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    I would like to invite you to join our guild "Leia's Organics".
    We have several open spaces currently and are trying to fill out our roster with players who want to have fun and be purposeful in this game, but not have to treat it like a job. Our members are pretty generous with gear donations to help each other out, often giving quite a bit of raid gear.
    Requests: We do ask that players complete guild activities and fill 600/600 energy spent each day. We are really looking for players who have at least one squad that is ready for raiding. Generally that means you are a high level player with a squad that is all gear IX or higher. For example, a level 80 player with a rebel squad (easy to get) that is all level 80 and gear VIII/XI would be welcome, but we really love to have more players who are already level 85 and have squads at gear X or XI.
    We do not require any special chat app at this point, just using the in game chat has been fine. However, it is something that would be considered if consensus was to do it.
    We are currently farming Heroic Rancor and Normal AAT raids. We are working toward HAAT soon and have many members that have multiple squads ready to go. The current raid rules for Heroic Rancor are 24h 0 damage battle only registration period, then FFA, and for AAT it is FFA. We are also looking forward to territory battles which will provide equal rewards to every member, so you don't have to feel like you are missing out by not being the top contributor all the time.
    We typically start raids shortly after guild payout, which is currently 7:30p Central US time.
    We recently purged a lot of inactive players and have room for 10-15 new recruits.
    If you are interested, please PM me your ally code and I will invite you directly to the guild. I don't have many open ally spots myself but I do try to keep a few open to help newer guild members borrow my toons.
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    Are you looking to grow into a Heroic content player? Glint Guild wants you! We are an N AAT/T7 farm guild looking for new, active members who are interested in getting ready for H AAT. We are also affiliated with an H AAT farm guild (Galactic Security), so if you prove yourself you can quickly earn an opportunity to Heroic raid.

    If you want to grow and progress, we would be glad to bring you in. We have a very modest ticket per day minimum (but you grow faster the more energy you spend); we also have no problem with people taking vacations or brief time off (as long as they give us a heads up).

    Our chat is always helpful, and we offer tips and advice on how to maximize your game enjoyment. We use Discord for game discussion and raid scheduling/coordination; it is encouraged you join to ensure all members follow fairness rules.

    Our time zone is EDT (GMT-4), with reset at 730pm EDT. Most of our members are US, but we have members from around the world.

    If this sounds right for you, please send me a pm. You can also shoot me an Ally request at 622-522-376, or reach me on discord at Mef1428#2087.

    Good hunting!

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    The Half Moon is looking for 10 active players lvl 70+

    We are The Half Moon, a friendly guild focused on growing our squads and raiding, while understanding that real life happens. We did some housekeeping on driftwood members and now need 10 active players who enjoy the game as much as we do...

    We are clearing 2 Heroic Rancors per week, will be able to do 3 p/w if we get the 10 active members we seek!

    Raid Schedule:
    we currently comfortably clear normal AAT in 2-3 days and run 2 per week...
    we currently comfortably clear Heroic Pit in a few hours with a 24hr zero damage rule for first day...

    What do we need?
    We have space for 10 active guild members. Preferably level 70+
    We need to start focusing on regular ticket intake, and though we are not a guild who requires/forces 600 tickets/day, we would like players who can contribute between 400-600 a day with stunning regularity.
    Only roster requirement is that you have one 7* toon to register for the raids.

    The Guild is comprised of people from all hemispheres and from various continents. We follow 2 separate raid times (Europe and USA) to accommodate everyone.

    We use Discord to chat and coordinate. Discord server link will be sent upon joining the clan.

    My profile:
    Ally code: 473-718-858
    Send me a PM on here or ally request me with no guild status and you will get an invite.
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    Hello, fellow Star Warriors! Wolf Pack Warriors has one space available for an active, friendly, fun, and talkative player. We routinely run 7* Pit Raids (about 3x per week) and normal AAT raids. We're growing in power quickly and have set our sights on heroic AAT. We're not ready yet, but you can help us become so!

    Our members range in level from the 70's to 85 and in age from the teens to low 50's. Our guild doesn't require the use of any third party apps. All time zones and ages are welcome, but our raid times match those of most of our members, who are North American. The usual 24 hour zero damage period applies to our Rancor raids because it can die in less than an hour.

