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  • Probably a dumb question, but is anyone doing the 225 crystal refresh and finding it worth it?
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    I'm not sure who thought of the last phase of the event, but thanks for the laugh. All of my guys died but one, so it came down to a duel of Yoda vs Maul. Yoda would attack 5 times in a row, but Maul would dodge at least 3 of the attacks. Then the real fun would begin. Yoda and Maul, back and forth, dodging each and every one of each other's attacks... for 5 minutes. Of course Yoda would once again attack five times in a row and another dodge battle would ensue. Took a while, but I finally came away victorious.

    Both the highlight and low point of my time playing the game.
  • Don't have a great team.

    Pressed auto until stage 8.

    Had to do stage 8 on manual in all 3 difficulties, or ensure palps has his AOE stun ready to go first.

    TLDR: remove the first 7 stages as they are irrelevant.
  • Hello,

    DN is the MVP of this event: put as much protection on him with mods so that he survives until his first Anihiliate on one of the names Jedi. He gains enough health then to survive until the end where he can on shot Yoda.

    I cleared it with EP G11 Phasma G10 DV G8 DS G8 and DN G5 (level 51)!
  • Note: this is only to help those who can't clear it, I tried 3 hours with Kylo and then asked myself why not trying.
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    fun event but shockingly easy with darth maul

    great rewards to

    kudos to whoever designed this

    but i will say we were warned this would be very difficult it was not.... whereas the separatist event second tier was insane

    to whoever priced the lord of hunger packs may someone in your cereal
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  • Simply unwinnable for me.

    I'm at level 85, all my toons are at 7-star, max lvl, max mod, max skill(except zeta)
    and then Kenobi wipes them out at tier 1 last battle.

    My first try was with Palpatine lead, Vader, Savage, Kylo, Sidious and by the time
    I got Kenobi at quarter health all my guys were knocked out. I gave it another try
    with Phasma instead of Savage. Succeeded killing Yoda just before my team was
    completely killed off. All my characters are at gear level 10.

    Is there any way for me to win even the first tier without getting Maul?
    I do have Nihilus but he's at 3 star, level 50 something and his gear level is like 5.
  • This ridiculous, waste of time and no fun, having very well farmed and geared characters and no chance,, playing since more then a year and having no chance?
    Thank you really very much fur this event
  • Just wanted to thank the Devs for the event, as someone who has just recently started working on Sith this was a great way to test out my strategies and toons abilities. I just barely beat T3 of the event, it took some good RNG but also a lot of planning as to who to attack and when. I am glad to see there are events like this that for an average player are something to work for and really have to try at. The rewards are definitely worth it, cuffs, guns, and credits :)
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    I agree it was a decent event, nice to see that the bonus tier wasn't as impossible as the droid one is. Although I do think the repeat rewards for at least the bonus tier should be better, the rewards are the same across all 3 tiers which doesn't really reward those that have put the effort into their teams to be able to beat it... Even if just the max amount of possible shards was increased and then given the abysmal drop rate of the "30 shards" from the new packs, at least it would LOOK like better rewards XD

    But still, a fun event nevertheless
  • I easily completed the bonus tier with:
    G11 7* palp (L), Vader, Sid
    G10 7* phasma
    G9 7* kylo

    Nice rewards too, thanks.
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  • Great event! Not easy for sure, but rewards were commensurate with the difficulty. A nice reward for those with a developed roster and an incentive to those still progressing. We gave a lot of advice to guild mates helping them to beat this and some strategy and the right toons made a difference. Good job EA!
  • Okay reviews are mixed. Nothing new there. Check my logic on somethings.

    We will agree while some will swear this event has great rewards, ummm they are better then a sharp stick in the eye, but great? Anyways, the difficulty for some is in dispute, and I look at the rewards vs the effort needed. I finished T1, and T2 I get to But here is my question, are events like this not about the rewards, instead they are an STD (Something to do) because the degree of difficulty means some will breeze through others won't so the rewards are not game breaking. For example, The Nilihus event is doable by pretty much everyone, so no real complaints about balance of power shifting, only whales can finish, yada yada yada. Whereas this event (Places of Power) is more for those wanting to hurl themselves and their team at something challenging?

    Make sense?
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  • That Jedi event was the best I've ever played! Hard but our whole guild figured it out together to tackle step by step. Geared DN and everyone contributed gear to each other and got through. Super fluid battles and lots of tactics involved! (I know, I didn't have maul ) and great rewards to boot! More please!!
  • Yea the difficulty was cool. I hate the events that are just basically auto wiping them out. But I like the ones they do that are tier hard, very hard and bonus
  • I'm sure quite a few people are interested in how to beat this event. If you are G11 with Zeta leads, I'm sure you were able to auto it. But to provide a starting point, why don't we post what group we brought to the table to win.

