make B & C teams. I couldn't care less about the retreat option, FIX THE MATCH MAKING. It's not hard. Here, pretend your audience had to pay 250 crystals each for you to fix this. I bet you'd fix the match making then. It is abundantly clear you care absolutely zero for your users and 100% about fleecing our wallets.

    This was a good game. But your inability to care about the users and the all-consuming greed with which the game is based upon is disgusting. I understand you need to make money, I do not have a problem with pay-to-play, but jesus ****, allow the game to be fun. Now it is simply a grind to pay for the fee of prison sex with no vasoline, and no reach round. Thanks, dev team. We are so very lucky to have you.

    The only thing you and your entire team care about is money. And the only way to even make you consider changing anything is simply stop paying, er I mean playing (although those terms are synonymous with you). And that is exactly what I'm doing. Now, dev team, shrug your shoulders, chuckle at this, and go back to finding new ways to make the users pay more money. How about charging 50 crystals to log on? Or better yet, how about charging crystals to post on the forums? That is exactly where this game is headed. I for one am stopping the madness. Your apathy and down right disregard for anything fair is revolting. Game deleted.
  • I have not had any problems with it since it was changed, I have still won it every single day. I did like the old retreat function but I'm starting to like this new method better.

    But as far as compromises go, I believe something like this would work well. Bring back the old system, but only changing the retreat function to leave taunts and/or enemy buffs (or at least taunt). This would allow us to bring in characters only to disrupt the cooldowns and bring in new characters for healing or whatever purpose. Thoughts?
  • More than a week after the GW update, and beating it every single day with a mediocre best 5 (6*Sid 6*Lumi 5*JC 4*HK47 4*Poe, all gear 7, level59). I find GW to be boring.

    The structure of GW, is your entire roasters against 10 round of fresh enemies, but with the current setup, it's your best 5 going into every single battle, retreat when things does not go your way, and retry until it does.
    The result is, its either doable or not. Players with decent 5 will always beat the GW, just matter of how many tires on the harder battles. Players without it will never beat it, no amount of strategy or talent can change that.

    Bring back things like substitution, make GW more fun and strategic.
  • This used to be the most interesting part of the game. Now you just go along with your best team until the opponent of all 60+ Purple toons shows up at battle 8 or 9 and kicks your ****. There is no strategy at all. One of the explanations for the change described the necessity of needing a big bench to get through the challenge. But you can't build a big bench without getting to the last few bins. Or spending a bunch of money. I haven't used any of my toons besides the top 8 or so since the rule change because there is absolutely no point. Before, you could mix and match with a plan. All of the people saying that it is still easy to get through are the ones who spent enough time or money with the old rules to develop the bench and character strength to beat it now. If you are newer to the game you have to buy strength with $ or more time than it is worth.

    I would imagine it was the people spending the most money that complained and caused the change, because for the casual player the best part of the experience has been turned into a frustrating, pointless waste of time.
  • I am disappointed in the changes to GW.

    I am currently lvl 64. Since update, I have completed only 1 day. I had 32 completions to that point.

    Most days, I have to pay attention on battle 3 not to lose a toon. By battle 5, I now do your funky battle reset option in attempts to keep characters.

    I usually start losing toons 6 or after. Most days I finish 7 or 8. A few days ago was my completion.

    Massively disappointed.
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  • <Scrub that still has yet to finish a GW.

    Level 63

    7* Sid
    5* Lumi
    6* JC
    5* HK
    5* Phasma
    5* Kylo

    are my best ones

    All with at least level 7 gear. I have never gotten to the last battle and most time I bow out shortly after halfway.
  • I was 1/8 on completing the old style, I'm 8/8 on the new one, but I did get Lumi on update day, so maybe that has something to do with it
  • i find GW alot easier now simply because if i dont like how it went i move things arouns and reroll until i get doble stuns with fotp assist

    its a joke its not about strat nemore its about rerolling until the rng is in your favor

    but hey im not gonna scoff at credits and tokens
  • Arillian wrote: »
    I am disappointed in the changes to GW.

    I am currently lvl 64. Since update, I have completed only 1 day. I had 32 completions to that point.

    Most days, I have to pay attention on battle 3 not to lose a toon. By battle 5, I now do your funky battle reset option in attempts to keep characters.

    I usually start losing toons 6 or after. Most days I finish 7 or 8. A few days ago was my completion.

    Massively disappointed.