    If you're looking for an active guild, generate 500+ guild tickets a day, and have some 7* characters, send me a PM. We'll toss an invite your way!
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    Sephjet's Squad is recruiting!

    We are a mid-sized Heroic Rancor guild who are looking to grow with like-minded players into a HAAT guild. Requirements are that you are L75+, that you at least contribute to the daily ticket grind, and that you join the guild Discord channel. Friendly and funny people will get preference! For a bit of information on us, we are a mix of player from around the world. Guild times are in Eastern time zone.

    We are running 2 Heroic Pit raids per week but we hope to grow this as we get more members. Normal AAT raids are running whenever the tickets are available. We have a Discord server up and running that is very active for strategy, meta, update, and non-game/social chat.
    PM me if you are interested!

    My Ally Code: 229-329-617

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    Come join the BBQ! We are a HPIT & NAAT CST guild but most are in PST timezone on the verge of completing HAAT. Our guild has recently renewed its overall focus and directives to make the completion of HAAT a priority in preparation for territory battles. As such we are looking to have a smaller guild merge into ours and are willing to clear less than consistent players to do it.

    Things we are NOT:

    1) Interested in giant conglomerate alliances. It is not our style. May work for some but we are about the guild “family” over network. We want to know our guys and build our squads together. Not be with one group one day then have our tight knit team separated to accommodate a newly incorporated guild the next. Yes there is strength in numbers but there is also enjoyment of the game in simplicity.

    2) Micromanage heavy – if you are a daily player and hit at least 360 energy a day you are what we are looking for. We don’t care if you are F2P, Dolphin, Whale, or other manner of sea creature type player (my patronis is a stag) – we just want participation and communication. Territory battles benefit the group that works as a unit. So we will be constantly pulling inactive players.

    3) Militant about activity. Life gets in the way. The things I mentioned about are participation and COMMUNICATION. If you are not playing for a few days due to work, kids, wife, girlfriend, a concert, partying hard, burnout from the game or shark week marathons. It’s ok in our book so long as you respect the group enough to send a message.

    4) Dictatorship. All decisions pass through our 8 person officer structure. That gives plenty of places to voice your concerns as well as a lot of perspective. All members attitudes and opinions matter. Our top players could easily jump into HAAT and ditch the lower half of the guild. We don’t because when we started OFB we wanted to have a group build together. Plain and simple. Didn’t want to sell out then…won’t sell out now.

    5) Not Patriots fans…but we’d love some to create trash talk.

    Things we ARE:

    1) In need of consistent and communicative players. Daily players who enjoy the grind and like to talk strategy. We are a LINE group and expect communication in that forum. Doesn’t mean you have to chatter – just means that it needs to be an option for officers to get in touch with you and for you to be in our Announcement chat.

    2) Work with the group. We break the HAAT goal down by phase. Each player takes a goal team for a certain phase that has a need then pushes that teams gear and mods to their max potential before moving on to another. That’s it – they still put time into arena and other areas but they focus their efforts.

    3) Pretty lax overall. Most of our members are in their mid-thirties and have kids, wife, and jobs. So – we don’t all live sleep and breath swgoh. But we all put in our daily grind.

    4) Hilarious – just ask us.

    Guild Basics:

    24 hour zero HP for HPIT & NAAT raids

    Rotating raid schedule for multiple time zones. We find this the most fair.

    LINE CHAT GUILD – some of us have Discord but older farts like me (37) just find LINE easier.

    We build up lower units so if you are not HPIT or HAAT ready but are focused we want YOU
    Open to strategy ideas: If you did something you liked in the last guild we want to hear about it if you think it helps. Bring it to everyone – but be ready to debate. If the idea isn’t received that doesn’t mean you are not being listened to.

    Territory battles bring the need for consistency. We also don’t want to churn good players just because they can’t do 600/600. We don’t all have millions to spend on crystals (we’re not models).

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    Excited for Territory Battles?
    Friendly guild looking to a few new members!

