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    I don't understand the outrage. People get their unders in a bind because they have a fluffy roster for GA and now that there is an attempt to give fluffy rosters an advantage everyone blows up?

    And it's for 1, ONE, UNO, territory war. A game mode where the difference between first and second place rewards are so small it's not even worth the effort.

    I get the rewards are meh I agree...at the same time... I do understand you have guilds at the very top full of rich people GROUPS of rich people in the most elite guilds who like to think they are mobile gaming Machiavelli. and since they spend in a week what I spend in a year...If they want it "Thy Whale wishes will be done" Amen... lol CG can then take that million dollars and put their usual 35 cents towards ships..... in only 3 more years the budget for ships will be up to 1.00 !!!!! then the fun starts
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    Wow, there are a lot of complainers here. How about giving it a shot first? Everyone seemed to like the toon bonuses in Nov. EA didn't consult with the player base on that. They threw it out there, we played it and it was good. Maybe the mistake here by EA was actually soliciting feedback.

    TW has gotten a bit stale. We're seeing a lot of the same teams and tactics being used. This will force guilds to come up with new strategies and team combinations on the fly. It promotes experimentation That sounds like fun to me.

    I see a lot more valid points on why its bad then just the usual old its bad arguments. I mean your complaining right now AMIRITE

    You're right, I was complaining about the complaining!

    The concept of using more of your roster to shake teams out of the same old game play match ups is what makes GA fun to me. Temporarily handicapping rosters promotes the same thing in my mind. EA already does this with light side and dark side TBs. Nobody is complaining about not being able to use Traya in light side TB?

    My gripe is calling it the "worst idea ever" before trying it out. That type of outrage is ridiculous. The devs and game producers are monitoring all the playing data. They see what we're doing, who we're using, how many people are engaging. This idea isn't falling from the sky. Maybe it'll be fun. Maybe it'll be flop. I see the potential and I'm willing to give it a shot.

    What’s your ally code? Let’s see how roster invested you are. Could lend weight to your opinion or make it obvious why you have said opinion.
  • This may be what finally drives me away from this game. It's a mobile game for **** sake...I don't have all day to sit around and try to figure out what kind of squad I can throw together from the scraps that are left after my best toons get voted off the island. I'll give it a shot, but if it is a dumpster fire like I think it will be, I'm gone...and I'm well aware that you really don't give a crap about me so I don't need any forum trolls telling me they don't care. I'm just venting. Deal with it.
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    The link to the survey appears to be broken for me

    Edit: works now
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    Dumb idea. If we’re taking a vote
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    The reason why this works in League of Legends for example is that the choice is dynamic, meaning that you can/need to tailor it to circumstance.

    I don't even know if GP will be calculated based on the characters that are not banned for matchmaking, as that is by no means obvious.
  • I registered on this forum specifically to leave this outcry - WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF FUN AND PLAYFULNES GUYS?!

    I hope this is just one off test run and you won’t ever return to the idea of promoting fun by restriction (sick!)

    The only mode in which banning toons (probably not more than one at best) from the opponent’s roster would be viable (imo) is 1vs1 duelling.

    Reasons clearly and explicitly explained above by other members of our community. Well done guys.
  • I really don't like the sound of blocking out toons. It sounds awful. More November style buffs to random characters please!
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    Totally disagree, u force poi to spend money to be competitive and then u candel pg from tw...

    And tw reward is better then ga, so tw is still the most important event...
  • My child wouldn't eat. She was 3. I knew she needed to eat as it was a few days since she had eaten anything. There was absolutely nothing I could do to make her eat - not a thing.

    People arguing against gamers with valid complaints about bans on toons in TW are like me trying to force my child to eat... I can safely say, no matter your argument, you will not be able to force them to accept the idea bans are a good thing. So the best thing to do is listen to the complaints, and respond to their feedback.
    what an ugly thing to say... does this mean we're not friends anymore?
  • Well in fairness... using your analogy, Ford unintentionally does this consistently. You buy one, the next week the radio doesn’t work, week after that the power seat. Etc. But anyways, I suggest focusing more on hitting your 600 and less on EA bashing! NJO4L
  • Please just back track, and dump this idea!

