Game Crash / Freeze Issues (New Patch 7/3 Related Only) [Mega] -- DEV RESPONSE

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To Help put all the topics into one thread and add any new info or occurrences

List device your using
Os your on (ios9.x or kitkat 2.x) etc
Using mobile / wifi
Did you unisnstall then reinstall
This can help to see issues
Also if uninstall/reinstall all fixed the issue


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  • SWGOH Version: 0.8.11 (June 30 iOS Release)
    iOS Version: 10.3.2 (14F89)
    iPhone Version: 6


    In addition to the Red Screen upon launching, I have been experiencing game crashes when launching Arena battles. Launched 2, crashed both times.

    Battles counted towards my daily 5 max, and as losses.

    Game feels also very sluggish, and unresponsive, even more so than previous updates.

    Also - I cannot recall exactly if this has changed, or is a bug, but I have noticed all turbolaser graphics in ship battles are white. IIRC they had some colour and tint to them previously.

    Only real concern is the lost Arena opportunities, as I fight daily for Top 20 range on a 0-Day shard.



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  • Derkus
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    It become a bit laggy since the last update, I can't do a ship battle (One hit ---> crash), arena battles are laggy if I have chance otherwise it crash too :( Maybe my iPhone 4 ?
    iPhone 4 / iOS 9.3.5
  • Wulfia
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  • +
    Arena is doable but slow, and need to restart app each time.

    Ships is now impossible for me.

  • Derkus
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    It crash in arena at the end 4v2 uugh, chain loose since yesterday :/
    iPhone 4 / iOS 9.3.5
  • Carth_Onassi1973
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    Lost two battles today after I manually updated due to crashing in arena.

    I normally wait for a forced update And this time it bit me.
  • The Ahsoka avatar has disappeared in my iOS version of the game. Makes my game crash whenever I try to battle with or against her.
  • I'm getting a lot more crashes all over the place. While I can avoid crashes in cantina, light/dark side and squad arena by restarting the game every few fights, ships are completely unplayable. My last 5 attempts at fleet arena have all resulted in crashes, usually not long after my opponent sends in his second reinforcement.
  • After the last update, Lightside Battles at 5-A and above, Darkside Battles at 5-F and above, and Mod Battles are unplayable. They freeze and crash the app everytime. I have tried Mod Table Battle 1-A 8 times and cannot get past battle 3 without crashing. In general everything is choppy. I can still do Arena, Galactic War, and Challenges but that is all. To spend my Cantina and Regular Energy I end up buying Sim Tickets as that is the only way I can get through the battles without crashing. (Ipad 2, iOS 9.3.5 (most upgraded iOS)).

    My daughter has a game on her Android phone. That doesn't seem to have these crashing issues, but she is not as far along yet.
  • Carth_Onassi1973
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    UPDATE @CG_Kozispoon @EA_Jesse

    Arena has become virtually unplayable. Second day in a row, lost two battles due to crashing game, putting me on cool down. Not worth refreshing until this is addressed.

    Device: iPhone 6; IPAD mini
  • And STILL....ships are crashing.
  • Belfazar
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    Everyother in action causes the trouble with connection button to pop up. Even launching the app. My android is working great
  • @cl271828 I was asked if I reinstalled the game if it would fix the issue. Think that might work?
  • Lord_Massacus
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    I play the iOS version. I am in the same boat with the arena, it just loads to no end until I finally restart the app. In addition, today while doing galactic war, I got all the way to the last node when it started the same problem with the arena: loading to no end. I decided to see if it was just taking awhile, and after 20 minutes I decided to restart the app. Is anyone else experiencing the glitch with galactic war?

    Please fix these issues!!!

    UPDATE: The same thing happened in galactic war today, near the middle node. There was something in common, however, both teams had Old Daka in the lead. Not sure if this is the problem or just a coincidence but please fix it!
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  • This is like the reverse of PC users having issues getting suggestions to get Linux or a Mac, only this time it's Apple vs Android. I'm using the Android version and have experienced none of these issues so far.
  • JediMindTricks
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    For the first time in over a year I haven't been able to complete GW. For the first time in over a year I have dropped out of the top 20. I can't do arena battles. I can't even log in to spam sim tickets with the constant crashing after constant crashing. I play on pad2 iOS version 9.3.5.

    Whatever you guys did with this update Friday totally screwed me over. My IPad 2 doesn't work on this game anymore as of Friday's update.

    And check this out I contacted CS over 3 weeks ago about me crashing in ship battles and I haven't heard a single response from I log into my account today and guess what?

    The case was closed?like really? I have spend a lot of money on this game and to just get ignored and my problems to be swept under the rug is wrong.

    I have done everything I possibly could have from wiping my iPad out clean, deleting the game, reinstalling the game...and nothing works at all. I log in I crash. This is the 4th day in a row now of this happenning.

    @EA_Jesse @Vampire_X @EA_MindTricks @CG_Kozispoon @CG_RyDiggs Can I please get some help here..PLEASE!

    My ally code is 828-892-539 I'm currently ranked 37 because Friday was the last time I could do an arena battle.
  • after a forced update today 7-3-17 my game will not load past the point of loading cantina screen and shortly after my game center (iphone) logs in it drops the app and returns me to home screen have reset my phone and still not working...?
  • Vedd
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    Same here. After getting to download 8mb file on cantina loading screen game crashes on my apple device
  • Same here and now the game screen requests I load the new client again, tried to load, goes to iTunes Store but doesn't load new client
  • So who's not having the problem and what can we do about it? I even uninstalled the app and reinstalled and it still keeps crashing.
  • I have the exact same problem. I have the updated software on an iPhone 7.
  • Mines too and i can't open the game since yesterday. what could i do
  • Same here stuck on loading screen..... After playing for more than a year and a half this is really disappointing
  • Anzel
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    I have Android, but i not even reach the loading screen. I launch the game and it's freez asap on a white screen. Tried to un and reinstall, but nothing happens. Sometimes it's even force my phone to restart.
  • Anzel
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    If you able get Nox emulator on Pc and play there untill the problem solved. I do the same, just sucks cuz i miss a lot of energy and store stuff while at work.
  • First_but_66_Order
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    I updated it and i had issues after.
    Since the last november update i have issues with the game crashing after about 30mins,
    usually during battle or pack opening.
    I usually receive a message some time before it sounds Google Play Service was Closed in a white box, then the game gives me a pause screen.
    I continue playing and some seconds after the game closes.

    Now it is even worse, It doesnt even give me the Google Play notification, just closes.
    One time, instead of just quitting i got a black screen and the game got restarted.
    my player ID
    I play on Android
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  • ps.
    I have lost plenty of resources due to the in battle game crash.
  • Taviffs
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    Since updating yesterday (7/3/17) I haven't been able to get past the title screen. App crashes and kills itself. I am able to run email, Facebook, etc from the same device, but no luck with GOH. I have missed out on multiple bonus energies, raids, and contributing to daily guild activities. Very frustrating.

    iPhone 5
    iOS 10.3.2
  • I may look into that. I just hope they do fix this. There has been a high number of people complaining about the game crashing since Friday's update. I hope they are focusing on getting these problems fixed more than focusing on new content at the moment.
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