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    I only commented because I enjoy the fact they can crank out fixes like no ones business when it affects them. But if it benefits "the players" the fix will be completed when they get to it.
    Yep. Agree
  • As long as they take the aforementioned and common sense solution proposed several times in this thread (reduce/remove the health steal from isolate against Bosses), I actually approve of the fix from the long term health perspective of the game.
    Leaving this in play would let just about every player who gains a 7* Traya immediately jump to one of the hundreds if not thousands of ‘almost heroic ready’ guilds and for 20 odd minutes of playtime every raid just sit in the top spot and gain the g12+ rewards almost infinitely (why sit in a guild taking 25th-50th place rewards when you could be one of the rich get much richer, because they could just keep Guild hopping as the guild gets closer to 7* trayas of their own). It also gets tons of entire guilds onto getting Traya shards much faster. Which would propagate her and the better g12+ pieces into the game faster than intended.

    Now, if they muck about with the Ventress lead... whole other story.
  • It’s the track record. We all know that ns is going to be nullified. Happy to be wrong.

    Also - the communication when something is clearly affecting cg as opposed to us. But I am happy they said it here :)

    I love the minds that work this out and see it come into fruition. I give you guys so much credit for being this in tune with the game. Yet I understand the need to fix it. It’s the devs world we just play in it.
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    The game truly is like gambling. The house has the advantage and when someone figures out a way to even the odds they send out the security team to make sure they know they won’t be taken advantage of.

    Yup and I believe they should. I like the challenge of this raid. It sucks the rewards aren't better, but this isn't going to change. So I just sit back and play as often as I feel like it.
  • Just to show how much attention "they" pay to this place, look in off-topic. Notice anything?
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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    Goodness, all this grief from a bunch of people that couldn't even do this anyway. It's like being upset with Bentley because they decided to remove cup holders. You dont have Bentley so no worries.

    It's more like removing the wheel and saying "Drive something else" -- that is if they wreck the NS team comp in the process of this. Their record of fixing these sorts of issues leads most of us to believe they will just hit the NS team with a hammer when they can almost certainly find a much much more elegant solution to this.

    The issue that has players worried isn't that they'll block this infinite loop -- which they absolutely should because it is nonsense. It is that they will fix this by ruining a team many of us spent considerable resources building and that many people are actively working toward. When the Acolyte strategy emerged, the vast majority of seasoned players knew it was going to be nerfed - it's just a neat novelty. But those same seasoned players immediately recognized that the nerf might destroy something they are using, and do have.

    Ok remove the wheel from a Bentley, I still dont drive one. And to the people complaining about "IF" get over it, cause it hasn't happened.

    I am going to starting complaining to the sun "if" it decides to shine tomorrow my day will be ruined.
  • Why don't you also fix the infinite sabers throws Traya gets when we only have 1 or 2 attackers left ?
    This strategy you say you are fixing requires the ultimate character in the game. This character has to have some meaning and relevance for the game. I think it was appropriate allowing to clear one phase of this new raid. And giving another option than the usual and boring Chex mix.
  • They threw it out there before they did it... presumably to get a measure of sentiment and mitigate the backlash from whatever they do... once it is done, our chance to be heard is finished.

    Now is the time to speak up and let them know that it matters... a lot.
  • I'm no rocket scientist and I get that the Sthan thing "may" have squeezed through the cracks and needed to be nerfed , but after around 7 months no one's thought hmmm Traya presents a problem let's fix it before it becomes one. This after already nerfing the previous acolyte issue? Really you caught that one but not this potential. Now junk rewards, junk raid, junk mechanics, junk experience at this point. G12+ weeee who care top 3 only get it creating a bigger gap. This raid was supposed to be the coolest most fun around and had done nothing but get anything involved around it destroyed. Perhaps it's time to expand the gamechanger program for outside testing as the inside team can never catch anything due to lack of work hours.
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    They threw it out there before they did it... presumably to get a measure of sentiment and mitigate the backlash from whatever they do... once it is done, our chance to be heard is finished.

    Now is the time to speak up and let them know that it matters... a lot.

    History would indicate that no matter what sentiment or cogent points might get made here, they will decide what they want to do and do it regardless of how it affects us. This is how things have always operated around here.
  • Funny how we find a loophole to their poorly designed raid, and they immediately come in for a nerf, but totally fail to solve real problems like challenge gear in raids.

    This is not the first time.
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    If if was a 5th
  • They have said it before. They don't like our low gear zombies. This gives them all the reason they need to do something about it, and kill a ftp P4 solution in the process. Nightsisters are going down. My guess is the fix will involve something that makes low gear zombie no longer viable.
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