Guilds Looking For Mergers - April 2018 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***

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If you are a guild looking to merge with another guild, post your ads here. There are no restrictions as to the size, activity level or requirements of the guild posting the ad or the guilds you are seeking to merge with.

  • No player or guild recruitment advertisements. This thread is only for finding other guilds to merge with.
  • Do not reply to advertisements here. Instead, send a private message to the poster or join their recruitment channel if they have one.
  • Do not post anything that is not a guild merger advertisement. This means no "I sent you a PM" or anything like that. This includes telling people not to post here. If you see such a post, flag it as "Other" or "Spam" and a mod will remove it.
  • Do not post personal contact information, such as chat IDs or email addresses, here. That information should only be handed out through private messages. Links to third-party chat servers/channels are OK.
  • Feel free to update your ad as often as you like to include relevant information, such as answers to frequently-asked questions, current status, more awesomeness etc.
  • One ad per guild.


How you sell your guild is up to you but please try to keep it to a reasonable length. Some basic information you should include is:
  • How many players you currently have
  • Average player level and/or GP
  • The goals and requirements you'd like the new merged guild to have
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  • 30 /50 members with 30 million gp
    Looking to fill up the guild and complete all heroic raids
    Merging 20-25 into ours is the idea
  • 140M GP Guild when 50/50. Co-Leader and I recently made the decision to clean house of a small group of underachievers. Really looking for everyone to be 2.5M at minimum. Use Line Chat for group.

    42* for LS TB. 44* for DS TB. Couple of weeks away from beating Heroic Sith Raid.

    Looking for any size group up to 10. Can talk slightly larger groups if the group has solid GP throughout all of them.

    A PM on here works fine.
    Line ID is chipcarter34
  • 95m GP guild. Organized with active core. Looking for potential merger partner to create guild focused on crushing guild events and working toward heroic sith completion. Please PM this account if you are interested and we can talk about it on discord.
  • We want 7!

    UK, US raid times on rotation. Mostly regularly at 8PM, 10PM, 0:00AM BST.
    95mil GP, 43/50. Average player is 2.1mil GP
    Focus is on preparation for H Sith Raid. People at farming stage for jtr is okay. Must be able to hold their own at T5 at this stage and score ~1mil per team.
    We are active/semi casual group, not regimental as the guild has been running for 2 years things are near automatic.
    Merging guild to have similar levels and mind set to have fun and be hard working. Selfish players need not apply.
    Line me: bobogump if you have any questions.
  • If you have several pulling your team but don’t want to completely breakup we might be able to work together. We have an alliance guild of 38/50 54 mil and we can work with the 3 guilds to get people into a similar player level guild. Casual but aggressive guild. 0/24 heroics starting at 5-9pm est. have 20+ jtr now, think we will be very close to heroic Sith with another 10
  • Hallo zusammen. Wir, "Die Ära der Rebellion" würden gerne mit einer anderen aktiven Gilde fusionieren. Wir haben derzeit 26 Mitglieder, könnten also bis zu 24 weitere Spieler aufnehmen. Unsere Gildenmacht liegt bei 14,5 Millionen. Die Grube schaffen wir problemlos auf heldenhaft und der normale Tank-Takedown ist auch kein Thema. Bei Territorialschlachten erreichen wir 11 Sterne. Wir generieren etwa 12.000 Raid-Tickets am Tag und sind recht spendabel an der Gildenbörse.
    Durch neuen Zuwachs hoffen wir irgendwann den heldenhaften AAT zu knacken und auch beim Sith-Triumvirat besser abzuschneiden. An den Territorialkriegen würden wir gerne teilnehmen, was bisher nicht möglich war. Wir sprechen alle deutsch und kommunizieren hauptsächlich über einen Gruppenchat in einer anonymen App (Line). Wenn Interesse besteht, schreibt mir eine Nachricht und wir klären den weiteren Ablauf. Wir würden euch gerne bei uns aufnehmen, euch stehen natürlich auch Offiziersposten zu :)
    Viele Grüße,
    Obi Dan
  • 30 /50 members with 30 million gp
    Looking to fill up the guild and complete all heroic raids
    Merging 20-25 into ours is the idea

    Message me on discord we have 15 NigHussain#5225
  • Sithari Revenge
    About Us
    We are currently a 108M GP guild based on EST time zone. We are a group of dedicated Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes players, who are always seeking to help one another to be the best they can be.

