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Hi Holotable Heroes,
We are aware of a strategy with Asajj and Nightsister Acolyte that allows players to take an infinite number of turns in the Sith Triumvirate Raid. We consider this an unintended strategy that undermines the spirit of the raid, as it requires little input from the player and deals significantly more damage than other teams in STR.
There will be a larger announcement later today with more details about a change to prevent the above behavior, but we wanted inform everyone right away that we will be addressing this issue as soon as possible.

I'm totally fine and expected them to nerf this. But that wording worries me. No mention of Trayas isolate, which is what really causes this loop. If they use this as a way to nerf Nightsisters in p4 we all are gonna flip beyond flip. #GettingPreparedToGoAnakinOnTheseTuskens
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  • Threx
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    Most likely just change how the turn meter works with BoW
  • AbrekV
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    Well you don't really need acolyte for a good NS team for P4.
  • “Undermines the spirit of the raid”... the spirit of the raid is to suck all the fun out of playing this game. I can see why they wouldn’t want to change that.
  • aperingo
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    Can someone explains how this mechanic works? I don't have Traya, but is nice to know what I have been missing...
  • Ender22
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    I really like that they let us know right away. Without delaying until they had a plan. I appreciate that so Now I can now check it off my list and move on.
  • Because they don’t care.
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    Can someone explains how this mechanic works? I don't have Traya, but is nice to know what I have been missing...

    You use zeta Asajj lead, Acolyte, Traya, R2, Hoda. Traya isolates the raid boss and acolyte keeps using her basic attack against the raid boss. Acolyte will gain 100% turn meter every turn and remove turn meter from the raid boss. She just loops infinitely using her basic attack.
  • Ender22
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    I’m personally not ready to give up the raid. That acolyte thing, it takes away from half of the raid.

    First, whoever got Traya to 7* first, would undoubtedly take 1st from thereon. THAT would be lame.

    Second, when everyone has her at 7*, then what? We are no longer going to compete with skill? Take away the raid from those who enjoy being the best?

    If you don’t like the raid, don’t play it. If you don’t get first, the person who enjoys the game more than you gets it. Oh well, it’s just a game. But don’t take it away from those who enjoy it.

    Maybe some day I’ll get to the point where I don’t like playing the raid. Then I won’t. Maybe I’ll do some quick throw ins, and end it. But I’m not ready to give it up, so please don’t take it.
  • Kreontas
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    This particular interaction needed to be nerfed in my opinion. However, this is going to cause a massive uproar if their method of adjustment affects other teams. The easiest fix, I believe: remove the health steal up from isolate against the raid boss. Problem solved.
    Yeah this is the only fix that is acceptable, anything more would be overkill and would upset many players who invested in legit teams.
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