LF Server mates (Hann, CSI, Haster, Maltyrael, Starlet, Buy More Mods)


  • Haster
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    Hmm, i realy don't drop so many places with a tank. Couldn't do my refresh fights today because i'm in a sort of rehab training but i'm still 19th :)

    NOOOOOOOO...... 3 Minutes before payout at least
  • And I managed to beat CSI. And it was an easy win lol
  • JonnyBravo
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    New tactics seem to work :smile:

    Oh rehab. Did you have an accident? I hope your fine.
  • Hey.
    (sorry for the bump Jonny)
    CSI as a good team. Like it a lot. Lucky guy with mods...lol
    So is anyone going to get palpatine? Lol
  • JonnyBravo
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    No worries about he bump. Got my 4th place at payout.
    Yeah he got lucky with his mods. I wish I had half the luck.
    At the moment I habe only 4* full rebel Team. Only han and leia have more stars. But farming them heavy. Love the energy change!
  • Yeah =)
    Cantina energy was a breath of fresh air.
    Like it a lot.
  • JonnyBravo wrote: »
    New tactics seem to work :smile:

    Oh rehab. Did you have an accident? I hope your fine.

    Yes, i'm fine, thanks. Not an accident, had an OP in June (i don't know what Knorpeltransplantation means in english :D ) on me knee and couldnt walk for about 8 weeks (that was boring). So i have to build up muscles on my leg. Think in 3 weeks i start to work again
  • Wishes of a speedy recovery Haster.
  • Thank you Maltyrael :)
  • Wow, somehow i won today aigainst Groove and Maltyrael B) . Think 4th is the best position i could get at the moment.
  • Hey =)
    Just updated my team. Any feedback is welcome guys.
  • Well...simply brutal. Gave it a try as i luckily didn't drop over night. Could only scratch about 10% from the health of Sun Fac.
  • :)
    Thank you Haster. You killed the rest of the squad? I was only left with sun fac? You can beat it then.
  • Malthael wrote: »
    Thank you Haster. You killed the rest of the squad? I was only left with sun fac? You can beat it then.

    I wish i could say that :D ...Sun Fac was the only one i could hurt. I didn't even come trought the armor of all others
  • Lol. Sun fac AI is dumb.
    He doesn't dispell when he should but yea.
  • JonnyBravo
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    Glad to hear your fine, Haster.

    Team looks **** solid. I will give it a try, but I have no high hopes.

    So anyone unlocked Palpatine past t5? I just got him today, but i dont think I can push Lando and Biggs to 6 let along 7*

    Some guys in my guild run a palpatine lead Team and destroy the ladder :smiley:
    But all 7* and g10 or higher
  • JonnyBravo
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    Guess I wont have the chance to fight you for some while when you keep sitting in that #1 spot lol

    Enjoy your crystals. Will See you on the field when I hit 80 :wink:

    Btw, did you normally farm all the toons and gear or did you vault up?
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  • Yeah the jump to 80 will help. Even 79, with the possible upgrade of rey and qgj.
    Vault'ed up in the beginning, now its basically normal shard farming.
  • JonnyBravo
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    Ok, cool. Why do you run Rex in there? Any specific reason?
  • I like the clones in general, and rex tm ability/tenacity helps me to keep some control over the fights. I'd be more inclined to sub QGj than Rex really... Although probably neither will be there in a week or so ;)
  • Ok yeah. Makes sense.
    So you're working on another secret project I assume :wink:

    Aayla maybe?
  • If I told you, I'd ruin the surprise..lol =)
    Should be soon, hopefully early next week.
  • I really don't know what i should farm next. Any suggestions? :p Phaasma is full farmed, just waiting to be upgraded. QGJ is nearly 7 stars. Right now i'm also faming Teebo and IG 88 but will finish them soon. And the RG for sure, but needs more time.
  • The question is farm where? Galactic war shipments? Arena ship'? Cantina battles? Cantina ship'?
    Or all of the above? =)
  • All :D But maybe i work on the plan to get rebels if the event comes back.
  • Sorry, for the delay, but I went and took a look at your roster.

    This is just my point of view, so... nothing is really written in stone, just what I would do:

    Cantina - Lando - Excels at Arena, can participate in Rebels and Scoundrels events; afterwards, Jawa (if the jawas prove to excel at the new raid)
    Cantina shipments - I would take a risk and go for jawa scavenger (hoping the jawas will excel in the next raid, besides you already have QGJ and Fives)
    Guild Shop - Jawa Engineer, same reasoning as before.
    Arena shop - here you have more options, one get Ackbar (cleanse always helps, and it should be clutch in the next raid/ plus a great leader combined with Leia), two.. go for leia before ackbar... and Three Chief Nebit.
    Galactic Wars - Biggs for Arena or Datcha for raid.

  • I only farm mods!! It such **** that I just cant get any good speed mods...

    But no. Maltyrael has posted a good plan. I am farming Jawas as well. But not in Cantina. Me need those **** mods!! :wink:
  • Sounds like a plan, in Arena and GW i did the same thing, but didn't realy made up my mind about about Lando and the Jawas until today. But makes sense. In Cantina i farm JKA at the Moment as 5th Jedi. Well and the Guild shop....i really need the mats at the moment :( But Biggs and Leia (and after Leia Ackbar) are already in my farm plan. Thanks for your effort :)
  • Hmm...think i switch to Wedge in Cantina now B)
  • I want wedge too, but need others more desperatly. Like Lando and RG.
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