    At the moment we are looking for a group of players (5-15 max) to replace low participation. Ideally, looking for players in the 2M+ GP range (negotiable), with JTR, CLS, and work/willing to work towards Imperial Troopers, Chex Mix, and Night Sisters squads.

    Our Vision
    We are currently focusing on jumping from T5 to T6 in the Triumvirate Sith Raid and push for heroic in the near future.

    We Offer You
    - Amazing strong officer core and member core
    - Guides and road maps for every mode in the game
    - Currently 38 stars in LS TB
    - Currently 37 stars in DS TB
    - 24 hr registration period on older raids
    - Heroic Rancor 3 times per week
    - Heroic AAT 2 times per week
    - Currently clearing T5 of TST and working towards T6

    We Require
    - Be a Discord user (required for communication)
    - Consistency on your 600 daily tickets
    - Participation on HAAT and Rancor (registering a 0 as a minimum)
    - Participation on the Triumvirate Sith Raid, this is a must
    - Participation on TB/TW
    - Willing to adhere to the current guild’s road map
    - Be respectful towards other guild mates

    If you are interested, please message aliux12#6646 or shavik#5678 on Discord.

    Thank You
  • Baddad
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    Are guild name is
    Minions of chaos
    Looking for a group willing to merge..
    Are guild is currently at 73m gp. With 46/50 members. We are an active but yet casual guild. We don't have any toon requirements. But discord is mandatory. We encourage 600 a day but we're not strict on it. We do run haat and pit. At various time. Currently doing t4 sith raids. And of course pit 24 hour 0 damage. Unless you don't have 7 star raid han. Then your allowed around 50k damage in first 24 hours so atleast those people don't get a 0 and we get more raid hans to 7 star. We try to help each other out. Friendly joking atmosphere. But there's quite a few that we feel are just not into anymore. Maybe lost interest or just to casual. But it's time for a change. Get this guild poppin like it used too. . We are more than willing to take on small groups to a larger group if needed. We need to clean house sorta speak. And we are in need of officer help aswell so making officers is not an issue..
    Any questions feel free to ask.
    Or hit me up on discord
    Or my partner in crime.
    We both try to keep the guild on track as much as we can by ourselves. But we need help. We can accommodate a few. Or a large group if need be to join with are best players. But won't make room unless it's a sure thing.
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  • Hi All

    ESAD II is looking for a small group to absorb into our sister guild. Our main guild is 135 million GP, rather than remove and lose valuable members who are not yet Heroic SIth Ready, we launched a second guild as a way to keep everyone together.

    This second guild is run together with main guild. As spots open up in Main, we will recruit from within for players looking to join the main guild and may be Heroic Ready quicker than others in their groups. Both guilds share the same discord server so there will be no need to switch things up as guys move up and down.

    We can accomodate 10-15 players. Here is some more detailed information:Ęsad-ii-looking-for-active-players#latest

    Look forward to hearing from you!
  • Shreks Guild of Onion is an elite guild, currently at 100M GP, that has been together since day-1 of Guilds. We're looking to add to our roster players that are interested in, and capable of, participating in Heroic Sith Raids.

    We're looking for players that have a roster to be effective, and the mind to participate in theorycrafting with us. We have 10-15 spots available for your group.

    38 stars last LS & DS TB

    14 Rancor’s per month FFA after 24hr zero post
    9 HAAT’s per month FFA after 24hr zero post

    We have a great core bunch in chat, causing lol moments all day.

    If you are an active 600/600 player, with a solid roster(meaning you have JTR, Imperial Troopers, Nightsisters, or a juiced Murder-Bears squad) & respectable GP, follow this link to our recruitment room on Discord, and one of our officers will engage with you directly. [url=""]
    Click here for ->Us
    DM : Jamalville#7990
  • Skykler
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    Currently at 120M GP, we're looking for 5-10 people who are HSTR ready. Currently swapping from T6/Heroic and getting a feel for it (will be completing Heroic soon). If you're interested in making the jump, shoot me a message here or discord.