    Ga= pvp individual
    Tw= pvp guild vs guild

    Leave it as is
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    If the votes go a certain way, could we see old metas like the dooku/old Ben dodge lead being the game changer or other old/useless characters being the MVPs? I have my 7 star Jedi consular ready
  • Alot if trading card games ban or limit cards even days after there release to make gameplay more fun, fair and different so its the same here by doing random bans on the "meta" characters/teams in tw/ga it forces players to think of teams differently and try new things yes it affects a majority of the teams i use but i still look forward to it and will enjoy it also cause other faction can come into play i was thinking banning toons would be a great idea even a few months ago
  • I don't understand why you would change TW. Maybe I missed it, but I sure didn't see a bunch of posts asking for it to be changed.

    Maybe work on fixing the bugs on GA and make it more enjoyable before messing with TW.

    Totally enjoy that our alliance can pick and choose any team we feel appropriate on offense or defense. Hate the thought you would restrict characters. Bad enough the latest and greatest pop up in TB...but hey, that separates the whales from the rest, so I get it for TB. Don't make it spread to other parts of the game.
  • Have us vote on buffs, not bans.
  • You could effectively ban a character by giving a big buff to another. Case in point, the Mace Windu buff. Anyone that played sith on defense that month had their walls taken down in minutes. This is a better approach because the toons affected can still be effective on offense.
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    Playful? Fun? Where? What I miss? :D:D
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    You could effectively ban a character by giving a big buff to another. Case in point, the Mace Windu buff. Anyone that played sith on defense that month had their walls taken down in minutes. This is a better approach because the toons affected can still be effective on offense.

    You can 3 man a fully zeta'd meta Sith line tho, among so many other counters. Mace being op v sith wasn't the only reason those didn't hold lol
    But I like you're point there. I'd much rather see fun buffs like the mace one than see toons locked out of events. As I said before, a very dangerous precedent for the future of this game.. Y'all thought chewy was bad..
  • Few important questions really need to be addressed:
    1) will GP be adjusted, ie the banned characters deducted from total GP?
    2) will the number of teams to be set be adjusted now that we have fewer toons?
    3) will the banned toons be usable as pilots?

    Aside from this, seems like an interesting thought taken way to far. By slicing 28 chars you risk slicing out a lot more as fallout.
    Ie. if MT and AV are both cut, all NS are much less use, several probably useless. Same goes for other heavy synergy teams, eg phoenix without their lead.
    Might have been more fun with less banning, and regardless it seems dumb to do this for the first real TW in ages. Let’s have some fun with the normal format before mashing it up, please.
  • HERE'S an IDEA!!!

    Instead of totally messing this up and making it more complicated than it needs to be, I have a few suggestions that I've been thinking about since shortly after TW was launched.

    Introduce a second map, reduce member requirements from 25 to 20. Run both maps simultaneously, giving a guild the option to go all in on one map, or split the guild up into 2 groups.

    Going all in for MAX rewards runs the risk of failure, but strategically dividing the guild and balancing stronger and weaker members would make for a more interesting scenario.

    Perhaps borrow aspects from GA, making some territories only have 3 character squads.

    Completely eliminating characters from participation negates the time and effort many have made into these characters and squads.

    Just a suggestions and something to think about.
  • CG This TW idea is probably one of the worst ideas you decided to come up with. You expect us (the community) to work towards certain teams for all aspects of the game to which some have spent real money on aka Revan, one of your most blatant money grabs in the history of the game, only for you to cannibalize each meta team. I think if you would have flipped this idea from a negative, taking crucial toons away from a meta team, to a positive where the community could vote on certain TW buffs. I really hope this helps because from the looks of it you all really need it. Good luck and I hope you decide to reverse this horrible decision.
  • I think it's genius... sorry Mobile Gamer and co but this is going to test us a bit. Let's see what happens. I'm all keen to try something new and see if it works. If you haven't tried it, don't complain. This is fun and playful.
  • Worst idea for the game to date.... thanks for ruining my favorite part of the game. Also, can I get a refund for any money/gear/time/energy I’ve spent over the last 3 years working on these specific toons for TW that are now going to be rendered useless?
  • Please put this idea in the round file immediately.

    While we are voting out characters, I vote Revan be DQ'd from arena because I don't have him. Thanks.
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