Changes to Asajj/Acolyte Strategy in STR MEGA THREAD


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    And Daka
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    20 stacks?
    I’m sorry, but this is obscenely low. While I do understand the need for nerfing the infinite loop and future-proofing the raid, putting the cap at 20 stacks is an insane nerf.

    The real damage from that team - and the art of playing it - doesn’t start till 30 stacks in-ish where Ventress hits suffering. This effectively makes getting suffering impossible/unlikely and shatters the team. Furthermore, it completely kills the point of having a zeta on Daka.

    Couple that with zombie getting the hammer as well - which to be fair is not unexpected nor unfair - and you have a perfect storm of nerfs for NS.

    No other nerfs/changes has ever really gotten me riled up before, but you guys are really shooting sparrows with cannons here and making the people who invested time, effort and for some people money into their NS teams feel really awful.

    Summary: Nerf? Sure go ahead. Decimate a legitimate team? Not a great idea.
  • Making you cleanse bonds at 20 attacks means you're doing it basically every other turn. Which means either a) daka/talia aren't healing, making NS in effective, or b) asaj/MT are doing it, lowering damage by a massive amount. The people who argue this isn't a big deal probably don't know how to use NS effectively. Trust is, this is a HUGE deal for NS squads.
  • All posts are being removed on this topic. They don't want to hear us. Down vote the app to 1* rating in the app store. Maybe they'll listen then.
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    So JTR doing 5M+ In p1 is ok but NS in P4 doing 3+ That’s just to much damage Pathetic
  • Time/money/zetaes down the drain
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    There is no need for a nerf on NS. We have to fight our butts off just to GET to phase 4, in which, we have to fight both Nihilus AND Sion before we can even hit traya. SO WHAT if we can solo ONE person in that phase. There are ALL THREE BOSSES in that phase so throw us a bone and don’t go nerfing NS because you are hurt over your raid not being as impossible as you wanted it.

    The only next logical step is to nerf Wampa, CLS, Thrawn, BB8, JTR, and all the other AMAZING raid AND ARENA toons.

    NS doesn’t need a nerf
  • I have to say that as I was reading the post, when it touched the Acolyte infinite loop, I agreed fully. But then it came the 20 Max bonds...

    It's just if they now made that in P2 Sion, no protection up is able to be put, so the Bastilla team gets destroyed entirely. Makes no **** sense, really.

    So...really it had to be done?, why don't you just put it to 45/50? They aren't just nerfing Nightsisters, they are nerfing the Overall High Tank builds.

    Just imagine the P4 with the new Wookie "Zaalbar", it gains taunt when someone falls below 100%, so that means, that after 20 bonds of weakness, he won't be able to gain taunt (in case you obviously need it). So ALL characters that have some kind of "below 100% Health" are NERFED, say for example General Kenobi and his leader ability...

    NOT COOL, seriously thinking about giving a break to this game, and I think it could be a really slap in the face if we all stood together against the "20 shadows of CG" nerf.

    Infinite loops have to be taken down, but you should never touch a build that requires at least some attention to be used correctly.
  • Paper zombie meta in arena = completely acceptable
    Paper zombie to help beat a raid that is crushing guilds souls because its not fun at all = NERF
  • Dear CG, as you continue to fix old things like paper zombie you cause a lot of us dolphins to wonder why we spent cash to play. My life would certainly continue to go in just fine without spending $10 on a toon now and then or not play at all.
  • But seriously I just dropped a zeta on asajj lead today. I would not have done this had I known this was going to happen. Is there anyway to actually get the zeta back?
  • Fully agree on the comments regarding the 20 cap. It breaks the whole logic of P4. I don’t understand why not set a higher limit, as you suremy can see from your logs the only teams going above 50 are precisely the ones that you are trying to nerf.