    I think this has to do more with cap lift and damage vs HP balance than reset. Reset allows only to try a better synergy, explore variant. It can never fix OP damage that results in several of your chars one shot.

    Even the old retreat won't help much. Assume all taunts, Speed up, offense up are retained (even if they could), you could bring a nee char and still be one-shot. The taunt is not remived, Poe taunt still result in tour turn meter being zzzzz. New char? Enemy turn meters are halfway but a fresh char starts turn meter at 0....

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    Today nightmare:
    Sid 7* Lev 65 gear 8
    Rey 7* Lev 65 gear7
    Fotp 7* lev 65 gear8
    GS 7* lev65 gear8
    Poe 7*lev65 gear don't remember
    i've managed to win the battle only resetting the match about 20-30 times finding the magical Rng streak..
    No fun at all..
    I'm lev 63 and this was the 9th node
  • I think I am late to the party, that is what I get for only clicking Discussions instead of looking at the actual topic headers.

    First off, I win GW everyday. Before and after the change. I am 100% FTP and made many missteps early. I started on the day of global launch.

    Now onto the meat
    The goals of the Galactic War feature were to:
    1. Provide a real challenge to players. In other words: it’s meant to be hard! 
    2. Provide a place in the game where your entire collection can be brought to bear. Potentially every character can help you succeed (more on this below).
    3. Provide a “war of attrition” where health is persisted as you progressed in battles, not as you danced in and out of a given battle as was previously happening.
    4. And this will have more impact as the meta continues to expand,) provide a place where there’s an ever-evolving set of challenges in terms of which characters / parties / builds can be most effective.

    If these are your actual goals, the change to GW was a complete failure. Both before and after I find my opponents are all 5-7 star purple geared teams. There is a minimum of 2 if not five of the following: Dooku, Sid, Rey, FOTP, Poe, Daka, Phasma, Leia, Luminara, Barris. In every match. Period.

    Against that I MUST bring my A team to every fight. I have 30 characters, exactly 2 are fully geared/stared/leveled. Three more are close, either missing a star or 1-2 gears. Then I have about four more that are passable. Everyone else cannot step into the same room with a level 60+ purple seven star team. Yeah some of them are passable if I abuse the RNG (Dooku opens for example). I can throw them into a meat grinder, but at most that eats up cooldowns as Sid, Lumi, Daka, JC, Barris are all there to heal the opponents. No way I can put together interesting synergies as the vast majority of my toons are under level 50 and 3 or less stars.

    I might be able to make a semi-passable droid team tomorrow (5 shards from unlocking 88), but droid teams are a failure in GW. Lose a single character or Poggle/88/HK is on cooldown, they turn into a suicide squad.

    Before the change I could trudge through, burst and take out the speed demons, and manage my heal cooldowns. Now with my A team I literally have to find the magic RNG string to have them all survive. There is no other way to beat three teams in a row with Poe/insert 2 DPS/Sid/Barris in them.

    If you want me to use my entire team, the enemies absolutely have to be toned down. Hell, I'd drop some credits and training droids to get everyone up to level 50 if I needed them for GW, but at the current state less than five stars or gear VII is frankly useless. I could throw my 25 weakest toons against any of the final three nodes and not leave a dent.

    If you want me to use my bench, make each toon usable exactly once. However if you do that you need to tone things down quite a bit. I can't fight other's A teams with my C team plus restrictions and hope to win.

    The only other way is if you were to equalize the teams somehow. Say my team has an average level of 4 stars level 40, cap the opponents to 5 stars level 42 (basically nullify their gear and stat bonuses). Then I would have a fighting chance at a disadvantage. Some games have "arena" modes where everyone is boosted to a specific level. If you gave everyone 7 stars level 60 for stat, but let their gear stay as is, that would work as well.

    If you want to keep it as is and do nothing else, remove the cooldowns on a win. If nothing else that would make it less annoying.
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    I've read a few times that the matchup difficulty for GW is based on your last win rating in arena, and your top 5 power level. Today I finished top 8 in arena (highest spot at the time of the daily cut so far for me). GW was a bit harder, maybe a coincidence though.

    Battle 11 was particularly difficult for me:
    7* L62 Sid Purple Gear
    7* L63 Lumi Blue Gear
    4* L63 Vader Purple Gear
    3* L63 FOTP Purple Gear
    4* L63 Ben Purple Gear

    I'm L58 atm. There was a lot of one-shooting going on in this one. On top of A LOT of debuffs as well from Sid/Vader/Ben. I tried switching some of my top 5 and going with different approaches on how to start the battle but nothing. I tried using several B suicide squads strategies to try to wear them down but before I could take a turn, at least one or two were down and the remaining in critical conditions. So I ended up resetting those as well since there was no actual gain on that strategy.