    For myself, I tried maybe 10 times with various combination of FO and sith and ALWAYS got wrecked at the final stage. I was about to just call it a day, and maybe try again once Nihilus unlocked, but then I thought, eh, one more try ... ON AUTO.

    So I took my crew of Darth Maul as leader (G8), Emp Palp (G8), Phasma (G8), FOO (G9), and Kylo (G10), and hit auto. All characters are level 85 except for Mr Maul, who is 80.

    Then I plugged my phone in and watched a bit of the basketball game. When I looked back ... my group was on stage 8, and Kenobi was DOWN. I watched, a bit stunned, as my team brought home the gold.

    The rewards were a bit underwhelming (I'm happy to report I got my 951st Mk 4 stun gun!), but the ship credits were nice, as were the 10 Vader shards as an achievement. 36 to go. :smile:

    So ... who did you win with?

    I got the first their palpable lead withim Vader Phasma County and F.O.Trooper. I can get to 8 with same but get killed
  • I loved the raid. Its good to have a challenge and the rewards are great!
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    Raventrob wrote: »
    Yea the difficulty was cool. I hate the events that are just basically auto wiping them out. But I like the ones they do that are tier hard, very hard and bonus

    Lol like the Omega ones?

    They did do a really fine job with this event, and the best one they have done in my opinion. Took me a while to get it done, but I managed to, and the only event that seemed to generate much chatter in the in-game chat in my guild. It gave a nice sense of accomplishment, and the rewards were very good too. Nice to get some ship stuff. Hope to see more events like this in the future. :)

    I remember the Jawa one where my Droids were all T11 and still got smoked on the harder tiers dying before they hardly got a turn cause of all the stuns lol.
  • The omega events were a challenge at one point before mods and when the level cap was 70. But Omega mats are not level 85 gameplay. The Zeta mats are the level 85 equivalent. It would be nice to see events like the omega ones for zeta materials.
    Now back on topic, I greatly enjoyed this assault battle I do not have maul and was only able to complete Tier 1, but I feel it offered a nice challenge. It worked great with the recent sith rework and first order rework. The rewards were fantastic with the addition of ship blueprints.
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    This event was awesome! And I hope they keep this format for upcoming events as well, of course having 1 toon that could smash it (maul) was nice even though I think I could have beat all 3 tiers without him. I'm looking forward to more events similar to this one, even the rewards were very good!
  • Awesome event! The first time rewards were spot on. And it wasn't too easy and not too hard either. Very happy with event. Keep it up.
  • This event was challenging at first, but once I put in a 3* g7 nihilus, it was a breeze. Mind you, nihilus had no mods on him. Vader lead with zeta leadership, EP, Darth Sidius, phasma (g8), nihilus. Nihilus level 74, rest 85. Save nihilus annihilation for Yoda. Kill GK first, and then 1 shot Yoda. Everyone else dies easy after that.
  • i think the difficulty is the problem.
    if some1 can finish the first tier, he finish the bonus (cuz he have maul, duh...)
    there are no-to-very-small-amount of players that can finish 1, but not the second and third...
    okay its for each squad, but if u have a good squad u need to finish the first tier. if u have great squad u finish second also.
    and if u have a bad squad u won't finish.
    this is acceptable.
    currently, you need a Great squad to finish the first tier, and still a great squad to finish the second. that's not good.

    the reviews are split in half - those who succeed, and those who don't.
    it should be split in 3 - those who succeed, those who finish the first, and those who don't.
    that's the problem with events ATM. to finish you need a TOO good squad that make it look extremly easy.

    and i tried, i put my maul alone (with dooku,nihilus,assassin,trooper with no lvls,gear or stars).
    i finished with a team of 10K power. 10K power. EASILY. ON AUTO. MAUL AUTO'D SOLO. let that sink in...
    people with 30K power cant finish, because their squad is GOOD, but not great.
    this is plain stupid.
  • Finished the bonus tier with this mob -

    Nihilus Lvl 72 g7 3*
    Vader Lvl 82 g9 6*
    EP Lvl 82 g10 7*
    Sidious Lvl 80 g8 7*
    Kylo Lvl 80 g9 6*

    I could see the fear in the Jedi eyes, when Nihilus insta-killed the wee green blob.

    Thanks to devs for Nihilus & the event itself.
  • Thanks for this event, I really enjoyed it.
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    The "Dark Gambit" ability for the event is broken. I have Palpatine as lead, and if he is at 50% health and uses the DG, he dies instantly. DarkGambit is described as a 30% health cost. So, for Palpatine to die on use from half health, it's 30% of Max Health, not health. Also, it's not just max health, it's max health AND protection.
    Verify yourself. Get a toon to half health and use it. That toon is dead. Even if not using it at half health, You've lost massive health, lost that turn, and lost half defense.
    Useless and a lie. No wonder no one can beat it.
    I'm probably not capable of beating the event anyway, and maybe the ability works on android devices. But on iOS it's a suicide ability.
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    Will this be a recurring event or one time only?
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