Insufficient Storage for Update **Megathread**


  • Same problem here. I cant log in since 29.9. 18:00 or 19:00
    Andeoid 5.0.1
    Ally code : 822-425-388
    Team : lead Phasma, Rey, QGJ, Fives, Luminara
    I already tried too uinstall game but it didnt work snd problem remains.
    "There was an error downloading localization files. You may not have enough disc space available."
  • I remove the SD card, loaded the game, then re insertar the SD. problem solved!
  • 1. Kindle Fire HD (Side loaded Google Play store)
    2. Uknown I cant get into the game to view it
    3. Akbar Lead, 6 Star Lando, 7 star Biggs, 6 star Leia, 7 star Phasma
    4. Game Name TheSnoMan
    5. Ive uninstalled and re-installed the game, I have over 2GB of free space on the internal storage and another 27+ GB of storage on my SD card.
  • I solved problem... i only changed downloading files from SD card to mobile... in phone settings. It automatically reseted my phone and then game run without problem. Thanks for advices :)
  • Slayer2faith
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    Finally got in after going to play store & uninstalling & installing again & crossing my fingers. Lost 16 hours, 2 lots of bonus energy & cantina plus about another 40 regular energy as it reached cap. Not to mention hrs of frustration restarting my ph & reading about it in the forums. Was never any help offered from ea/devs whoever they are. So where's my compensation? Disgusted to finally get in & find nothing for this in my inbox. Added to that they started double drops sometime 2day with this going on which means my lost energy was twice as valuable. Disgraceful! 4:47am now I've lost another arena attempt as it crashed AGAIN just as the match started. I see others have this prob too. This has actually happened a fair bit lately as well. An attempt lost every 1 or 2 days because of crashing. Very frustrating as I have never refreshed arena. Earlier it crashed in the middle of galactic war as well.
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  • mccainrj
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    Same thing, dunno my ally #. Cant login, ive restarted, re-installed, cleared cache, cleared data, removed SD, mounted SD, & prayed over it... nothing. Probably a good thing bc I was spending too much. I wonder if someone will lose their job over this bc it has got to be costing EA quite a bit.

    Galaxy Note 4
    Stillico Rex
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  • Galaxy note 2 android version 4.4.4. Dont know ally code. Arena team- Palp lead with vader, qui gon, leia, rey. Tried everything and nothing worked, already lost 24 hrs of gameplay. Pls help.
  • After more than 24 hours and I still can not enter the game follows me out the error message disk space

    galaxy note 2 lollipop 5.1.1
  • Cannot log in since 29/09/2016.
    Issue: "Cannot find localization files, maybe insufficient memory"
    I have over 4 gigs storage space available.
    No update option at Google play store.
    Samsung tablet, android 4.1.2
    Don't know my ally code.(can't log in!)
    My name in game is DarkNihilus (guild Czarne Slonce)
    Current line up in arena: Phasma lead, RG, QGJ, Old Daka, Tie Pilot.
    I will not go uninstall/reinstall untill I'm sure it's going to work.
    Please help!!!
  • 1. Nexus 5 (Android 6.0.1 Cyanogenmod CAF)
    2. Don't know (in game wintermute089)
    3. No arena yet, starter characters

    I have tried all the suggested strategies (clear cache/data, reboot, reinstall) but nothing helps. I have read that someone fixed this issue by transfering the game to the SD card. Since I have a Nexus 5 that is not an option...
  • El juego sin sin funcionar y tengo el espacio necesario, si sigue así lo tendré que desechar.
  • Sigue el mismo problema de almacenamiento, por favor arreglarlo si no poco a poco perderán usuarios, incluyéndome.
  • i just noticed that ea has responded in Google play to people that have given favorable ratings to Heroes as recently as today, but hasn't addressed any of this at all...
  • Akenbard
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    i rememeber only lineup and device Huawei P8Lite(android 5.0.1), Clone War Chewbacca, Qui Gon, Eth Koth, Jedi Consular, Talia. How i can check my Ally code outside game...
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  • 1-- Huawei q play mini, android 4.4.2
    2- ally code 921-449-422
    3- phasma, luminara, qgj, leia, rey.
  • Slimmer82
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    Huawei honor5x 5.1.1
    Allycode don't know
    Count duku.. yoda...aji.. lumi... forget already
    User slimmer
    Try everything reboot few time reinstall few time move to sd card.. move to phone (hard restore) also same error insufficient memory to download localize file.
    Help on this issue already like this few days...from 29.9.16

