Sith Fighter and Ship Marquee Bundle Changes [MEGA]

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CG_SBCrumb wrote:
Hi Holotable Heroes,
In this interview with Star you may have seen some hints at a brand new ship coming soon, the Sith Fighter! We will have more details about the kit in the coming days, and it will be a regular Marquee style event, but we wanted to let you know that with it we will be introducing a new kind of Marquee Bundle. Per the Character and Event Cadence, we wanted to give you a two week notice of the change and explain why the Sith Fighter will have a special Marquee Bundle!

Our goal is to ensure players who purchase this bundle also have the pilot to unlock the ship immediately. Basically, we don’t want players to buy a ship and then not be able to use it until grinding further.

How does a Ship Marquee Bundle differ from a regular Character Marquee Bundle? Ship Marquee bundles in general will include the required pilot or pilots needed to unlock the ship. The price of the bundle will be based on the number of crew members required to unlock that ship and rarity (# of stars) of those crew members are unlock at.
Ship Marquee bundles are something we are experimenting with and may change in the future.

Sith Fighter Marquee Bundle:
Ship Materials

30x Sith Fighter Blueprints
25x Ship Ability Material MK1
25x Ship Ability Material MK2
10x Ship Ability Material MK3
8x Ship Ability Material Omega
25x Reinforcement Material
100,000x Ship Building Material
10x Enhancement Droid Tier 4

Crew Materials

50x Sith Assassin Shards
36x Ability Material MK1
27x Ability Material MK2
12x Ability Material MK3
5x Ability Material Omega
Gear to Tier 5
320,000x Credits
15x Training Droids Tier 4

So stay tuned for more news on the Sith Fighter and more KOTOR!

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  • It seems like this would only work with marquee ships who’s pilots are already F2P and no longer available for packs in the store. Because if the pilot is also a marquee at the same time, players could just buy each in the store separately.
  • Foxer
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    I’m still confused at the sith assasin Pilot??? But hey I’m pretty sure death trooper never piloted a ship either.

    I do like this system as well but think their should be both options of with or without Pilot. As I have a 6* assassin I would like to finish off and grab the 7* ship if feasible (of course depending on kit).
  • Madpup
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    Hahaha... just no.
  • Artimus
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    When did ships start getting shards and not blueprints?
    Or are ship shards some sort of über ship blueprints?
    Where can I apply for the soon to be released proofreading position?
  • CG_SBCrumb
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    Notworking wrote: »
    Re bundle combining pilot and ship - it is a logical choice however for those who already have the pilot will there be a ship only option?
    Just the one package for this experiment. I have already mentioned to the team that this might be an issue for folks who already have Sith Assassin or the pilots in the future.
    That is a steep price increase. A standard marquee pack is $10. How is the addition of a year old toon justify a 3x price increase?
    The price of the Ship Marquee bundles will likely vary frequently. Much of the increase is based on the number of pilots, obviously 2 pilots in the same marquee would be more expensive, but it can vary based on the rarity, Sith Assassin unlocks at 3 stars so it's a bit more expensive than a 2 star character, etc. On top of that, this bundle also includes extra resources to upgrade your ship and, depending on your need for ship materials, this is more valuable to some and less to others.

  • Artimus
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    Tell you what, I have enough ship building materials to enhance to level 85 any ship. And enough ship droids to enhance all ships from level one. Probably multiple times actually. So how much without any of the extras. Just the bare bones ship blueprints since I think the ship shards is funny. But blueprints is still the official CG nomenclature. Right?
  • durx1
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    Yea I buy all marquee bundles. Will not be buying this bundle bc it includes pilot
  • Artimus
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    And here I was hoping for some nomenclature changes.
    Silly fool that I about that proofreading job?
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