• Mongoose
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    Found A guild. Thank you for all the offers

    Looking for an active guild for HAAT and TB.

    Link to

    Galactic Power: 1.2 mill

    Player Level: 85

    Number of 7*: 57

    Average Arena Rank: 100

    Type of Play: F2P

    Time-zone: PST

    Discord: KB#3761

    Ally Code: 112-623-957
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  • Busco Gremio/ Looking for a Guild
    Hola tengo hora de México y busco un gremio respetuoso y activo.
    Hi my time zone is the one of Mexico City. I'm looking for a guild that it's active and that every member has respect for each other.

    Poder Galáctico / Galactic Power: 1,560,000
    Arena: Top 5 (a la hora de paga/pay time)
    Gear XI y X: TOTAL: 24 Gear XI (13) Gear X: 11
    I have Commander Luke (Tengo a Comandante Luke)

    Busco a un gremio que sobrepase los 65,000 puntos...

    Private Message please.
  • Ethan_Geilvta1
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    Found a guild
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  • Level 85. Galactic power 737,000 - a dozen seven star characters - play daily. 16,839 lifetime guild tokens. Looking for an active guild that regularly opens and completes raids.

    Player Id 292-817-762
  • Nodrog
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    Guild found, thanks for the invites

    Nodrog is the name. Daily player.

    Level 85
    Player code. 324-485-689
    Star 7 - 10
    Star 6 - 13 soon to be 15
    Star 5. - 26 soon to be 33
    Gp. - 928,000
    F2p so far

    Looking for an active guild 40+ people.
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  • costahd
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    Experienced player
    Level 75 / fast growing
    7* characters: 19
    Galactic Power 627,711
    Galactic Power (Characters) 352,412
    Galactic Power (Ships) 275,299
    Player type: PvP/dolphin
    Arena: top 1 - 5

    Daily player and 600 tickets
    This is my main account in terms of focus

    - active guild and almost full
    Will be a plus (optional): Time zone UTC or GMT, GMT +1, GMT +2

    I am the owner of so we can discuss a collaboration to grow your alliance, training, recruiting and many more

    Line ID: costahd
    Discord ID: costahd#5845

  • DavieRD1973
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    Found a guild. Thanks to all for your offers. :)
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  • SentinelBorg
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  • Relenquiem
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    Joined a guild, thank you all
  • Level 79

    Ally Code 611-567-569
    7* = 6
    6* = 10
    Galactic Power = 135 219
    Twitch = van_pierse
    Daily player, 600 tickets

    Please :(
  • Grej
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    Found a guild!

    Username: Grej

    Ally code: 355-375-188

    Level: 85

    Arena Rank: 100-200's

    Five gear 11 and 7 gear 10 characters

    Looking for active guild that consistently does HAAT and Heroic Rancor
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  • Hey, Im looking for an active guild with heroic raids. Unfortunately the only thing now that i can provide is my 600 daily points. If thats enough contact me.
    Name: ISmeRED
    Ally code: 911-884-298
  • Redtray
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    Found a spot. Thanks for all the PMs.
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  • Hey guys, looking for a guild too join, im level 85 and I have 20 7* characters
    I can’t contact through line as my App Store for some reason wont let me install it, so I apologise for that
    I’m happy too join anyone

    Ally Code: 634-321-735
    I’m a F2P Person by the way
  • Looking for an active guild for HAAT and TB.

    Galactic Power: 900.294

    Player Level: 85

    Number of 7*: 40

    Average Arena Rank: 500

    Type of Play: F2P

    Time-zone: EST

    Ally Code: 626-172-748
  • ElricOfMeln
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    Thanks all. Have found a guild.
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  • Hi, just started the other day. Level 28 player. Basically looking for a beginners guild that is going to be running T1 - T3 raids. I don't have a lot of characters and none over 3*, but I will be active daily. Would prefer a guild that has at least 30 members who are active daily. I'm FTP only, but do tend to spend earned crystals for energy refreshes.

    Ally code - 225-481-554
  • BarBar
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    Found one. Thanks for the invites
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  • dannydpx
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    found a guild
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  • Afm007
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    Looking for a daily active guild with communication. (Need Han & GK shards)

    In Game: AFM007
    Ally code: 293-182-953
    Daily player, 707k GP

    Discord: afm007#7441

    Player lvl 84 (1 week from 85)

    7*: 22
    6*: 7 (Hoth Solider 99/100)
    5*: 5 (Hoth scout 75/85)
    (55/80 CHS Shards)

    Avg Arena Rank: High 200s

    Type of play: dolphin/whale

    Time zone: Eastern (EST) USA
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  • RheaZaddy
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    Looking for a guild running Discord to every player.
    GP 70M+

    Discord: Rhea87#5612
    My GP: 1.33M

    Time Zone: EST
  • Hello

    I am looking for a guild that is currently doing HAAT raids and farming GK shards.

    Player level 85

    GP: 1M+

    Arena Rank (ranging from 50 - 30+), I try to keep myself in top 50

    Asia TZ (GMT +8), so would prefer a Guild based in same TZ or have raids during my waking hours

    Plays and Complete all Challenges Daily, will generate at least 500 per day, F2P

    Check out:

    Discord: sg-daddy#2226

    Keen to share and learn from others and help one another.

    Ally ID: 556=571-585

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • I found a guild... thank you everyone for your invitations!!
  • dorfaigen
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    Found a Guild, thank you all for invitaions :)
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  • I found a guild thanks every who pinged me
  • Mike_ITA
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    Found one
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  • Ally code 112 355 348
    Lvl 85
    Arena rank usually low 100
    13 g11s
    76 7 starred
    Looking for a uk based guild for raid times. Get at least 450 ticket but will do 600 if rest do the same in guild. Looking for a haat guild as rest of current guild won't try for it. 1.5 million gp. More spectacular toons I have are cls, r2, raid han, yoda and ep. Add me on allies or leave a comment here and I'll get back to you. If any questions please feel free
  • Flitsmuis
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    Player level 85
    Dolphin looking for serious territory guild.with Galactic power over or near 100 M.
    Galactic Power at 1.758 M ( can easily increase if I equip mods as most are unmodded)
    Raid times Around 9 - 11:30 PM - Amsterdam EU time preferred
    aslong as it is not in 6 PM - 8:00 PM Or 12 at night to 10 AM since i would not be able to play

    28.000 to 30.000 tickets consistent
    Please do not message me if you are not in my requirments.

    Currently completing hard node farming:
    39/85 Hoth Rebel Soldier
    77/100 Finn
    23/100 Nihilus
    13/100 General Veers
    77/85 Plo kloon
    39/50 baze
    22/85 shore trooper.

    5/65 Capt Han solo
    (only night sister acolyte, geonosian spy, kit fisto, sith trooper, director krennic, Gar Saxon, Imperial Super Commander left for cantina farming.)
    (lobot, urorrrrr'r, magnaguard for Hard node farming.)
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  • Hi!

    Okay so a bit about me, i'm a level 85 (mostly F2P) player who's been playing since December 2016. I average between 300-500 on both arena and fleet arena.

    I play every day, easily get my 600/600, i do have a discord set up but as my current guild doesnt use it i've never really used it, i would be open to using it or setting up another account like line for example.

    My SWGOH profile is and my Ally Code is 466-387-177.

    I am looking for a guild that is completing HAAT or working toward it. And preferably Heroic Rancor aswell.

    I am from England so a UK based guild would be great!

    Please feel free to Message me if there's anything else you want/need to know, thanks!
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