  • FIST is looking for the right fit. Fallen Initiate Strike Team,our lower tier guild, is searching for a guild full of developing players and those that will benefit most from t4+ rancor and naat. We can accommodate up to 25 people.
    What we offer:
    A plethora of veteran players that will help the lower tier guild with advice and help in raids.
    Proven winning record in tw and players focused on increasing stars in tb.
    Discord with all the goodies (not mandatory for the lower tier guild)
    A highly active, yet relaxed and drama free, environment where the majority get 600 tickets daily to get raids hopping.
    Highly competitive players that can help maximize ranks in arena and fleet.
    Advancement from our lower tier to our higher tier guild for those that want to focus on heroics.
    What we are looking for:
    Any group or guild that is looking for more out of the game, that is in it to help the guild progress as a whole. People that are tired of their comrades not pulling their weight. People who want to be able to get in on all the raids and not just a rotation. Guilds that want to actually participate in tw rather than be frustrated at a lack of participants.
    If you represent such a group, please message me here or on discord, BBQ sauce#7129, and we'll see what we can accomplish together.
    FIST recruiter and leader of g2
  • Viking squad is looking to bring in some more active users. We have 30/50 with about 22 daily players. 18 mil GP, hardcore rancor, looking to jump to HAAT and be more active in galactic war.
  • Ohhrage
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    Bounty Hunters 4L

    Our Guild GP : 5.7mil

    Active players around 70+
    Participation in TW/TB is a must.
    Will provide/allow us to join Discord server.
    Atleast put effort into Guild Dailys.

    We are a very small guild (18) with a very dedicated core group of members. We are rapidly approaching end game content, with a chunk of us hitting level 85 soon (Some of us already hit level 85).

    We are interested in merging with another guild so we can mainly get each other to ENTER the Territory War.
    We are looking to merge with motivated players who would have a strong interest to eventually clear Heroic Tier raids and generally active in the end game content.

    So as you can see our guild is perfect for players who just reached the end game, but need help with all the guild oriented aspects of the game.

    Feel free to PM here on the site or Discord (Ohhrage#3323) so we can further discuss in detail the merge.
  • CLW2407
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    Pit Crew looking for a small guild to merge with (approx 10-12 players). We are 81 mil GP with 38 members currently. Ideally looking for members in the range of 1.5 mil GP but would entertain offers if interested. Do require 600 daily and discord. All heroic guild, only 3 losses to date in TW. 24 hr zero damage for raids. PM me for more details. And please no offers from other guilds to poach our top 5-8 members, not interested.
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  • swgoh2015
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    Hey there everybody,

    Are you in a dead guild with an inactive leader and maybe a couple of officers that don't have the ability to make changes? Are you in a low level start-up guild having trouble growing your active membership? If you answered yes to either of those then keep reading because this is the opportunity you need.

    Act on Instinct is a fairly new guild, now with 43 active players at 13M+ gp who work hard to earn their daily raid tickets and happily exchange gear. We're a mix of levels from 85 down to about 50. And we want YOU.

    We are currently running a mix of raids to keep it active and interesting enough for the members we have and hope to attract. We are running tier IV and heroic pit raids, AAT, and the tier II Sith raid. As members join and we earn more raid tickets we will eagerly step up the difficulty level of the raids.

    The guild is Canadian based with a reset of 7:30pm EDT (UTC -4), but is open to anybody interested. There is no set schedule for raids yet and that will be open for discussion as required. There are no rules or requirements for joining, only a hope that you have a sincere interest in participating and developing your roster. Even if you are on an account without chat, that is fine for now; although, I cannot guarantee how successful that will continue to be over time as communication can become an important part of the game at more advanced stages. But you are welcome to join and grow your account in the meantime.

    We will readily accept any number of members, level 70+, that we can accommodate and that find themselves in a dead guild and want to "merge" into our guild. If you are currently part of the leadership of your guild then we can discuss the continuation of that role within our guild as I am happy to have support running the guild. I am not interested in merging into your guild or in becoming part of an alliance.

    Act on Instinct is not part of an alliance so you won't be pressured with a whole set of politics or rules. You won't have to farm certain toons, you won't have to be active on discord, you won't have to progress at a certain pace. Just join, enjoy the game, grow at your own pace, and most importantly...have fun.

    Hope to see some of you soon.

