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    Hi Holotable Heroes,

    Thank you for all your feedback on the event and for joining us as we experiment with mixing up the Territory Wars formula. This in an ongoing process that we will continue to iterate on. The Territory Wars after this one will have a different structure but we want to let you know that this something we will continue to change over time and is definitely not set in stone.

    Now the exciting conclusion! And the winner of the Community Poll is… BoatyMcboatFace… no that’s not right but we have the results for who you want to include in this Territory War! (Don’t worry, we removed all the bot votes for Boaty and Ugnaught.)

    Please note that the January Calendar has been updated and the the preview phase for this special Territory Wars event will start on January 14th. See the updated calendar here.

    Poll Results:
    The following characters were chosen by the community to remain available for this Territory War:


    Our Picks:
    • GROUP 2: Ezra Bridger, Count Dooku, Sith Trooper, Kylo Ren
    • GROUP 3: Boba Fett, Hermit Yoda, Snowtrooper, First Order Executioner
    • GROUP 4: Bastila Shan, Wampa, Resistance Trooper, Tie Fighter Pilot

    Unavailable Characters:
    The following characters were included in the poll but were not chosen by the community or Capital Games. These characters will be unavailable for the next Territory Wars:
    • Group 1: Jedi Knight Revan, Colonel Starck, Dengar, HK-47
    • Group 4: Darth Traya, IG-88, Jedi Knight Anakin, Death Trooper
    • Group 8: Darth Nihilus, Nightsister Zombie, Jolee, Shorestrooper
    • Group 10: General Kenobi, Asajj Ventress, First Order Officer, Jango Fett
    • CG’s Group: Han Solo, Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum), Enfys Nest, First Order Stormtrooper
    CG_SvenGG wrote: »

    Hi everyone, I’m Sven. You may remember me as the designer behind Bastila Shan (Fallen).

    I wanted to provide a little more context for why we chose the groups we did for our picks.

    We knew going in that we wanted to avoid overly punishing certain teams (for example: eliminating Bastila after Revan was removed would be more punishing for Jedi than we wanted). We also noticed that the general pattern of community voting was to target some of the most frustrating characters to play against. Of all the characters in the Capital Games groups, Enfys Nest stood out as falling into a similarly frustrating play pattern while not directly disabling or targeting specific squads, so we decided to keep the other three groups. Have fun in the Cantina! We’ll be paying attention to your feedback as we continue to explore new ways to keep Territory Wars fresh and fun.


    I had already asked the question in the now closed Territory Wars: Community Style Megathread. Are the banned chars included in the matchmaking. maybe there is an answer here. And it was a nice idea from you, but why do you really want to destroy a working system? the TW was as fun as he was. But now I'm wondering what I've been building the teams for, especially for the wars. With this decision to make it that way, you have rather taken the fun in the game as a given.

  • I love this! I can't wait for this to start. Exciting for sure!
    The lesson to be learned by everyone: vote! It wasn't that hard, it took like 1 minute, and other than being wrong about the Dev pick, I pretty much got my way. If I truly was in the minority, it just shows that people abstaining from the vote only hurt themselves. I lost little that actually mattered to me.
  • CG I hope this is the last time you do this. It was a terrible idea as you can tell from the fan reaction.
  • This is incredibly stupid. “We’re glad you worked really hard to get Traya! But you can’t use her!” And so many teams are wrecked with this. It’s a terrible idea. Not sure what kind of leap of logic is made from “Mace Windu gets a buff this TW! People liked it. Let’s remove 20 characters!” What?
  • I am unhappy with the team chosen by the community, why do 100% of the people vote on characters that only top 10% of the people own? and premium characters at that...why are people who don't own revan get to vote for those that do own him and if they get to use it? why not have a poll on free 7stars marquee event characters? if we are a community ...everyone hates marquee events and revan, making a vote is pointless and predictable, less people own traya and revan than those that don't therefore those that don't will vote to exclude those characters...punishing people that invested any effort into them, f2p or p2p this hurts everyone, let's just focus on making stun guns more accesible and having less marquee events - the things we actually all want. Thank you
  • My point was, if you are going to give doubt to a customer that what they are paying for will not be available for use after purchase, regardless of the game mode, why pay for it? Hence, the future of P2P players maybe abstaining from paying if they doubt that their product will be available for use. Today TW, maybe TB or GA next. What’s stopping them?
  • Note: My initial post was removed, so I'll try again kiddy friendly

