Character Reveal: Sith Marauder

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This February shadows gather as the power of the Dark Side introduces its latest threat- the Sith Marauder. For a sneak peek of what's in store with this terrifying attacker, please see the character Strategy post link below.

Additionally, please check out the exclusive gameplay of this new Darkside character via our Gamechagers below:




Aramor (Russian)



Leon24 (German)

Skelturix (French)






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  • !!!
  • This is so cool but I almost wish you wouldn't tell us, just so it was a surprise when it came out
  • Revan confirmed.
  • vegoman wrote: »
    Revan confirmed.

    spittin truth
  • JakeC
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    This is amazing! Thanks for the new characters coming out as well!
  • Jango confirmed
  • Mol_Zakore wrote: »
    Jango confirmed

    Grievous rework confirmed.
  • vegoman wrote: »
    Mol_Zakore wrote: »
    Jango confirmed

    Grievous rework confirmed.

    Jar Jar Confirmed.
  • Okay, reworks AND an awesome new character! HECK YEAH!
  • Lmao wht,jaydeacs says wish u hadnt told us? Everyone has been hollaring for any details at all for days now. Im glad they told us so i can try prepare gear now. Of course idk wht gear but logic says stunguns n cuffs n bio implants an all the normal stuff I should be holding on to
  • WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO CG... you are off the Z-day trip list and I will help you now in the event you are being chased by flesh hungry zombies!
  • Nauros
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    His unique could get crazy under Zader with all the unremovable dots...
  • Mzee
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    I'm excited for this as Sith as my favorite faction. They are looking like they may put out some big numbers in HAAT, which will be pretty cool.
  • Im going to have to agree with AhnaldT101 i think its Darth Malgus release coming out and if not then maybe another one from KOTOR. Maybe Kreia or Malak those are my two guesses. But i love the fact that for this game Feb. is Sith Month/Darkside month. I must far Sith trooper even more. With these releases we can almost run two Sith teams. B)
  • ksomm5
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    I think this would be so cool. A new Sith Raid. Each tier you battle the Sith Lords of old. Trayus, Sion, Malgus, Malek. Earning shards for completion. Needing all of them for Revan next year or something. Would definitely spice things up.
  • "omg, this comfirms Revan!"

    Uh, no. This is just like the Sith Trooper and Sith Assassin, they're just pulling in more stuff from the whole swtor universe, which may or may not include the big shot Revan.

    I hope it means Revan is coming, and Malgus, and Bastilla / Satelle Shan, and a whole whole lot more.
  • @CG_Kozispoon
    EP and Darth Vader rework....
    Sith Marauder...
    Looking like you might just be living up to that challenge accepted ;)
  • ksomm5 wrote: »
    vegoman wrote: »
    Mol_Zakore wrote: »
    Jango confirmed

    Grievous rework confirmed.

    Jar Jar Confirmed.

    Padme Confirmed.
  • Marquee event or legendary?
  • Mr. Smith
  • How could this be a legendary event lol. Have never heard of the char. Pretty sure it’s made up
  • SWEET! Keep them dark side updates coming!
    I find your lack of faith disturbing.
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