Territory Wars: Community Style [MEGA]


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    OtrEbor wrote: »
    Come on guys... have you ever read ‘Who’s taken my cheese?’

    Stop moaning!

    Who moved my cheese?
  • I think this is a great idea and a good challenge for the theorycrafters
  • msf_mike
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    Just imagine... you paid a "few" bucks for your toons and now you cant use them :D
  • @CG_SBCrumb and this will take up so much of the Devs time that they can only launch 1 GA, and 1TB this month?
  • I am 100% on board. I have a feeling Tmoney is going to have an aneurysm though.
  • Gorem
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    The groupings are a bit harsh having looked over them.

    If people don't pick say, CLS/Traya/Rey/Revan group it essentially will mean no Jedi, no NS, no FO, no troopers, no droids, Rebels will be weak, Sith will be weak, Resistance will be weak... no BH.

    That's a lot of peoples squads on the line, more over, that could be a persons entire roster rendered un-usable in the next TW.
  • Only day 2 of the new year and CG is already trying to ruin the most recent game mode! I never liked it before and even less now!
  • Iy4oy4s
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    Why create a new thread when there is already a mega?
  • I just hope they take all this negative feedback and actually cancel the changes before it goes live. Still time to correct this!
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