    We're a casual guild with active players. That means we don't require members to earn 600 guild tickets every day and we don't use 3rd party chat apps but most of us like to play a few times a day. We run Heroic Pit Raids and Normal Tank Takedowns but we are getting ready for HATT so it'd be great to find players who are ready to start gearing teams for it or who have teams for P1 and P3. Other than that there's no real requirements aside from being a respectful adult and being able to see in-game chat. (That's the reason we have so many openings right now, a few players couldn't see chat and we had to give 'em the boot.)

    Message here if interested.
    314-187-745 || Event Suggestions | Bounty Hunting || #JuhaniNextJune #PadméPlease
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    Hi Guys!
    Thanks for all the support to our guild and we are expanding!!
    Our Sister guild "igotabadfeelingboutthistoo" is now up and running!
    As our guild is still in its infant stages, we would like to invited any player which are leisure, layout or even active to join us. We will have officers to guide you along the progress of this game.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any queries. Our officers will reach out to answer any question you may have

    Some informations about our guilds that you might find it useful:
    - igotabadfeelingboutthis (HAAT)
    - Igotabadfeelingboutthistoo (NEW)
    - Guild Reset- 9:30pm EST, 1:30am GMT, 9:30am GMT+8
    - Rancor Raid: In progress
    - AAT Raid: In progress
    - Discord is preferred
    - Any Daily contribution is most welcome!
    - All potential members are welcome

    Recruitment Active times (EST)
    Discord: Frezza#0252 (Officer 9:30am to 3:30pm)
    Discord: Drek#5700 (Officer 3:30pm to 9:30pm)
    Discord: xanadu#6500 (Officer 11:00am to 9:30pm)
    Discord: KG-B#0309 (Recruiter 9:30pm to 9:30am)
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    Order 45 has 2 spots left!!!
    We are running HRancor and Normal AAT (Almost to HAAT)
    Raid ticket production 20-25K
    We have several experienced members that are helpful towards new players
    ORDER 45 accommodates all time zones!
    Third Party Chat App: Discord
    If interested send me a PM here, join discord or send an ally request to either
    SuperTroopers: 243-247-743
    Omi (Officer): 555-329-154
    Dakk Janiels (Officer): 459-584-788

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    We are looking for 1 more active member to join our guild. We are looking for members level 75+ who have at least 15 characters at 7* or higher so that they’ll be able to participate in heroic tank and heroic rancor raids with full squads. We are not looking to add any whales and most of us have been in the guild from early on when it was started. We do not have a ticket requirement but are looking for very active players who will contribute to guild tickets, gear exchange and participate in raids. If you are not active you will be removed (which is why we’re looking for another member). We currently have a group LINE chat going with over 30 members on it but it is not a requirement. We use it because it is easier to communicate on, share strategy, send screenshots of the game, and will use it to coordinate HAAT raids.

    There are a couple of very experienced members in our guild who are able to guide you along the way or answer questions that you may have. Our guild has members from all over the world so we know how to balance raid times so that everyone is happy.

    Heroic rancor has a 24 hour zero damage phase followed by a FFA. We alternate raid times between 8:30 AM, 4:30 PM and 12:30 AM (all times Pacific U.S.). This allows everyone to have a raid time that is convenient for them.

    We are currently knocking out normal tanks in 2-3 days. The guild currently has 4 Zylos and a Zavage so we will be okay in phase 1 when we make the jump to heroic tank. The guild members are currently working on their heroic tank teams for phase 2 and are acquiring either Zavage or a Teebotine/Chirpatine team so that we’re able to get through P3.

    If interested add me at ally code 977-185-135 and I’ll send you a guild invite or you can PM me with any questions you may have about our guild.

    Oh yeah, an added bonus is that we have a few members with Commander Luke Skywalker (who they’re currently gearing up) so if you join us feel free to ally request them to ‘borrow’ CLS for battles. One CLS will be zeta on either Wednesday or Sunday.

