LF Server mates (Hann, CSI, Haster, Maltyrael, Starlet, Buy More Mods)


  • Groove
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    Hey Gents! Good to see some fellow shard mates on here.

    I'm so curious - what are you guys thinking for long term comps?

    Rebels are funsies
  • Hi Groove,

    Like your team a lot. Don't have a finished ackbar myself, but great synergies there =)
    I'm all over the place as to future team comps. Haven't made up my mind yet. If there wasn't this credit/droids/ability mats crunch it wouldn't be bad..lol
    Have to make a decision going forward..lol
  • Haster
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    Hey Groove. Again a shardmate i somtimes try but nearly never win ;) Good to see you here!
  • Hey Groove. Welcome. Good to see another from our shard here.
    Yeah your Team is always hard to fight. If your Leia doesn't get like 10 times her triple then I have Chance to win :wink:
    I think droids and Rebell Team will work well in the Future.
  • Groove
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    Thanks for the kind words. Enjoy fighting you guys as well!

    Personally, I just want our shard to be interesting, with different folks trying different combos.

    Sure looks like no one has done the new-meta-JKA lead team yet.

  • I would run it immediatly. Unfortunatly I dont have him geared up and he is only 4*.
    But once i finished farming GS in Cantina I will go for Anakin.
  • Hey guys
    Just in case some of you aren't in a t7 raid guild and starting to fall behind or just simply don't feel at home in your present guild, my guild is recruiting. We are a happy bunch of people from all around the world.

    If anyone is interested, just let me know (pm/answer below/ add me on Line ID joon.pt
  • Haster
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    Thank you, but i'm quite happy with my guys...but we are far away from t7 raid :*
  • Hey Haster =)
    Sorry for the shameless recruitment..lol You guys should think about moving upwards otherwise you'll lose pace. But I get it =)
    If you, or others, think about moving we would be happy to take you. The more the merrier.

    But today's post goes to Johnny!
    Congrats on taking n.1
  • Haha, thanks Maltyrael. I actually could not believe it. I think it's cause of weekend and some ppl maybe not playing. It's also a first for me.
    But nevermind I am **** happy! And I can use the 500 crystals ;)

    In regards to your guild, I recently just joined a guild that raids T7 on a daily Basis. It's awesome. I always finish somewhere last but the mats I get are insane. And not to forget the donations.

    So life is good, lol. Only thing Bad is that I'm not level 75 and can not entern omega event....
    But well, cant have it all I guess.
  • Don't worry you're not losing much. 100K credits 2 or 3 ability mats and 1 omega (you need 5 to upgrade).
  • I could make the first two stages but not the last one. But good to know that you need 5. I thought I would be at a big disadvantage in arena.
  • Nice Maltyrael providing a buffer lol
  • Oh man! I just cant beat this Hann guy. Even though his mods are so weird...He could be much stronger. Well I guess I have to wait till I'm level 80 to compete with him.
  • Btw Maltyrael feel free to attack me ;)
  • No need =)
    Hann's has the best all around team.
    I do beat him tho.. He usually takes number 1 at your payout.
    Didn't attack you =)
  • JonnyBravo
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    Yeah he does. Must have spent a good amount of cash.
    Btw do you spend money on the game?
  • Yup. Not as much obviously tho...ahah
    If you haven't started spending... Don't. The pull of the dark side is strong...lol
    My issue with this kind of games is I'm a collector..lol but you only need a couple of good characters in reality. If you're in a good raid guild the difference between p2p and f2p isn't all that much in the long run - early on the difference is more visible
  • Haster
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    I spend a small amount of money at the beginn. Did 2 times those packs where you always get 100 crystals per day for 21 days. But since 6 weeks i didn't spend money.

    Btw. the last 3 weeks i was realy lucky with chars from bronzium cards.Got Teebo, IG 100 and Lobot. I've made up my mind if i should build a Droid Team.

    But first i really need a f......ing Tank :D
  • Lol Haster.. We told you about the tank.
    Good luck with the droids.. Too bad most of the team is on arena shipments.
    Oh... Jawa engineer is better than Lobot. Don't spend your resources leveling lobot.
    Ig100 is ok.. Some people really like him, so check for yourself.
  • Lol yeah. You need a tank. I am thinking of going double tank. RG and St Han. But first my Han needs a bit more gear. And mods! And for that i need more credits, lol.

    I spent some money too. Like you said it spent some right away when I started. But unfortunatly I didnt buy the droid pack. Now I really wish I had B2...but hey, I got Rex and fives at least. Good for raids.
  • Credits.. Droids and ability mats... I need it all..lol
    There isn't a single day that I'm not broke and that I still need a ton of credits.
  • Malthael wrote: »
    Credits.. Droids and ability mats... I need it all..lol
    There isn't a single day that I'm not broke and that I still need a ton of credits.

    I have more then enough droids, that was never a big problem. On the credit site it looks a bit better but still need more.

    Btw. Maltyrael, today it was the first time since ages that a was able to beat your Team in a Arena Match. If i can bring your Rey down before your Red Guy taunts i have a chance ;) But feel free to attack me after my payout
  • Well.. After you taking second.. i have to now :)
    Nice one Haster =)
  • Haster
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    Thank you B)
    Kick Hann down and get your first place ;).
    I didn't even try to fight him. Wasted attempts for me.

    As i wrote this you have already done it :D
  • =)
  • I think I have to concentrate on farming my droids. Looks like the savest way atm. I just cant beat them consistently...
  • Umm. I'm a big fan of droids, but with the upcoming raid I think people will invest in anti droids characters.. Don't know if its a good investment for a long term.
    But I think about it every other day... Right now they are really cool, thats for sure.
    Either way you go.. Good luck =)
  • Yeah my guild I farming Jawas heavily for the upcoming raid. But unfortunatly I need so many toons that it's hard lol
  • Yup, we started late.. We have a lot of catching up to do.
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