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  • This was a really fun event. I enjoyed it! Also, it was nice to have a free replay after 24 hours (refresh).
  • all was fine until the 8th level ,impossible
    very dissapointed,,,
    (im not spending any more money on this game, the hell with it)
    i might even delete this game like this should be more easier...
  • I three started the bonus tier quite easy with palp lead, vader, phasma, maul and sidious. Yoda gave me a hard time but take him out first and crush there morale!. My advice is speed, speed and more speed. Take advantage of palps lead and shock anything that moves.
  • I couldn't get through even the first tier for the first 8~9 tries, but then breezed through all three tiers with 3 stars once I properly leveled up my 3-star DN. I could see how this event was set up to make people use DN. For instance the first 7 stages were there so that DN can get his annihilate cooled down by stage 4 or 5 and then get himself healed/beefed up by killing Anakin or Plo Koon with annihilate, and then the stage 6 and 7 were filled with tanks and healers in order to give him enough time to get annihilate ready again for the final stage.

    Truely well crafted event. Just in time for DN's release.
  • If we have a maxed out Darth Vader those shards are going to be a minimum reward. Can u please convert them into Darth Vader ship shards after that I would really appreciate the ability to really make my guild strive for those rewards !
    I would like for u all to implement this ideas across all achievement rewards please
    Maxed Darth Vader when maxed turns into Vader ship shardsTIE Advanced
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    Why do ground battle, well built sith only teams, get such a HUGE amount of SHIP based benefits?
    Thanks for unleveling my last couple months... fudge me
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    i think the difficulty is the problem.
    if some1 can finish the first tier, he finish the bonus (cuz he have maul, duh...)
    there are no-to-very-small-amount of players that can finish 1, but not the second and third...
    okay its for each squad, but if u have a good squad u need to finish the first tier. if u have great squad u finish second also.
    and if u have a bad squad u won't finish.
    this is acceptable.
    currently, you need a Great squad to finish the first tier, and still a great squad to finish the second. that's not good.

    the reviews are split in half - those who succeed, and those who don't.
    it should be split in 3 - those who succeed, those who finish the first, and those who don't.
    that's the problem with events ATM. to finish you need a TOO good squad that make it look extremly easy.

    and i tried, i put my maul alone (with dooku,nihilus,assassin,trooper with no lvls,gear or stars).
    i finished with a team of 10K power. 10K power. EASILY. ON AUTO. MAUL AUTO'D SOLO. let that sink in...
    people with 30K power cant finish, because their squad is GOOD, but not great.
    this is plain ****.

    +42 you either butcher the event, or cant partake. No middle ground... sad... (well said post sir)

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    Tjbear02 wrote: »
    I honestly loved it! I ran: Zeta Maul lead (G11 7*), EP (7*, G11), Sith Assassin (G10 3*), zeta Savage (G11, 7*), and Kylo (G10, 7*). It was the most fun I have had in ages hahahahaha. The first two tiers I soloed with Maul alone :smiley: ! The 3rd tier (bonus tier), I got hit a total of 3 times, all from Yoda at stage 8 LOL. And also, whoever had the mind of those rewards, I want to thank you. 2.8m total ship credits, 2.5m Regular Credits, and 15 cuffs + 15 stun guns and all of the other 4 BP's for ships, really hit the spot. Thank you!
    Also, the new ability, Morale, was quite cool as well. Kill the lead morale toon, and it makes them lose stats. Really interesting and cool idea! Overall, loved the event. Anyone else that doesn't have Maul though, I already know they are complaining right now, as a lot of my guildies are complaining already XD!

    Yeah I also loved this event, was really challenging but well worth it for the prize.
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    I beat T1, and get to battle 8 of T2. But not complaining, I ran:

    L - Wedge 7* g8, Biggs 7* g8, Leia 7* g9, 5's 7* g9, K2so 7* g8. All mod'd with 4* or 5* Mods. 5's, Wedge, Leia, were Omega'd.

    Alt accts I ran Scarif instead of K2so.

    T1 battle 8 tip, Burn EP down FAST, he will one shot each target if given the chance. Then take out remaining RG's.
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  • I just annihilated the whole event with Zaul lead g10 palp 6* g10 Vader g9 sidious g9 kylo g9 savage g10. Maul ability to wipe a whole squad is a must.
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    @Kyno @Ambassador
    This is a necro post, but IDK if it should stay here (because the event is here again)
    My collection
    Sorry for my English :]
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    Hi all! So, I read every single post in this thread from earlier in the year and I applied what the players who said this was very easy recommended. And yeah, but NO. Not easy in any way or form.

    Used Palpatine (L) L78 G8 Power 13,377, Vader L82 G9 Power 13,407, Dooku L82 G9 Power 11,539, Maul L75 G8 Power 7,102, Sidious L70 G7 Power 5,425.

    All fully modded with health mods, most of them 5 dots.

    Tried auto dozens of time, a few times manually (very, very slow process) and no luck.

    Green mutant dwarf screwed me over every single time and when autoing, Sidious and Maul would never make it, when manually doing it could get to 8th battle with all team but that never made a difference.

    So, many of you are saying that Maul lead wipes them out. Do you need zeta Maul for that? If not, what level of leadership do you need to be viable?

    I only recently managed to get Maul unlocked so that is the reason he is not up to the level of Vader or Palpatine.

    Instead of playing with kittens and whining (which I really, really feel like doing in frustration), what are your suggestions based on my squad lineup above?

    Those are the ONLY 5 Sith toons I can use and only have two First Order toons that are very low level and inconsequential so can't count on them.

    Let's see what help I can get from the community (and please abstain answering with using $$$ and other funny kitten comments lol).

    Thanks in advance all.
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