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    @DarthMasterShawn very well-laid-out post on the price comparison. If that's the true amount of worth, then that is completely unacceptable. I don't even know what CG can do now to counteract this since they obviously can't remove used items and won't ban accounts (temporary or permanent).
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    pip_ninja wrote: »
    If history has taught us anything the solution will come in about 2 months and it will be that they allow us to purchase han solo shards.

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    I am speaking with the game team tonight, but likely won't have a full update until tomorrow when everyone is back in the office. It was my understanding that all rewards that were claimed multiple times during the window where there was an error would be removed.

    Please be patient as I highly doubt it was intended for all of those rewards to stay with the players. I'll report back tomorrow once I have all the details.


    All the details or not, would be nice to hear something from the dev team before the day is up....
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    I'm going to add some high dollar spender insight here with numbers. This is why some of us are ticked.

    Say they finished 6th, got 6th rewards and a full craft, did it 100 times, 50 million creds, 100 raid gears full, 93,000 guild currency, 700 Han shards.

    Creds. I'll round up on both you get 600k for 600 Crystals. Each Cred buy that gets the 600k costs $5. I need to buy 84 of them, $420, Over $500 if you factor in the tax charges. So I need to drop $500 in creds just to come even to them.

    Gear. So I refresh in hopes of that raid gear to the tune of, we can round it down to 2,800 for numbers sake. I go through 900. That is $20 in crystals. If I actually get one(not even every other day) It costs another $10 in Crystals. Now lets say I get 1 each day that is $30/day I need 100 days to get even with them. $3,000 and 100 days used.

    So now here I am someone who has already spent many thousands of dollars more than I'll admit publicly,lol, on this game I'd have to spend $3,500 and wait 100 days just to come to even with those who exploited this glitch, and that is only on gear and creds. Not counting the guild coins for guild store and Han. Their 90 minute window would cost me, a heavy spender $3,500 and 100 days just to catch up on 2 of the 4 things they got.

    That is why I, and likely many other heavy spenders are so upset. Just to give perspective.

    This is why, for me, a vault would be not even beginning to scratch the surface if they were sending apology gifts, unless the vault came after exploiters were banned. Being the type of player I am I know roughly the dollar amount they got in this exploit.

    I don't really feel bad for people who have no self control or a dumb amount of spending money for an app game. Especially a ea product. Every game from them has DLCs that really should of come with the game to begin with. It's all a cash grab.

    You sound like a tyrant. Just cuz you dont agree with someone's spending habits or method of entertainment doesnt mean that its ok to be a ****. There are so many things people could label dumb. Cars that arent super cheap, kids, meat, a house that isnt a shack. I hope people dont stop empathizing with all those people who believe in things different than what they do. That would be a terrible world to live in.
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