Unable to get in to game- Error Code 3.0


  • Yep.. 3 yas returned for revenge. The t*rd that won't flush!
  • crzydroid
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    Haven't heard back from devs in this yet (still morning in California), but a message on Answers HQ makes it sound like there is an EA-wide issue with online services right now.
  • jvskylw3ctsl.png

    Me too. Didn’t have the issue yesterday but now I’m locked out too. This is really bad
  • Also back for me. Can't get into any accounts.
  • Morgoth01
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    I was in the game just fine. Tried to access the web store, got an error, then also locked out of game. Fairly certain web store login attempt was the culprit, was in game and next minute after attempting web store I got locked out.
  • Ya. It worked for a little while for me last night (after 1/2 a day of Error Code 3.0), but it's down again this morning. What a great gift they've given us for Star Wars day!
  • Same thing. Had a weird glitch of the Welcome sequence pop up like I was a new player then the error message. I definently don't have wifi issue...lol
  • JMAN578
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    Im still having the 3.0 error code
  • Dragoth
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    EA as a whole is down.

  • The error happens only when the game is re-launched. You can play the game just fine if it was already open.
  • Zakracoon
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    Russian hackers!!
  • LordBatz
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    Update, it’s not a CG thing. It’s EA online servers. All EA games are affected right now
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  • Starmote
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    I am getting the same error as well. This is incredibly frustrating with the TB end phase set to occur in a little over two hours. There are a decent number of players in my guild who deploy during the last 20 minutes. This is going to cost us a ton of TB progress.
  • The error happens only when the game is re-launched. You can play the game just fine if it was already open.

    Great... so the key is to never close the game!
  • bowdy
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    Ruining our TB. Missing my payout, energy refreshes, GAC. So now we have to play the game around outages. Weve had them before. Never this bad. Must be dark side of the force day.
  • Dace_Prow
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    The error happens only when the game is re-launched. You can play the game just fine if it was already open.

    Great... so the key is to never close the game!

    Works fine if you never open the game too.
  • Dragoth
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    EA is down. Its actually not a SWGOH issue this time!
  • SʌInT
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    lets hope its russian hackers so they can force a rollback
  • Dragoth wrote: »
    EA as a whole is down.

    This update they forced brought the whole ea servers down. Someone initiated order 3.0
  • Same
  • Jacgul
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    I was in this morning as well, can't get in now. But this seems pretty on par for Disney star Wars. Promise something amazing and then give you things worse than you could have ever imagined.
  • CG needs to stop hiring twitter engineers.
  • heateris
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    Both my accounts are locked out as well. iOS and android. It least I got some of my TB stuff done one GAC attack in.
  • I am currently locked out of the game and am the guild officer who typically directs Rise. We were set to finish out N2 and L2. Last I saw we were close but if this issue continues, our progress will be stopped and we will fall short.

    As a constructive suggestion, I’d suggest stopping the Rise TB and rewarding all guilds the star level from the prior attempt. Like others, my guild usually goes harder on Rise when it doesn’t align with conquests, so prior star level +1 might be more appropriate and would likely seen as generous (or at least fair) compensation from the community as far as TBs are concerned.

    For other areas, like energy, arena payouts, and GAC, individuals were most likely not affected equally. I got my fleet climb in yesterday and also got my GAC attacks in. While I am currently missing my main set of energy refreshes, I have been mostly lucky on an individual basis. I am currently missing my main energy refreshes. Hearing from individuals in my guild and fleet shard, not everyone has been as lucky as I was. I would suggest some type of additional compensation to all or at least those that missed out on key elements of your game.

    I think this issue started for me when I tried to access the web store for the exclusive daily and May 4th rewards.

  • Probably going to take them a while since the morning is just getting started here in the west coast, they better get to work the first minute they clock in!
  • Having the 3.0 error. CG is waiving their Jedi hand and saying “these are not the error codes you are looking for”
  • Revenge Of the Sith came early...they're mad at HSTR being supplanted, and no Sith are allowed in.
  • It’s May the 4th and I can’t access the game or the web store after the this was allegedly fixed. Kudos to CG for continuing to strengthen the EA brand. Great job guys.
  • waw69
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