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    HaRd KøR is a brand New HPIT & NAAT KøR Guild. I created this Guild to get Serious Players to grow together with as a Unit. Looking for Players from 80-85

    1. We do ask you get 600 Tickets Daily

    2. Line Chat App Is Mandatory

    3. HPIT Raids are Launched at 8pm EST with a Zero Damage for 24 Hrs

    4. NAAT Raids are launched at 9pm EST the day after the last has ended once Launched FTA

    HaRd KøR Leader
    KøR DarthDrama 484-386-634
    Line Chat ID is Matt9278

    Thanks Hope You Make KøR You're New Home & Family
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    What's up, guys? We're a community of guilds that have been playing together for quite some time. Legends is a new player guild but we run Heroic Rancor with the help of some ringers. We have a few openings for you guys and we are willing to take people looking to learn and grow with a family of players. We are looking for newer players that want to ask the more experienced players questions on how to improve at this game.

    You just need to contribute, grow, and be open to working with us. We have promotion system between guilds if you grow faster than the rest so we can make sure you're always maximizing your rewards.

    We're super laid back and are no-drama dudes. Our premise is to build a loyal group of guys/gals that love playing this game and just goof off and geek out on star wars stuff. We raid US times in the evening.

    We use Discord so join here:
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    Hallo lieber Gamer,
    ich möchte euch gerne unseren „Deutschländerwürstchen“ Gildenverbund, bestehend aus zwei Gilden, vorstellen. Wir sind eine aktive Spielgemeinschaft, bestehend aus der Maingilde „DLW Deutschländerwürstchen“ und dem Wing „DLWing“. Die Maingilde ist mit 46/50 Spielern aktuell so gut wie voll, unser Wing hingegen hat mit 30/50 Spielern noch Platz für neue Spieler, die Interesse an einer sowohl spielerisch kompetenten als auch menschlich harmonischen und lustigen deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft haben.
    Du bist alleine, in einer kleinen Gruppe Spielern oder in einer kleinen Gilde, die Interesse auf eine Fusion hat (logischerweise bis zu 20 Mann) und hast Interesse auf gemeinsames Spielen in einem großen Umfeld? Dann melde dich bei uns. Wir würden uns sehr freuen, aktive Spieler in unseren Reihen begrüßen zu dürfen. Wie bereits im Absatz angedeutet, suchen wir besonders für unseren Wing noch Mitstreiter.
    Wir raiden in beiden Gilden T7 Rancor, die Maingilde hat den hAAT mittlerweile auf Farmstatus, der Wing raidet den nAAT (Die Gruppe benötigt für den nAAT zwei Tage). Weitere Informationen bezüglich unserer Regeln könnt ihr gerne erfragen!
    Wir haben, abgesehen von einer Level-Voraussetzung von mindestens Level 80 für den Wing, eigentlich nur zwei Voraussetzungen:
    1) Line Messenger ist unser Kommunikationsmedium, dieser ist (in beiden Gilden) Pflicht! Es existieren mehrere Gruppen, in denen man sich z.B. über Mods, GK oder Raids austauschen kann. Wir haben drei Pflicht-Gruppen: 1) Raidgruppe Rancor 2) Raidgruppe AAT 3) Hauptgruppe
    2) Wir erwarten von ALLEN Gildenmitgliedern (Main & Wing) zielgerichtetes Charakter- & Item-Farmen, um hAAT-ready zu sein. Ebenso ist die Bereitschaft, bei den neuen Territory Battles zielgerecht zu farmen, erwünscht.
    Wir pflegen eine aktive Kommunikation, zudem erwarten wir, dass man zumindest die Chatverläufe in den Pflicht-Gruppen liest und auf direkte Fragen antwortet.

    Wir wünschen uns definitiv eine möglichst hohe Zahl an Raid-Tickets. Wir sind der Auffassung, dass selbst bei einer f2p Spielweise mindestens 500-550 Tickets kein Problem sein sollten!

    Konnte ich euer Interesse wecken? Dann sendet uns eine Kontaktanfrage über Line, die Line-ID des Wing-Leaders ist: „braunizottel“
    Wir freuen uns auf eure Anfragen 
  • TCS
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    Sephjet's Squad is recruiting!

    We are a group of players from around the world (mostly US and UK) who are running Heroic Rancor and T6 Tank 2/3 times each per week. Our reset time is 7:30PM EST/4:30PM PST/12:30AM BST and our raid times are 12PM EST/9AM PST/5PM BST or 6PM EST/3PM PST/11PM BST. Currently have room for members who are L80 and above and are actively looking to build raid teams for both Heroic raids with an eye towards Territory Battles. Looking for players to contribute 600 tickets daily but is not a hard requirement.