    Dear CG

    Remember how at the start of 2018 you said you wanted to improve communication with the player base?
    It seems you must have gone blind and/or deaf. 90%+ of the community are screaming at you that this is a bad idea, and all we get is this joke of a post.
    "Thank you for your feedback" - Are you serious with that? If you are so thankful for it, maybe give us a reaction? But no, visibly you don't care in the slightest about the players.
    I've had to see many players quit the game, and my guild has at times been the only reason I didn't do so as well. Now you're on your best way to ruin that experience as well, congratulations
  • Shocker, revan Treya imp troopers, half of ns first order and bh not available. Absolute garbage idea, and to think you developers who apparently play the game also thought this would be the next best thing since sliced bread. What’s the next tw idea... ban all characters released since 2017?

    Sorry guys, but I’m gonna try to have fun with this. Also, banning all but the original game roster sounds awesome. Lol.

    That said, maybe keep this stuff to GA in the future? But if not, I’m in. Switch it up.
    Ooba hutar.
  • You need to clearly edit this now: "Show your dominance when you face off in games against other Guilds to conquer territories and top global leaderboards in Territory War."

    I mean something like: "Show us your investment and planning for toons that will be banned as you face off against other Guilds in a worthless competition to top global leaderboards that mean Kitten now" certainly is a more fair and accurate advertisement.

    I mean, I don't want to overstep, but I definitely see some baiting and switching going on...
    Do or Do not.

    DarthBarron (Kevin, aka KevWalker)
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    I can see this as affecting P2P players more than F2P. And I agree it sucks. And I agree it will change buying patterns amongst whales.
    Let's just look at Revan. Commonly called Revanue - it's safe to say he's predominantly a P2P toon.
    I think also fair to say only a small % of players (voters) have him unlocked. So hardly surprising the masses vote to penalise the minority, levelling the playing field. Whales pay to tip the scales in their favour. It's a simple as that. I am not saying FTP are not affected, just that P2P more so.
    It's also annoying to have to rip up the strategy we've been honing and are successful with, and have to start again because Mace has been given steroids, or half the leaders in the squads we like are missing. Balancing work, family and a game that's getting bigger and bigger makes this a PITA.
    TW was great. I didn't need fixing. GA is disappointing. Give us back the game we like. Please.
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    If they are going to remove toons for this TW they should also remove the GP those toons provide in the matchmaking equations. That is upwards of 400k GP per guild member if you have all 20 of those toons fully geared and could be the difference of 20m GP in some guilds.

    That would drop your rewards too, do not really a good solution
  • I second.
    Despite your idea being a bit too random (and therefor “unfair”) solves the problems of TW. The only thing I would change to your proposal is you can pick the group you are assigned to offense and defense territories, but WHICH territories that group is assigned to be random. Example: 10 zones, we choose which 5 members are grouped together. That way you can still strategize a bit, making it a “teams within team” event.
    My addendum to your brilliant idea: each zone sets 2 fleet defense. No more fleet zones.
    Participation trophy? No. You want something: earn it.
  • and there is nothing cool about g8/9
    nor is it likely that TW matchmaking will work decently (l.m.a.o.)
  • They had to do this to make GA look less bad than it was.

    “You thought GA was bad? Oh boy you’re in for a ride with the next TW...”

    I think it went:

    Ga: Hah! They couldn’t go in the first trial! Top that!

    TW: Dude, hold my beer.
  • Save the anger for elsewhere

    Too late. The fire has been started and is raging out of control.
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    Thank you for ruining territory wars. Removing characters I've worked to farm and upgrade is the dumbest idea of all dumb ideas! You say you've heard our feedback but still choose to ignore it and do what you want. I guess the customer isn't first when it comes to what we want and don't want in this game.
  • This is a torches and pitchforks moment if I ever saw one.
  • The worst thing about this really bad idea is a lot of players only have one or two TW ready teams and it is'nt fair to just take them out of the war (basically) so the team can have some fun.The players have fun the creators work. ITS YOUR JOB not your game.

  • Bad idea

    Banning toons we "worked" hard ($$$ and time) to acquire...

  • Logging into tje game i see a newsletter implying the community voted for this... Um no EA your wrong. Nice work deleting the thread. You guys are about as honest as a politician. The community did in fact speak out very loudly against this and to say we were involved is laughable.
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