What Kinds of Data do Guild Officers Want?



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    It would be nice to be able to disallow an individual from joining a TW due to past non-compliance. Right now, the only option for penalty is to remove them from the guild, when excluding them from a couple wars might do the trick. Ok, that’s an ability request, not data, but there it is anyway.
  • Giving officers such abilities would definitely be helpful, though. For instance, directing deployments in TB...we just had an otherwise-good guild member get confused and deploy to the wrong place, probably costing us a star this TB. It would be nice if we could direct deployments with something stronger than "please deploy here" or "please DON'T deploy here."

    On the subject of officer-abilities, it would also be nice to have some token loot that officers could give out on a weekly basis to good performers. Nothing gamebreaking...maybe even just some new titles or profile pix for the recipients.
  • I would like to be able to send a message to a guildmates inbox and be notified when he read it
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    How about:
    Donate requested/received vs donations given compiled on a rolling 7 day & rolling 30 day & lifetime

    Rolling 7 day tickets !!

    List of *not* signed up for tw

    Tb attempted & squad used
    Tw attempted & squadS (ATT vs DEF) & result
    Tw defenses (total win / loss) & squadS (ATT vs DEF) & results (if won or x/y **x units defeated / y units remaining**)

    Total participation statistics.... tw / tb / raids / tickets

    Tb participation - who HASNT
    Tb squad AVAILABILITY statistics...
    Squad deployment Open needs 6* Traya... who has one that is: platoon assigned / available / deployed / used in battle
    Tb FLAG WHICH platoon Squads to fill.. ie fill targets on squad 2,3,5,6 rouge & cross on squads 1,4 !!
    Tb stop actions, deployment / battles, that will star a territory (PREVENT a 1 Star) forfeiting points that would otherwise close the territory next round

  • What I realy needed in the past is:

    Who has what Char is pretty usefull.
    An overview of every members GP
    Who attacked in a war without killing
    Who attacked in a war without points (but with killing)
  • What I realy needed in the past is:

    Who has what Char is pretty usefull.
    An overview of every members GP
    Who attacked in a war without killing
    Who attacked in a war without points (but with killing)
  • Give the Guild leader of officers the ability to mass deploy the last hour of a territory battle. Ships as well as north and south territories.
  • Not sure if this has been mentioned or not.

    1. A "Note Board" function in the Guild Manager area.
    A place where you can lay out instructions for Deployment &/or Team Building.
    Set it up like the Squads/Mods areas where you can click to add on different tabs for other topics.

    2. Ability for Officers to Pick Up & Move TW Teams if they were placed incorrectly.

  • Info youd need to manage easier everything

    TW officers:

    - TW remove wrong teams or mandatory characters per area / * & gear or GP limits to deploys

    - TW points you have "lost" out of max and same for opp. Would give idea are you ahead or not. TW points "scored" is pretty useless as advance is different. Maybe score per area shown on main map

    - TW number of 1st 2nd and 3+ wins for both, number shown on area

    - TW messages saved over TWs and accessible during setup

    - TW lock zones completely, timed lock that open at time X or when another area is cleared

    - TW: ability to lock autoforfeit if no opponents are killed. VERY frustrating that you need to forfeit or use airplanemode + terminate if get locked up to keep team not turn metered up.

    - TW: key stat speed shown on team. Annoying to scroll through teams.OR team you checked last pulled top of list and locked for you for a while.

    - TW Number of attacks (along with banners) done

    - TW separate fleet and toon wins / deploys /

    - TW check team(s) used to defeat team

    TB: officers

    - Timed lock of areas or conditional lock of areas that you cant go past. Conditions x stars or x points even better
    - instructions and focus on plats on plat level, lock plats on platoon level
    - Messages saved over time, autolocks and focuses saved (lock combat missions default, focus plats default)
    - Separate fleet / toon GP and wins, show GP left per player not GP used
    - TB review
    - TB platoon viewer per critical toons (who cares if you plat insignificant toon that guild has 50 but if you plat drevan and malak it makes difference)


    - tickets day week month year, viewable by missed tickets instead of gained to make easier to see whos missing tickets. Ability to set "on vacation" tag that can be restricted by officers with options (x times per time for y lenght with Z reduction of target tickets)
    - Guild target tickets could be other than 600. If your guild target 500 tickets youd be reported for any day u miss 500.

    - message to group X (not joined raid, tickets not maxed, not joined TW)

    - Guild message possible to trigger on X (TB star, area opened automatically, TW X area cleared)

    - Different officer tags, possibly with different rights. Either manageable by guild leader or preset (for example like raid leader, Defensive coordinator (tw), Offensive Coordinator (tw), Offensive coordinator (tb), communications officer (can set guild msg), Admiral (TW/TB ships coordinator), General (TW/TB toons coordinator). Maybe flavor tags that guild can earn or just change (Supreme lord is way more fun than guild leader, you get the idea. )

    - Different tags for members without officer rights at least few for ideas for either (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Military_rank)

  • 1. A way to make squads and see hoe many people have certain squads and or characters ready.

    2. TW order System where you can set squads as an order.

  • TW and TB ship stats separate from the rest
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