    We use Discord for guild chat and raid coordination and joining that is a requirement. We are a very social and friendly group but contribution to chat isn't required, only encouraged. Hoping to find some people that mesh well with our group, follow rules, and contribute strongly to our Heroic raid push in the coming weeks and months.

    We are named after the iconic Sephjet Josall, who single-handedly turned the tide of the Battle of Geonosis. If you would like to join or want more information about us, send me a PM. My Ally and SWGOH info is below.

    - TCS

    Ally Code: 154-848-453
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    We are a guild of 35 players looking to fill in the gap and progress more towards the HAAT raid. We do not require you to do 600 tickets a day but ask that you do at least 400 and I do check. I understand life happens sometimes but do try to get at least 400.

    The Galactic Uprising is a midcore guild looking to broaden our horizons. The 24 hour 0 damage rule is in place for the heroic Pit raid. We are currently still on the T6 AAT, but with more people, we have a better chance of clearing the HAAT. Must be at least level 80 with ten 7* characters at gear level 8 or beyond.

    Boot policy is 2 weeks then you're out, unless otherwise stated you're going to be gone, then we'll work something out.Discord is available and encouraged.

    Thank for you taking the time to read this. My information is as follows.

    649-176-814 ; Ally code
    VeteranWarrior#2512 ; Discord.
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    Parhelion Phantoms is looking for more members at this time. We have fun playing the game and helping each other succeed. Our roster is currently 48/50. Our time zone is BST. Must have at least five 7* toons to raid.
    Rules are simple: 400 minimum tickets daily, Line ID for communication, 24 hr. Zero damage rule for all raids. No absence from either the game or Line for over 72 hours without letting us know. 3 strikes and you're out is our rules.

    We are currently running the NAAT and Rancor T7, but will be doing the HAAT soon.
    Daily ticket average activity for the entire guild is around 21k.
    Message me or become an ally and I will send you an invite...
    Ally code: 572-694-558

    Link to our Guild Rules Video:
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    DILLIGAFF Rebels is looking for active members!

    We are a recently formed guild, having left our previous due to an inactive leader. We are capable of clearing the Heroic Pit raid and looking to progress to the HAAT in the future.

    We are a mostly UK-based bunch, with raids currently starting at 8pm BST.

    We don't have strict rules regarding tickets but do ask for active players who can contribute and will also join our discord channel.

    We're a friendly crowd, so do come and say hello over at

    My ally code is 831-665-351
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    We are currently looking to add 1 player to our team, If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and friendly guild without any strict requirements, look no further!
    What are we seeking:
    We have no strict requirements other than to be active and helpful. As mentioned above, we are a casual guild so you won't find any elitist attitudes or strict requirements, only to be near daily active. We are currently farming Heroic Rancor and normal AAT.
    If interested, please PM me your ally code, or simply send me an invite in-game via 415-932-197
    Thanks, IronBorg
    Guild: StarForge Alpha
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    The Dathomir Alliance is NOW recruiting.

    Nightbrothers of Dathomir X is a friendly & active Guild. 

    We are part of The Dathomir Alliance.
    Our main Guild is The Sons of Dathomir.

    Nightbrothers of Dathomir X are looking for active members (Levels 50 and up w enough 5* characters or higher to help in Raids) who enjoy the game, invested upon becoming better and can participate in all our Guild events.

    We currently run T5 Rancor Raids (2:00 pm CST) and Normal Tank Takedown (10:00 am CST) As our members improve so will the Raids.

    Guild rewards reset at 7:30 pm CST.

    We use the LINE app and want new members to join our LINE group as well. It is not mandatory but strongly encouraged.

    We are a Global Guild but predominately English speaking.

    Join us & grow stronger together!

    Guild: Nightbrothers of Dathomir X

    LINE ID: jaxxsaber

    Dark Saber Ally code : 235 978 531

    Apply now or send me a private message.
    Thank you for your consideration. 
    May the Force be with you.



