Character Strategy- Emperor Palpatine

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UNIT NAME: Emperor Palpatine
CATEGORIES: Dark Side, Sith, Empire, Support

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FINAL TEXT: Deal Special damage to target enemy and Shock them for 3 turns. Then, Palpatine gains 15% Turn Meter for each Shocked enemy. Shock: Can't gain Health, Buffs, or bonus Turn Meter.

Special 1: The Power of the Dark Side
FINAL TEXT: Deal Special damage to all enemies with a 70% chance to Stun them for 1 turn. Shocked enemies are Stunned for 2 turns and have their Shock dispelled. All allies gain Offense Up for 2 turns. (Cooldown 4)

Special 2: Let the Hate Flow
FINAL TEXT: All other units lose 5% Health and Palptine recovers Health equal to 150% the total amount lost. Palpatine gains 50% Turn Meter for each Shocked enemy. All allies gain Health Steal Up for 1 turn. (Cooldown 3)

Leader: Emperor of the Galactic Empire
FINAL TEXT: (ZETA) Empire and Sith allies have +35% Potency and 35% Max Health. Jedi and Rebel enemies have -35% Potency and -35% Evasion. When an Empire ally inflicts a debuff during their turn, they gain 20% Turn Meter. When a Sith ally inflicts a debuff during their turn, they recover 20% Health. When a debuff on an enemy expires, Empire and Sith allies gain 5% Turn Meter.

Unique: Crackling Doom
FINAL TEXT: (ZETA) While Palpatine is active, at the start of each enemy turn, they take damage equal to 20% of their Max Health for each of the following: they are Shocked; they are a Jedi; they are a Rebel. This damage can't defeat enemies. Palpatine has +50% Max Protection, and, when he inflicts Shock, he gains 5% Max Protection until the end of the encounter.
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