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    I checked the thread for GA from this past spring (has it been that long???) after I posted, and it does indeed state that matchmaking for the whole 8-bracket event takes your previous W/L record into account.

    Regarding your point, I think changing members shouldn't matter much for most guilds--swapping 1-2 players out of 50 is a minor affair. Agreed there would have to be some sort of mechanism for larger-scale changes (maybe something like your guild doesn't qualify for the win-streak bonuses if you have had more than a 10% changeover since the last TW).
  • pk1
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    No matter how you put it the matches are not matched we have just done another TW where our opponents were 13 million GP more than us and had a heap load more gear 13 toons than we had, we did not stand a chance from the word go and the teams we saw were their defence so God knows what they put in offence, so what ever you devs are doing about sorting out unfair matched games is not working and needs to be sorted out. I could understand if it was a balanced amount of team we faced were higher or lower GP than ours but it isn't, it is more often than not we face impossible odds to overcome.
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    so what happens when u figure based on active gp and one guild has alot fewer participants?...u get a significantly higher concentration of end game content...uno, the kind that eats entire rostersaad82cb1stf5.png
    active 145m.....guilds gp: 165m vs 200m
    wheeeee! that wuz fun...for them :/
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    So we just got demolished by a team with 58 G13 vs our 12 and 16 Malak vs our three. I mean how is that fair matchmaking when one screen shot of three of their teams has as many G13s as our whole team?
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    And still we can't agree they're just grooming whales by letting them win with all the tricks they want. Of course it can't be! They are surely making random matchmaking or their matchmaking doesn't work. Come on, it's EA! They've never been that predatory and scammy. Never ever.
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    Yup. "Match"making is still total junk. GA I regularly get matched up against players that have JKR, Drevan, Malak, Threepio, Padme's (let alone being 500k to 1mil GP higher than me AND I don't have any of those toons) but my 156 mil guild got TROUNCED by a 195 mil guild. Because yeah, THAT's fair!
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    I remember a time before COVID too
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