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    Hello! We are Fear the Hunters. We are a friendly guild recruiting active players and working towards being hAAT ready! We launch 2 heroic pits and 2 AAT a week. There's a 12 hour 0 damage period for the rancor and FFA for the AAT. We have members mostly in Europe and America, and launch times are convenient for people in or around such places.

    Our main goal as a guild at the moment is getting ready for the HAAT (we're getting close), but we're eagerly waiting for territories, since it might be a fun game mode to work together as a guild.

    We're a very chill guild and have no minimum requirements, just staying fairly active and are respectful to your guildmates. We have both heavy hitters and casual players.

    If you wanna beat that hAAT and not worry about minimums and requirements this is your guild! The only thing we ask of our members is to respect the 0 damage period for raids.

    Our communication is mostly by discord. It is not mandatory but reccomended to be in our guild chat.

    Add me in discord or in-game for an invite:

    -Discord: epalerafa#7106 -Ally code: 417-475-617

    -guild name: Fear the Hunters

    -time zone: America/ Europe

    -short version of rules: Try to get 600 daily tickets (not enforced, life happens). Respect 0 damage in raids.

    -third party chat apps you use: Discord. Add me! epalerafa#7106

    -which tier of The Pit raid you are currently raiding: Heroic. Goes down in about 20 mins, 12h 0 damage period.

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    Currently Recruiting for a new guild with a high focus on high level content.

    Nerfherders United
    British timezone
    running the t7 Rancor and t6 aat
    must be a daily active member and consistently post damage on every raid.
    must communicate in the ingame chat.
    If you wish to join the guild add me, Ally Code: 215-772-958
    Then we will view your profile to see if you are suited to us
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    # IMPERIUM GALACTICUM Pioneer(Part of IG Alliance) looking for active players
    - Main purpose of this guild is help people improve, when it become pre-HAAT level we will provide support to turn this guild into HAAT guild.
    - All members using Discord
    - Raids at 18 gmt guild reset 15 gmt
    - All players welcome to join
    - We are running nAAT and heroic rancor
    - We prefer 600 ticket players for faster improve
    Join our meeting hall to discuss :)
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    Disclaimer for this message board: Even though we are HAAT, we are recruiting on this board because we are looking for members who are close but maybe not there yet. Members who would like to be in HAAT guilds but dont want to be a bottom feeder or used for their energy. We design our raids to help these players. "Rise of the Fallen" is composed of players that were used in these scenarios, bottom feeders and have now risen to the occasion.

    **So many cool guilds on here its hard to stand out as the guild of choice for players, especially when funded, non independent guilds are always heavily recruiting and tricking players with false promises. Most only want you to generate raid tickets for them and will dump you when they find better options or if you miss a day.

    ** Do any of them talk about YOU when recruiting? Growing your roster? OR do they only talk about their raids or maxing out raid tickets???

    **We wont kick you if we find better players, we will donate to you. We are a fun loving group that is still competitive without all of the martial law.

    Guild Recruitment poster:

    "Rise 0f The Fallen" is looking for members as 2 have recently retired from the game.

    Looking for members wanting to personally grow in order to get 7 star, gear 10+ characters and be a contributor on all heroic raids. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR WHALES, MERCS OR MASSIVE DAMAGE DEALERS.

    We are looking members to have a team first attitude as we do many catch up raids to assist the mid and lower tier members and donate heavily to each other so we can all grow each other's rosters. Someone who wants a home, not a guild hopper. We want you to be successful and grow your roster to its fullest extent!

    About us:
    1. Top 600 HAAT guild.
    2. The guild uses discord with multiple channels covering many topics.
    3. We are laid back but competitive. No martial law here
    4. Our seasoned veterans have incredible advice for any situation.

    1. Use all free daily energy if you can. (Try for no less than 500. 600 is the goal from everyone, but we know life happens)
    2. Recommend: 20-30 7 star characters with 7-10 Gear 10+ (If you do not hit these numbers but are close, you may apply)
    3. Willing to do raids starting between 3:30 and 4pm central US time. Non US players are very welcome as we have 12, but we will be running raids on US time.

    PM me if interested or if you have more questions.