    In the end, I guess RNGeesus as they say, was kind with me, I managed to do it with my original 5 squad again, but my JC died at some point (when there were only Ben, Vader and Lumi left alive). I figured, I could give it another try, doing the same until I reach that point of no return, and maybe I can save my JC, leave the battle with all my 5 man standing. I didn't, my Asajj died. I figured, she was more disposable than my JC, so I went with it, considering only one battle left after this one. I managed to end the battle with full health and no cooldowns for the remaining 4.

    Battle 12 was a bit hard as well, a cool droid team (Poggle, 86, 88, 47 and Daka). This one took a few less attempts than the previous one, but it was a bit of challenge as well because of the great synergy of the team and high damage output. I went all in since it was the last fight, sacrifices could be made. I ended the battle with three men standing on my side.

    I'll keep an eye in the relationship between arena ranking and matchups on GW. But on topic: I have to say, the change did favor me on this day. Without resets, I'd have a lot of casualties on battles 11 and 12, maybe I wouldn't have completed them actually.
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  • I used to fail GW every day until I read about the old retreat to reset trick and then I completed it nine times in a row and really enjoyed using all my team. Unfortunately this was then changed and I have only completed it once more (which I feel was a complete fluke).

    I just don't enjoy it anymore and when I read that someone had almost punched a hole in a wall in frustration I could really empathise with them. It's actually making me angry! I can't believe a game is making me this emotional. Obviously my team are getting stronger every day but I can only get to round 10 now with absolutely no one left to use from my bench.

    I understand this shouldn't be easy but coming up against purple level 60's and up when I only have 3 purples and no toon over lvl 56 just makes it impossible to get to the end. I know you can shift toons around and try combinations but I don't want to spend hours on this one feature everyday and to be quite honest just haven't got the time or patience.

    I love this game and do spend a little money on it from time to time but some people say they are leaving because if this change. I however will stick around and try again tomorrow hoping that eventually a middle ground will be found.
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  • Would like to respectfully express my disappointment and frustration with the galactic war. I'm all for a challenge but there is no fun in it when I haven't been able to win in weeks, and have been cycling through strategies as much as possible. It is stinging to see that useless achievement for winning a small number of galactic wars when I'm lucky to make it half way through most days. Hard seems to be a gross understatement.
  • At this point in game's life, GW just doesn't work. Once you get to latter hafl of GW you're persistently pitched against P2W teams. Most players have only 5-6 maybe 1-2 more characters developed well enough to be able to compete, the rest is usually junk with lvl5-6 gear no stars and 10 levels below the "A-team" ... they get 1-shot by first enemy AoE attack. It will require max level and 3-4 fully developed teams to successfully compete, i.e. something that's 2-3 months away for majority of the playerbase....
  • If people don't like changes, okay, but getting upset about not being able to win 100% of the time I just don't get. It's a game, if I could win GW 100% of the time without thinking what would be the point? Even when I do poorly and don't finish, I've still had fun and gotten gems for 10 shards (800). And unlike arena, you see the composition of the squad before entering, don't have a time limit, and can retreat/reset. So I'll sometimes change my squad to have more ability block characters if I see Bariss, whereas if it's just Lumi and Jedi C I'll kill one at a time with healing immunity. Etc.
  • So far no very lucky to be in the branch of the server I'm in. I started playing 20 days ago, no purchases and im at level 51; #1 in Arena is at level 57, i usually stay around 30-50.
    I finish my GW every day since the change using my main squad, with less than 5 retreats
    ST Han 5*
    5's 4*
    Lumi 4*
    JC almost 4*
    Talia 4*
    All just a few keypads away from being purple gear...Actually had one battle vs a level 63 yesterday too. I have 4* Chewy, Mace and Jawa and other lower toons but -
    Thanks to you guys in the forum i took advise to pick a squad and just go with it and grow it...

  • I was very opposed to this change when it first came out. I still don't think it's a good one, but I've calmed down a bit.

    I appreciate the open-ness of communication from the Devs to the playerbase.

    Still, in my opinion it makes GW a lot more boring. It was fun before, not so much anymore.
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