    Please reconsider at least that part
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    @CG_TopHat 20 stacks? Is that your final answer?
  • Cal00054 wrote: »
    Zeta refund please
    Couldn’t agree more.
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    STHan ✔️
    Expose ✔️
    Ships ✔️
    Entire Nightsister Team
    Player Base

    Almost got everything checked off
  • "Our philosophy on this change is that in a game about progression and powering up your characters, wanting to move backwards is antithetical to the spirit of the game and it creates a significant disadvantage to people who leveled past this point without knowing of the strategy in advance. Progressing a character should always feel good. "

    Let that sink in, guys who used all those mats to "progress" their NS team. It was mainly about the paper zombie strategy but it has a bonus connotation.

    Does your progressing all those nerfed toons feel good at all?
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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    Wow. Can't believe the devs screwed us like this.
  • So devs. You taunted the player base saying that we haven't even scratched the surface of finding the good teams that work well in the raid. How about you tell us what teams you INTENDED to work, so that the players will stop wasting money on ones you didn't think of.
  • JacenRoe wrote: »
    Wow. Can't believe the devs screwed us like this.

    the moment the initial announcement mentioned AV and Acolyte and NOT Traya, I knew a total NS nerf was inbound...really we should not be surprised at these things at this point?
  • The ENTIRE FREAKING REASON that I put a zeta on Daka was to run the BoWs into the 50s. That zeta is USELESS now. So THANK YOU for that.
  • Paper zombie meta in arena = completely acceptable
    Paper zombie to help beat a raid that is crushing guilds souls because its not fun at all = NERF

  • Need to make stacks 40 or your going to have major issues at this point.
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    I am so mad I want to spit. All the hard work guilds have put into pushing members to gear NS and have a paper zombie just to be able complete the Hsith raid and you do this. You don't fix the rewards issue in the raid but you do this. Do you even care about your player base? *on the verge of being done with this game*
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    I'm not sure any of you understand what's the problem in here. The thing is not about Isolate on raid boss but about the combination of it with Assaj's lead and Acolyte unique and basic. All of that combine make her go to 100% health, lose it all because of bonds of weakness, gain it all on a second heal and lose it all again. Which make her gain 50% TM two times so that she's in a loop.

    But it IS about isolate as that is what provides a MASSIVE amount of health steal allowing her to hit 100% health over and over again. Without that added health steal acolyte wouldn't have enough to hit 100% after a few dozen bonds.
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    STHan ✔️
    Expose ✔️
    Ships ✔️
    Entire Nightsister Team
    Player Base

    Almost got everything checked off

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    Wasnt cg advertising paper zombie as a mechanic? Didnt they say "WAI - change your teams" when people were complaining about the acolyte cheese in arena a few months ago?

    The changes as proposed, coupled with the forthcoming change to paper zombie, literally make nightsisters useless. They have no purpose in the end game any longer.

    It also directly nerfs newly released characters and their abilities on the raid (namely young solo and big Z). Does CG intend to refund the money spent on resources to level those characters @CG_CapGaSP @CG_TopHat ? Or is this another instance where "communication" actually means "delivering news that screws the playerbase and then ignoring them"?
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    Problem: T1-T6 rewards are bad.
    Solution: Make it even hard to reach Heroic.

    Makes as much sense as anything else here I guess.
    I need a new message here.
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    Goodness, all this grief from a bunch of people that couldn't even do this anyway. It's like being upset with Bentley because they decided to remove cup holders. You dont have Bentley so no worries.

    The solo team isn't the issue. The issue is the massive nerf to NS teams
  • @CG_TopHat @CG_Carrie how about some answers please
  • They need to be VERY careful with this. I run a G12 Zombie, but I still chose to give Ventress my lead zeta instead of Talzin because of the zombie/Ventress synergy. I'm going to be extremely angry if they mess that up.
    Also, I'm not a fan of CG dropping big news like this at the end of the workday on a Friday. All it does it make people pi$$ed at them and want to quit the game.
    #CloneHelmets4Life...VICTORY!!!! :smiley: "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere." The more you tighten your grip, CG/EA, the more whales will slip through your fingers (and go F2P or quit).
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