    I wish you good fortune in the wars to come...
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    My name is DarkBlade and I am the guild leader of the Sentinels of the Force. While we are young guild, we place emphasis on commitment to 500 tickets. As a standalone guild we have unique experiences and advice to give. We understand we aren't TI or Dark Łords. We are not YET an end game guild. But we are a strong, focused core seeking to get the most out of the game at our current level. Arena and Territory Battle domination are our goal. Please add DarkBlade#1162 on Discord to discuss joining the family, or visit our server at
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    12mm1826 wrote: »
    The Empire is a growing collection of some of the most active, sociable, knowledgeable
    SWGOH gamers that together run four raiding teams under The Empire umbrella. Kashyyyk
    was a member of the Republic since its inception. However, as time passed and Kashyyyk's period in the Republic began to fade, it was time for a new power to rise to bring peace and stability to the galaxy and so, from the ashes of the Republic, the Empire was born. We are all about family, unity and working together to overcome any obstacle/new content the game can throw at us.
    Almost all members are level 85 and
    members are primarily based in the US, and Ava and Nihilus, the Empire leaders, are in the
    eastern time zone.
    Empire Hoth has a casual environment, but would like to see motivated individuals who would like to raid and help others, donate, and constantly strive to 600. We promote hard working raiders to our HAAT guilds. Empire Hoth is currently is raiding at 4pm US Eastern.
    Key Questions:

    What is the most important thing to know about being in The Empire?
    We believe that communication is important from both the guild leadership and the guild
    members. We've set up a Charter for all prospective members with additional guild information,
    which is available to view here: >>>
    0/edit"]Empire Charter[/url]<<<. Our goal with the charter is to help set expectations and reduce
    confusion/uncertainty. Thus, we have information on the Imperial Community at large, raid
    times, and more within our charter. We created a concise and
    user-friendly document as our mission, and as always, is to help others grow in a fun and
    welcoming environment. Also, we really like blowing up tanks and decapitating rancors. So
    check out the charter and let us know if you have questions or would like more information.
    Now what are the Empire Hoth's requirements you ask? Pretty simple;
    * Be on Discord
    * Be a positive influence in the community (and donate ~1 pieceof gear/day)
    * Have fun
    Feel free to contact our Imperial leaders through any of the below means:
    Visit us on Discord >>>HERE<<< and let us
    ProCapper wrote: »
    Are you looking for veteran leadership with a Plan? We can help!

    We run an HAAT Guild and have begun a new guild to accommodate our overflow. We are old guys (30s-50s) who have built a solid and duplicatable system. Follow our system and you will never go back to just winging it again.

    Let's work together to make your guild stronger and more effective. We can currently absorb a guild of 1-25 Members. (Level is not important, daily activity is.)

    If you want more details hit me up and we can talk

    ProCapper wrote: »
    Are you looking for veteran leadership with a Plan? We can help!

    We run an HAAT Guild and have begun a new guild to accommodate our overflow. We are old guys (30s-50s) who have built a solid and duplicatable system. Follow our system and you will never go back to just winging it again.

    Let's work together to make your guild stronger and more effective. We can currently absorb a guild of 1-25 Members. (Level is not important, daily activity is.)

    If you want more details hit me up and we can talk


    Being part of the Wampas is like being part of a family! Come join Hoth!
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    Short Stormtrüpers 2 is looking for 15 players. Best guild in town. Just don't suck too bad and have a minimum of 5 4* toons. We're doing a couple heroic pits a week and throwing in a tier 4 for our lower level members. You'll be set and ready to rock out with your socks on. See ya here!
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    Vaderwasframed is recruiting!

    We are a heroic Rancor, normal AAT guild looking for additional players to build up to heroic AAT and prepare for Territory Battles.

    - Time zone is Eastern Time (east coast US), but we have a bunch of players around the globe

    - We observe a 24-hour zero damage period after starting the pit raid. Free for all thereafter.

    - Tank raid is free for all all the time!

    - We have a discord server and LINE group, haven't decided which is best yet, but LINE seems to have the edge.

