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  • The positive comments? Everyone I spoke to thought the changes to Mace/CUP were absolutely stupid and ruined those TW completely. It was a game of who has the most Revan + Mace. Not who was the best players.
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    Tw was my favorite game mode by far. This makes me not want to play it. Nice work CG! Just gonna collect the 2nd place rewards now and not even care. The amount of time I spend in the game is on a continual decline due to poor choices, and I'm sure I'm not alone.
  • Not a fan on this idea, here's why:

    While I like the idea of shaking things up and requiring players to think outside the box, as someone who has financially supported the game I can't get behind the idea of losing access to a character I've invested in because someone else voted on it.

    In my opinion, a better approach would be having us vote on a selection of buffs to be available for the next war.
  • This is the dumbess thing I've ever seen.
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    OtrEbor wrote: »
    Come on guys... have you ever read ‘Who’s taken my cheese?’

    Stop moaning!

    Who moved my cheese?
  • This whole idea on limiting toons is a crock. Stop missing around with it and pick a format and stick with it.
  • I think this is a great idea and a good challenge for the theorycrafters
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    Why can't we just have a straight up TW? There are lots of guilds that are TW Guilds and they have specifically invested into characters there guild suggested for them specifically for TW.

    The reason this game is still going is because of the community. TW drives a very passionate base of this community. Taking the emphasis off of TW does not help this part of the community. GA is not nearly as exciting or engaging as TWs are. We have hardcore TW players in my guild doing the bare minimum in GA because it does not satisfy them the way TW does. The only issues in my experience that people have had with TW were the lack of real separation between winners and losers rewards.

    I think this direction for TW needs to be seriously rethought as it will have a lasting impact on the community.
  • Territory wars are my favorite part of the game and I'm not a fan of these changes, not only are we only getting 2 wars this month, but the top guilds want to compete using our whole rosters for the war not being limited as to what we can use, this is a very bad move
  • Love this idea! Get more community engagement! This doesn’t kill TW, it spices it up!
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    Just imagine... you paid a "few" bucks for your toons and now you cant use them :D
  • This idea just took my favorite game mode, and made it my least favorite game mode that I will no longer care about. Who wants a fun game when you can have community polls to hurt the people that took the time to develop their rosters for a specific game mode?

    My guild used to get excited by TW, now someone has to explain to them that half of them won't be able to participate, because the community said they don't like the toons they decided to spend their time building.
  • @CG_SBCrumb and this will take up so much of the Devs time that they can only launch 1 GA, and 1TB this month?
  • I am 100% on board. I have a feeling Tmoney is going to have an aneurysm though.
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    The groupings are a bit harsh having looked over them.

    If people don't pick say, CLS/Traya/Rey/Revan group it essentially will mean no Jedi, no NS, no FO, no troopers, no droids, Rebels will be weak, Sith will be weak, Resistance will be weak... no BH.

    That's a lot of peoples squads on the line, more over, that could be a persons entire roster rendered un-usable in the next TW.
  • Only day 2 of the new year and CG is already trying to ruin the most recent game mode! I never liked it before and even less now!
  • As some have commented, I'm also really confused about the decision. "Since we had so much positive feedback about random buffs, we decided to let you ban toons." How are those equated? What about having us vote for a group that may get a buff, or just randomly buffing toons?
  • Simply put, this is completely unneeded and ridiculous. TW was an amazing game mode. Now you’ve trivialized it. I really hope you reconsider.
  • I do NOT like this.


    1) How do we know what the votes actually are and how things swing a certain way or not? For example - people with multiple forum accounts, etc.

    2) The amount of people with forum accounts are a VERY small percentage of the people that play the game. That doesn't seem fair.

    3) The groupings tend to make little to no sense. I'm not even sure how those came about.

    You're fixing a game mode that isn't broken and breaking it in the process.
  • Sounds annoying.. Was looking foward for some good old TW with my guild instead of all this GA...
  • Why on earth would you do this? Tw was okay as it was. Now it will be plain stupid.
  • This is a horrible idea. Go back to the drawing board
  • @CG_SBCrumb how about redoing that survey to include this choice:

    This idea isn’t a good idea and as a member of the community I wish this idea to be trash canned.
  • I just hope they take all this negative feedback and actually cancel the changes before it goes live. Still time to correct this!
  • EA or CG or whoever is in charge, please fire 2 employees for the health of this game
    first one is the one who came up with the idea of 3v3 in GA, and second one who came up with this ban idea.

    lots of bad choices lately :disappointed:
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    jdport wrote: »
    This is a horrible idea. Go back to the drawing board

    That’s exactly it it is easier to remove characters than creatively buff a few. Its simple laziness.
  • The point about encouraging us to build rosters and invest real money in them - and then create a facet of a game mode to take away those characters is also ill conceived. And somewhat fraudulent imo.
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