    Act on Instinct
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  • Jaggedfel181
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    We are a 91mGP guild at 47\50. We recently transitioned into a more active guild with a focus on the Sith raid. We are interested in an alliance or merge. Lower GP guilds are a definite possibility for an alliance, let's help each other out. We use Discord so hit me up JaggedFel181#4366 if you're interested or think we might be able work something out. This is my guild
    And this is me
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  • Bobo_Gump
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    Mad HAATers are low on numbers. Join now. Looking for a small guild of 2 to join us!

    106mil GP (48/50) / TW 14 vs 4 / TB LS37* DS35* / Hrancor, HAAT, T5 Sith / raid time round the clock / refresh UK / Line App preferred.

    Don't read anything else. We will sort you out!
    This guild is in HSith raid farming mode: JTR, vets, IT, NS, Chexmix. Instant Traya hcunters need not apply.

    Line ID: bobogump
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  • Darthdane
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    Nightbrothers of Dathomir X

    Currently looking for 4-5 new members that are very active.

    HAAT farming guild.

    Looking for players who can earn their 600 daily tickets and participate in all guild activities.

    If you or a group of friends would like to succeed and progress in a fun community of friends, contact us on LINE.

    Darthdane - 692-331-561 - recruit officer Chancellormartok - 738-496-277 - leader
  • DirtierPlatypus
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    • We are a guild that runs Hpit, and AAT6.
    • We have 23 812 444 GP. (less now, since several members have already merged)
    • We have a mix of members
    • Most are lvl 70+
    • We are a casual guild, looking to maintain a similar casual vibe
    • We would like to start getting into the HAAT, we as a guild aren't ready for it (I think - haven't tried in a while)

    Thanks for all the interest! Some of us have moved, some may still be there (I'm part of the former group). If you are interested in seeing what the rest would like to do, please feel free to search them out!
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  • Revenants Empire - 38 players 51 GP Casual yet competitive group.

    We are looking for an active group. Currently 12 positions available.

    Looking for groups/players displaced by Sith minded guilds who need a home to gear up for Heroic Sith or those who just want to enjoy the game without the stress of it.

    We currently farm HAAT/HRancor and Sith T4. Zero damage for all except for Sith which has early start time.

    We are USA based / PST

    We are in alliance with Jice (Heroic Sith) 110GP which offers us support if needed. They are always looking for top tier players so they will ask and recruit if they need to fill a hole.

    Message me if interested.
  • Hello There!
    I am Faroer Laike, officer in Knights of Evans. We're a 32m GP guild with committed, friendly members. Casual guild with real-world responsibilities, but we're looking to be more active. Heroic Rancor is constantly run with maybe a day in between, almost there to HAAT, Sith raid is doable but a slow process, due to only having 30 members.
    We are willing to have a smaller guild merge into us if that is an option.
    Most discussions are held in Discord, as the game chat is a real pain.
    What we're looking for: Levels 79 and up with at least two 65k+ power squads, committed players that work well with others, persons opting for specific roles may be granted upon review, people that know the mechanics of the game well, and people that just want to have fun. It's a game, after all.
    Discord link is:
    Let's talk, have fun, and get Kenobi!
  • Guild: TheWillOfTheForce
    30/50, 48M GP

    Currently running T6 ST, looking to merge with a guild of any size and consolidate the RJT teams to tackle heroic ST raid. There will still be some farming/gearing/leveling to do before everyone has one or more teams for each phase, but will be quicker than waiting 3-6 months for RJT to return.
  • marselluswallice
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    Guild: Sittin In A Sarlac
    GP: 65.5 million

  • Guild: Sittin In A Sarlac
    GP: 65.5 million

  • Hi! How are you doing? We are a medium guild, Rebellion Underdogs (25 total members [18 or so that actually are serious and stacked] ~ 27M GP). The few of us are carrying the weight of everything, but we can't recruit enough folks to really compete. Almost all of us have CLS and a handful got JTR this last event with the majority of us remaining ready to get her next time. We are super laid back, but complete all the dailies. We almost exclusively use the guild chat for communication because we are always in the game. Please hit me up if you would consider a merger. Thanks!
  • JediMaster2323
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    {EA_Lanna: Edited as per thread rules = No player or guild recruitment advertisements.}
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