    If you're interested in getting your daily 600 in and helping a fun guild get better, contact me via discord:
    Grand Moof#3409
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    "Hello there! Come here my little friend, don’t be afraid…"

    The Z Nutt Tossahs (ZNT) is looking add 10 - 15 daily active players to its ranks! We are a committed, friendly group looking to overhauling our roster in preparation for the HAAT and the new Territory Battle game mode. We welcome Level 78+ players (F2P or P2P) and are invested in helping new members refine their roster and find success in the Raids.

    We are Heroic Pit Raid Guild and are currently running NAAT Tank Takedowns.

    We have grown from a trio of three Star Wars “enthusiasts” into an international Guild with members from exotic places such as Canada! Our core members hail from the USA, Brazil, Portugal, Turkey, and, of course, Canada (we have a lot of Canadian members). Our common language is Galactic Basic (English) but we have members that speak fluent French and Portuguese. Our approach to the game is enthusiastic; we want General Kenobi & all the new characters the Territory Battles may offer! We have online resources to help players develop their roster in a productive, personalized manner. A majority of our members are F2P with some that occasionally spend a few bucks.

    Our Guild Activities reset at 7:30 pm EST.

    Our Pit Raids run on a rotation beginning with a T5 that is reserved exclusively for developing members, all established members earn rewards for their zero point contribution.

    Following the T5 we launch three T7/Heroic Rancor Raids. A mandatory 24 hour Zero Damage Period applies to all of the T7 Raids. Once this 24 hr period concludes members may battle at will. We typically run two Rancor Raids a week starting at 11 am ET or 10 pm ET. If tickets are available we will run a BONUS third raid.

    NAAT launch whenever we have the requisite tickets, typically running twice a week.

    DISCORD & Guild Chat
    Access to Discord is strongly urged, but not required. For members not comfortable using external methods of communication they can stick with the in-game chat.

    While we enjoy playful banter, please be polite and respectful of others. We're all different individuals from all over the world, with different views on all kinds of subjects. By all means, discuss, but keep it cool and respect differing opinions.

    600/600 tickets per day is a loose requirement. While all our members are encouraged to contribute the maximum ticket amounts, we know folks have lives outside of Star Wars. (I know, but it happens.) We keep track of how many daily raid tickets everyone contributes. Members that are found to be underproducing will receive a warning. If their inactivity continues, they will be removed from the Guild.

    Participation in ALL raids is required. Communicate with the officers if you aren’t able to participate in scheduled Raids.

    Level 78+ player. Ideally, you have an profile, but it isn’t necessary. You should have at least one full 7-star team. Be an active, daily player. We will consider players that are of a lower level, and/or with less 7-star characters if said player is extremely active and progressing fast.

    Contact Zag Nuttz#1519 on Discord or DM me with your questions or interest!
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    Developmental Guild – Openings Available
    * Requires 400-600 raid tickets/energy per day
    * Level 85 player preferred but 70-80 we can work with
    * Currently fighting Tier 7 Rancor Raids & Tier 6 AAT Raids – should be fighting HAAT within a month once Guild is back to full capacity.

    Come and join us every single person in guild is pretty active and dedicated to getting both heroic and territory battles on farm. We had heroic rancor on farm and were 2 weeks away from HAAT. Big group of us decided to leave last guild because of inactive leader and working our way up on to starting heroics again. We should be on heroic rancor hopefully next week with some recruitment that we just started doing recently for tickets. If interested my ally code is 152-374-864. Give me 2 weeks and if doesn't do it for you can leave. Also discord is a requirement for us moving forward. Guild name is Aka'liit. Give us a chance we have a good community and main players have been playing since 2015 . Rest of group that moved over have been playing 4-8 months with some since release.

    Currently we are not trying to join merge with anybody but if this doesn't work out we may not have a choice
  • pnhuy
    92 posts Member
    edited August 2017
    Vietnam Hero Group
    -Time zone: GMT+7

    -Heroic Rancor and Nomal AAT: opened from 09:00AM to 09:00PM, 0 damage till 09:05PM.

    -We have plan to fight hAAT for next 3 months.

    -Language: English, Vietnamese

    -We have 20k+ tickets/day.

    -What members need:
    +Do not off over 2 days; if you're busy please notice to guild.
    +Over 500 ticket /day.
    +Obey raid rules.

    *My Ally Code 598-661-688
    *Thanks for reading my post.
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