    Issue resolve by mapping memory to local storage...
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  • Hi everyone,
    Same problème here since 29/09. Ally code cannot be retrieved because of the bug but my ally name is Mayar Tepoï.
    I am on Galaxy Tab S.
  • It worked, after moving the game from my sd-card to the phone and physically removing the SD-card.

    For the record: Huawei Y635, Android 4.4.4
  • Apo
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    Is EA gonna privide any fix for this? Im still unable to play.
  • Torakan wrote: »
    What type of device are you using?
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running Android 5.1.1

    Ally code

    Current squad lineup at time of issue
    Cheewie, Luminara, Talia, Geonosian Soldier, Darth Sidious

    I have tried to clean the cache and data. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall. I have tried to reboot the phone, without any luck. I still get the error message:

    "There was an error downloading localization files. You may not have enough disk space available."

    I have around 4.5GB on both the phone and on my SD-card.

    Edit: I've also tried to remove the SD-card and reboot, without any luck.
    I still haven't got it to work. Still same problem, and I haven't seen any fix or update.
    Right now, I'm playing this game through LeapDroid, the Android emulator.
  • Ive been playing on my cheap android tablet called the GPD q9 and the game was working on it since i got it like a week ago and now 2 days later i get this message saying " there was an error downloading localization files. You may not have enough disk space available"???
  • I also couldn't log in 29th and 30th September after the update, same message, localisation file's insufficient space. I Cleared cache and rebooted today and it worked
  • A alguien le han dado alguna solución? Yo sigo igual ,memoria insuficiente por el archivo de localización y no me deja entrar, he probado de todo. U tengo espacio de sobra.
  • Can someone using a rooted android phone confirm the game is working for them? This feels similar to the recent Pokemon Go update where they locked out all rooted/jailbroken phones.
  • I've the same problem too, even though after i clear the cache, and my game software is in SD card. Have not been able to login since 29/9 after update.
    Sony Xperia ZL
  • I'm using a Huawei Ascend P6
    Can't find thee ally code
    Lineup: Dooku, CT 5555, Genosian Soldier, Old Daka and Poggle
    My last login was on 29 of september
  • Phone Model: ZTE Z958 Ally Code: 453-528-251
    Current Squad Arena Lineup: Dooku, Fives, Qui-Gon, Luminara, Darth Sidious
  • Hola, tengo la solución al problema de la memoria, al menos a mi me ha funcionado. Os comento, pasar el juego al telefono, apagar el movil y quitar la tarjeta de memoria, encenderlo sin la tarjeta de memoria, borrar caché y listo. A mi me ha funcionado asi, una vez que ya me funcionó, meti la tarjeta sd. Espero q os sirva de ayuda. Un saludo!!
  • Swiggernag
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    Still got the same problem with storage since update 9/29
    Tried everything (uninstall, clear cache, move from sd card to phone, remove sd card physically, reboot device)

    1. Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 5.1.1)
    2. Don't know Ally code (Player name Swiggernag)
    3. Darth Sidious (Leader), IG 86, Admiral Ackbar, Chewbacca and Talia/Royal Guard
  • 1.- Sony Xperia Z3 ( Android the new one)
    2.- ID _h_CI7ugS_uIIC_CHS6V1w (I can see the Ally Code )
    3.- Vader, Jedi Consul, Chewbacca, Darth Sidious, Talia.

    Storage Issue
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