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  • Very disappointed in capital games that bulldog was banned over this. Bringing this to the attention of customers is more than fair. If CG doesn’t want to do it than let people with good intentions do it.
  • Their reaction is no different then other he devs. There are many other examples of content creators getting suspended and banned for breaking the TOS.

    Good to see increased bans. Hopefully we get a BattleLog as it can be challenging to tell a cheat. Like in FPS games they have spectate and replays to determine a cheater.
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    I disagree because we have a right of revolution. Not in a constitutional sense, but your natural right to be given equality. If something is against the common interest of everyone, then people have a right to confront this without retribution. This is not a political argument, but a humanitarian.

    Now the fact that one admittedly broke the rules could imply the suspension. Awhile back they very implicitly stated a zero tolerance policy to cheating.

    The problem is he could just make another account and keep cheating. My concern is that what stops someone from doing this? I do not want to hear how to report.
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    CG announcing that they will punish cheaters and whistleblowers alike is like a parent punishing both of the kids in the backseat for fighting... Even though one of the kids was reading a book and the other leaned over and smacked him on the side of the head unprovoked.

    Unforced errors seem to be cg's specialty.
  • Free bulldog and McMole! This is absurd and shame on you CG! Your behavior is unacceptable
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    Shame on you CG for banning bulldog...

    Honestly, Bulldog bought the cheat app, used it repeatedly, then told everyone about it. I'm not surprised he's perma-banned.

    McMole, on the other hand, should not have a month break for commenting on Bulldog's video. That's ridiculous.

    Bulldog used it on an alt. They banned his main account.

    Yea, it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to know that all his accounts were going to get nuked when he did that. He has the program, so even if he never used it on his main, he's still a cheater. [Jack Sparrow] Ya Savvy? [/Jack Sparrow]
  • This is not the way CG should be handling the hackers. Actually handling the hackers should be how they handle the hackers.
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    What did they do? I don't really watch YouTube videos and I see the dozen or so threads about this but all they say is that they pointed out a flaw in the system, what flaw is it and why did they get banned for it?
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