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    1.5 hours in, and 7 pages of pure denial and hatred for this, and CG is no where to be heard from....

    Not true. We have been reminded about the TOS in a few ways

  • @CG_SBCrumb the fan base would def appreciate a formal reply. There has been nothing but negative feedback and we have been very critical of these changes and yet you all went ahead with them anyway. Some sort of explanation or justification is needed. This is the most disappointing game change that has happened and I suffered through modgate!!!
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    Silent1018 wrote: »
    1.5 hours in, and 7 pages of pure denial and hatred for this, and CG is no where to be heard from....

    Not true. We have been reminded about the TOS in a few ways

    Touché sir...Touché
  • how i miss john salera. that guy actually knew how to make some stuff
  • “ We listened”.

    No. You didn’t.

    BH: standard defense team. Geared right can stand up to all but the top offense meta ( JTR, Treya, NS) and draw some blood. God help you if you TM load them.

    FO: the other staple.

    Revan: the latest 200.00 team.

    Treya: your top raid reward. Super toon, super versatile.

    DN: or “ how do I break your lock”

    These are teams most, if not all the mid dolphin or better teams are into, Revan being a whale.

    Why the HECK did we give you money for
    This? All of my raid prizes? In those teams. All of my Arena winnings? Into those teams.

    Thank you for rewarding people with things like Zeta Rose.


  • Stupid ideas, what do you expect
  • I'm not in favor of this at all, my guild has struggled to get members to either join or participate, this is going to be bad for us all keep TW fresh and fun, why not do 4v4 or 3v3 instead?! It's hard enough for us when we are going against guilds 10M in gp over us too.
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    Silent1018 wrote: »
    1.5 hours in, and 7 pages of pure denial and hatred for this, and CG is no where to be heard from....

    Not true. We have been reminded about the TOS in a few ways

    To be fair that's from forum mods not CG. They are just doing their job, your ire should be saved for the decision makers.
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    Huh, how is this directly related to P2P? Assuming that TW matchmaking works decently you will meet worthy opponents which will also have to play it with hands tied to their back anyway. It's no different than 3 vs 3 GA, theory craft and enjoy.
  • Crumb said that it seemed like the characters that people voted to get rid of are the ones that are difficult to deal with in PVP. Don’t you see the problem here? The guilds that really like TW are going to gear everything towards PVP. They’re going to focus on those squads to the exclusion of others. You’re punishing the ones that really like TW. Ok, this helps the people that are horrible at TW and don’t like it, but it’s not going to get them to like it, either. Why alienate those of us that do?

    I’ve already voiced my concerns about you invalidating our efforts and our expenditures (which I think you’d want to reward so as to promote more spending and keep us playing) but I felt that since our concerns are being ignored, I need to give even MORE reasons why this is such a horrible idea. I doubt it will make a difference. But I really do like this game, and I don’t want to see it ruined. Please. Use my knowledge. I beg you.
  • At least you balanced out the bad tw news with the good news we can use any 3 err 4 bh ships...... Oh wait, nevermind.....
  • Thanks for cutting half of my zetas. Taking vital components from every team that I’ve farmed. I bought Revan. I would have spent money on Jedi Luke, Darth Revan, and Porkins. Not anymore. This is a horrible. I hope they at least fix the GP of each persons roster. If not, it could be even worse. I like most other people hate this. I loved the mace and CUP reworks. Bring something similar back. Thank you.
  • @RJ__Brando constructive conversation on this is for all CG staff to pull their heads out of the sand and listen to the 100 of pages of this isn’t a good idea and go back to the drawing board.

    People want to be able to use all their toons, and use them the way they want to for the senario they face. Let that include buffs or debuffs to toons or factions. Changing maps up or territory layouts was also another good idea given to change up TW.

    What does the community get instead of people listening to them? They get their wanted opinion fallen on deaf ears and blinders. They do it anyways. This isn’t how you take care of your customers/fans.

    Never seen so much anger from the masses, but yet get so ignored. It’s sad on so many levels.
  • Save the anger for elsewhere
  • Almost all the feedback I've seen since this was announced has been negative. Very few people thinks this sounds fun or is a good idea. Anyone that likes TW and builds teams specifically for it doesn't like this. I didn't vote and I don't know a single person who voted. This just punishes the guilds that like TW and focus on it.
  • Absolute garbage! Why did I level and gear certain toons to just sit n watch? Horrible idea, no reason to stay top tier guilds anymore! Finally, I’ll save some money. Introducing Galatic Areana where no battles ever take place.
  • They've added platoons to TW and we all know how everyone loves platoons.
  • #1 - the post says very clearly: "The Territory Wars after this one will have a different structure"....the initial post about the polling says: "We are planning to roll out many new types of Territory Wars in the future, but for the next Territory War, we’re giving the community the ability to shape what it looks like!" It's one TW....we'll survive, it's not the end of the world. #2 - this belongs in the mega thread and doesn't warrant it's own thread.
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    You're over thinking it, acting as if the only mode that exists or matters is TW ignoring everything else like: GA, Arena , TB, raids, events and what's to come in the future. TW actually suck too, way too underwhelming with the exception of Zetas which basically the only difference is 1 extra for the win. On top of that it's not like you're being at a disadvantage so you'll win less anyways.
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  • Hey CG.....
  • Literally one of the


    From a game management standpoint in this game.

  • How is this not directed at anyone who has focus farmed or payed for a specific character. Hence the word, precedent is they can choose to do this to other game modes. What it you geared your NS teams specifically for arena, and CG says NS are removed from arena competition this week. The point of focus gearing and farming is the enjoyment of using them in whatever game mode you have purposed them for. To remove weeks or months of gearing and farming is reckless, regardless of game mode it is. In this case, why penalize more organized guilds who structured their farms and synergies with those who didn’t. It penalizes those who used resources and focus to achieve their rosters. Just my opinion.
  • If they are going to remove toons for this TW they should also remove the GP those toons provide in the matchmaking equations. That is upwards of 400k GP per guild member if you have all 20 of those toons fully geared and could be the difference of 20m GP in some guilds.
  • From a financial stand point too...

    Can we say “ Slaughtered the Golden Goose”?

    Reassign your Devs to Dragon Age 4 guys, you’re gonna need a new title.
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    Let's get caught up in the hyperbole and exit milky way all together.
  • It’s gonna be a freaking race to throw everyone on defense ASAP in my guild so no one has to bother trying to attack with broken roster. Thanks for nothing CG
  • I just spent 250.00 on Revan and he’s been neutered...

  • Simply amazing , Just when I thought there is no way that TW could not be any more stupid or a waste of time... CG proves me wrong again.

    Way to go... love the fact that we level and collect these characters so that they are usless and unavailable for the events (in the game). You guys continue to amaze...
  • I wish they did an in game survey asking a simple yes or no as to whether or not we like the TW changes and make the running tallies viewable. I don't think they would like the answer. Keep it at lvl 60+ so people can't create accounts and skew the votes.

    My guild voted internally on discord. Simple thumbs up or thumbs down on whether you liked the proposed TW changes. 32 chose to vote. All 32 thumbs down.

    We took a cluster wide vote that includes multiple guilds of various levels.

    207 thumbs down. 28 thumbs up. And 34 pictures of a smiling pile of poo.

    Not a giant sample size by any means, but clearly trending against the changes.

    Don't hide from honest feedback. Do a real vote. See what we really think.

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