"Hold on to what you love"

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Rose? Thats basically her quote in the movie


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  • Yippie.... I guess I only need one more resistance after that to field two resistance teams.
  • Or Holdo. Hold on
  • Witzkers wrote: »
    Or Holdo. Hold on

    Thats what i saw. I think we may he getting holdo and rose. Hopefully a resistance fleet ship with holdo
  • Witzkers wrote: »
    Or Holdo. Hold on

    Dang I need to start thinking like that more after the whole "Command Here Look" thing
  • Meh, not fussed on FOE or Rose. I want a new Poe though. Anything ships related would be really nice too.
  • I could see double release with holdo and rose
  • I could see double release with holdo and rose

    This. Rose’s quote is “blah blah...saving the ones we love.”

    So Holdo and Rose. Which is silly. Unless Holdo gets a Capital Ship. But even still, Holdo didn’t fight (directly in person). Rose at least did stuff.
  • Couldn’t agree more op
  • Maybe it is a reference to Bespin Leia and Bespin Han?
    That would be awesome!
  • So yeah,they deleted my topic.


  • the animations for holdos light speed ram better be sick.. I dont know how to add spoilers but it's been like a month so yeah
  • Yeah, the light speed maneuver would be awesome! On par with Tarkin’s tie attack :)
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